Top 8 Tools for Email Marketing

Sending emails is one of the digital marketing strategies that deserve the most attention. Email marketing, it is easy to reach the most potential clients throughout the world. To make this happen, there are plenty of email marketing tools available.

Email marketing tools are an incredibly strong marketing tool open to the brand to interact with the clients. It is an astounding weapon that, used all over the areas for marketing, can give wonderful results, especially increasing the conversion rate. It is a perfect opportunity to offer customer quality and significant information. A customizable notwithstanding the target of changing over leads into potential clients.

Email marketing uses email and is sent to a get-together of scopes, it is flexible and nothing prominent. In spite of the way that emails are sent in bulk, we ought to recollect that all together for the customer to get our email, he has as of late expected to give his data, so there is presently a tendency.

Whether for nutrition leads, sending newsletters or promotional products, you can have email marketing to help you achieve the goals you want.

You must have noticed that your email inboxes are flooded with promotional offers, Airfare offers, e-receipts, Various Newsletters. There are examples of email marketing and with the help of various email marketing tools, one can promote their business.

Using email as a marketing medium, is an advanced form of marketing technique which is fully computerized and digital. Hence, Email is regarded as a mass advertisement/promotional channel and Messages whichever is sent through mails are a long way from application to the beneficiary.

However, it is quite developed and the marketers or marketing experts say that it is one of the very direct approach methods for speaking to buyers.

Email is the most basic and easiest thing an individual can have on the internet. As almost every internet user has access to their emails and they daily check their inboxes.

No Doubt, Interpersonal companies are a better way to promote or spread your message among customers. However, these marketing channels are way better than email channels in terms of familiarity and responsibility.

Customers are not bound to see each and every promotional post or offer of various companies on their social media pages, i.e twitter, Facebook, etc. Emails are should be prepared so cautiously for marketing, so that they didn’t end up in spam folders. Once an individual liked your email content and marked his/her priority, there are high possible chances that whenever you sent a mail to them, they definitely open and read it.

In this way, we can say an Email marketing tool is quite the best marketing weapon for an organization to be connected and updated with the customers. Whether or not they are available customers or potential clients. This is an advantage that must be continued after some time, nonetheless, the results merit the effort.

But, for that, you need tools, right?

There are various email marketing tools on the market, each one works very well for a specific aspect of email campaigns.

With so many options, we have discussed the top 8 free SMTP servers that are really important for you to know the options that exist in the market. In case you are wondering what is SMTP server?

Before entering the world of tools, remember that you will not need all of them.

Get to know the main ones and choose the ones that suit your strategy and your pocket.

Whenever you need to, try them out, ask questions, talk to your colleagues until you reach the best option.

Shall we start? Accompany me!

1. MailChimp

To open the list, let’s start with the most famous free email marketing platform on the market.

MailChimp is complete for those who want to take the first steps in email campaigns. In addition, it offers more tools for those who already have experience with email marketing.

You can create personalized lists, segmented campaigns and measure results of your efforts.

One of the big concerns when creating emails are layouts. Not everyone is a master of design or programming.

MailChimp has various templates and a drags and drop editor, that is, an editor in which you only need to drag and drop to mount emails.

The integrations also deserve to be highlighted, especially if you have e-commerce.

The platform can be integrated with Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce and even with Google Analytics.

The free version allows the sending of up to 12 thousand messages per month for 2,000 contacts.

Paid versions start at $ 10 a month, and automation, product recommendation, and more are already available.

2. RD Station

RD Station is currently the most complete marketing automation platform in Brazil.

If you are thinking of generating leads and nurturing them with well-structured flows, then this is your platform.

Within the platform you can also:

  • Create lead conversion actions
  • Measure and analyze actions
  • Integrate with social networks
  • Create landing pages
  • Send emails
  • Accompany the leads
  • Optimize content (SEO)
  • A suggestion of topics to publish
  • Detailed reports on each point of your strategy

If you take your company’s Inbound Marketing seriously, then a marketing automation platform like RD is a must, since your competition is most likely already using full marketing automation platforms.

