Top 8 Magic Websites to Cartoonize Your Photos Online

It is fun and interesting to make a cartoon version of yourself. Utilizing free online tools, you can turn your photos into cartoon effects that you can use on your online profiles, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Having a cartoon profile makes you look different and funky in your online profile. If you want to cartoonize photos on Mac or on Windows, you don’t need to be an expert in photo editing; you just need to upload your photo to one of the websites below, choose a style, and click “create.”. Download the image and upload it to your profile.

We have compiled all of the best platforms into one place for your convenience. Take your pick and have fun with your pictures.

1. Thecartoonist (

You can create cartoons from your photos with an easy-to-use online tool called All you have to do is upload your photo, choose a cartoon style, and cartoonize yourself.

A cartoon can be created in 24 hours from a picture. It’s hand-made without any automatic filters.

2. Befunky (

Befunky offers a wide range of tools for applying different effects to photos. Your photos can be decorated with effects, artsy, frames, text and goodies. Out of several photo editing tools, photo-to-cartoon is the one by which you can cartoonize your photos in a single click.

The all-in-one platform of BeFunky allows you to edit photos, design graphics, and create photo collages easily.


Besides offering an online photo-to-cartoon effect tool, offers desktop software Image Cartoonizer. Upload a photo, choose a cartoon effect, and cartoonize. Then your cartoon is ready.

There is no need to sign up. Create, edit, and turn your photos into personalized artwork – this is the #1 photo editor & cartoonizer designed to be simple, beautiful, and free. You can resize, enhance, and transform your artwork with our wide choice of features.

4. Snapstouch (

The SnapStouch online tool lets you convert photos into sketches, images into pencil sketches, images into painting, images into drawings, images into outlines.

In order to create a drawing effect, you must browse your high-quality photo first then press the UPLOAD button. Once your photo has been uploaded, the DRAW IT button will be visible. If you want to change the sensitivity value, do it now and then press the DRAW IT button, elegant drawing effects will be seen in the photo frame and the DOWNLOAD button will also be visible.

Click the DOWNLOAD button to download your drawing. After trying some combinations, you will get good drawing effects by changing the sensitivity value, increasing or decreasing it to get the desired effect. The sensitivity value can be changed without re-uploading the photo; all you need to do is change the setting and press the DRAW IT button.

5. ImagetoCartoon (

Create your own cartoon avatars using this free photo cartoonizer. ImagetoCartoon lets you create a cartoon avatar from an image in just a few clicks. Animated or cartoon versions of your face can be created by AI cartoonizers. The conversion takes just a few seconds.

This software is different from its competition thanks to its AI cartoon technology. The software makes it easy to convert images into cartoons, enhancing productivity and creativity.

6. Rollip (

Rollip is another cool website where you can apply cool effects to your photos. It has an easy-to-use tool for applying filters, effects, borders and text to photos. In just a few seconds, you can see cool effects in your photos.

The Rollip photo editor is an easy-to-use application that lets you apply interesting photo filters to photos online. Rollip online provides over eighty different options for choosing the desired effect.

All ages will enjoy Rollip’s online photo effects and step-by-step image processing. You only have to choose pleasing photo filters online, upload your photo from your computer, and assess results in Rollip.

Rollip is a photo editing tool that lets you apply different effects to a picture. You can save the processed images on your PC or share them on Facebook and Twitter. You can try a different filter if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

7. (

There are many online photo editing services from, one of which is With this service, you can apply cartoon effects to photos and morph them into funny expressions.

Your portrait photo will be transformed through face morphing, changing expressions, and facial animation. Lips, eyebrows, eyelids, and cheeks will all move during this time! The whole process takes less than a minute.

8. Photo-Kako (

Website is popular among Japanese photo editors. Uploaded pictures can be converted to over 170 images. Pictures can be adjusted to have a nicer look by adjusting various parameters. Using the tool, you can choose the style of the photo from different categories and adjust parameters to create nice portraits.


Here are a few of the best free avatar websites we could find! My favorite tools for creating avatars and cartoons are ImagetoCartoon and Cartoonize. From my experience with them, they work best for any photo.

Let us know which one you prefer! We’re waiting to hear from you!

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