3. Mailify

It is one of the most complete and simple comprehensive marketing tools on the market. The all-in-one marketing solution. Now with the new version Mailify Sunrise in addition to the creation of email marketing campaigns, also available for bulk SMS campaigns and marketing automation. A single tool to manage your multichannel campaigns. It is one of the top SMTP servers.

Among its advantages we can highlight:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Segmentation of contact lists
  • Creation of forms and questionnaires
  • EmailBuilder, intuitive graphic editor for responsive templates
  • Free unlimited support in Catalan, French, Spanish and English
  • Split test A / B
  • Tutorials, videos and complete guides on email marketing
  • Automatic email address corrector, unsubscribe and bounce handling
  • A complete report of the sent campaigns: openings, clicks, reading time …
  • Hyper-personalized SMS campaigns
  • Marketing automation campaigns: create automated sequences for your email and SMS campaigns
  • Getty Image Bank with 1,300 HD Royalty-Free Images
  • Repertoire with 67 responsive templates for newsletter, e-commerce, notifications, events …
  • Free 30-day trial without obligation: 1,000 emails and 10 SMS

4. Infusion Soft

More and more email marketing software are emerging from other more complete programs, and that is the case of Infusion.

This is a CRM tool that was created for companies that wanted their marketing and sales teams to be closer and more connected.

In addition to CRM, sales automation, online sales, analytics, payments, and integrations, you can also create and manage your marketing automation campaigns.

Campaign Builder allows you to easily create campaigns. It also works for the creation of landing pages and emails.

It is also possible to integrate with e-commerce platforms, monitor user behavior on websites and integrate with the platform’s own functions.

Plans start at $ 199 a month.

5. E-GOI

E-GOI is a Portuguese email marketing tool that is gaining more and more followers.

In addition to being a complete platform, with all the expected functions of marketing automation: automatic triggers, flow creation, email templates; It is also possible to work multi and omnichannel, that is, SMS’s, pushes and even voice messages.

The feature called “autopilot” keeps your business in touch with leads constantly after a first interaction, allowing you to control all aspects of that contact.

You can choose between plans with unlimited emails, monthly shipments, and pre-paid messages.

6. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is a tool for creating, editing, sending and accompanying emails very similar to MailChimp.

It has one of the most complete editors for creating messages and is totally free up to 100 contacts.

You can start from HTML templates, create your emails from scratch or export the HTML code if you prefer to use another platform to send the campaigns.

The integrations are very interesting, it includes from Analytics to Pinterest and Shopify.

Those integrations are very important for e-commerce and companies that attract many visitors from other platforms that are not from your site or blog.

7. Litmus

Testing and analysis are part of the spirit of successful marketing campaigns and email marketing. If you think about this, Litmus is what you need!

Not all of us are proficient in programming or codes, and that is one aspect that makes A / B testing and minor alterations to emails easier.

With Litmus, you can create different versions of your message and test them on different email providers, guaranteeing that they are all loaded correctly in any inbox, that they do not fall into the SPAM folders and that they are built into the best email practices.

In addition to that, it is possible to analyze every aspect of the shipment and optimize your campaigns to guarantee the best possible opening rate and clicks.

Plans start at $ 60 a month, but you can take advantage of the free 90 days to test the platform.

8. LeadLovers

Lead management and nutrition are essential for a killer Inbound Marketing.

LeadLovers is a Brazilian tool created to help you in all aspects of lead management.

Through various capture pages, you can generate leads from Facebook ads with comments that are constantly released.

Builder, the page building tool, allows you to create custom pages, both from templates and from scratch.

More advanced clients can also import entire HTML sites into the tool.

There are several triggers that can be used to trigger automated messages, creating a good lead nutrition strategy and storing all the information regarding user behavior.

Plans start from 154 reais per month, and you have access to all the functionalities of the platform.

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