TikTok Pro: How to Analyse and Get More Informative Insights Of Your TikTok Account

Are you surprised how TikTok works for your brand? Do you think that TikTok is only for teens? Then rethink it!

Today, TikTok has more than 800 million active users and a recorded daily view time of 52 minutes approximately. It is officially known to be a new social media platform for videos.

Users of every age limit register on the TikTok app to work with influencers, celebrities, household brands, and publishers co-existentially.

TikTok is a perfect video-sharing social media platform that initially identified the massive attraction of Gen Z users. It’s entirely known as the home of trending viral dance moves, challenges, and lip-syncing videos.

For millennials and another audience group, TikTok might look like Vine’s best replacement: the six-second looping videos shared on a platform based in 2017.

As a final fact, TikTok’s most prominent content makers, like Zach King, have 42M fans, who began his Vine career.

Basic Concepts of TikTok Analytics:

TikTok analytics are the key factors to start up your TikTok strategic plans. TikTok Pro account helps to begin taking the benefit of them.

Using TikTok’s built-in steps of analytics, you can focus on audiences’ with the right set and know what they are fascinated with.

This post will sort down TikTok Pro analytics and how these metrics help to analyze and receive more detailed insights into your TikTok account, where it can support you to establish your TikTok methods in 2024!

TikTok Pro Account:

The main difference between a regular and a Pro account spots down to TikTok analytics. Pro accounts provide them. Meanwhile, regular reports don’t.

Like Instagram creator profiles, TikTok pro accounts let content makers estimate the audience and performance of TikTok’s insights. Of the TikTok analytics control panel, Pro account users can study about their fans, checks your viewers and engagement, and much more.

Simple steps to switch to TikTok Pro account:

  1. From your profile page, tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Select manage my account.
  3. Click on the switch to a Pro account.
  4. Select an appropriate category and gender.
  5. If you did not sign up with your phone number, you could be asked to include one, followed by the confirmation code you get.

In What Way You Check Your TikTok Analytics:

Are you surprised where to identify TikTok analytics? From your profile on TikTok, tap the ellipsis in the top right corner. From your account, you could check the Analytics tab.

There’s how to check TikTok analytics on the desktop. Then get logged in to TikTok, tap your profile picture, then pick your View Analytics. If you decide to download data, you can only perform this from the desktop dashboard.

TikTok Fans Analytics:

Your TikTok fans analytics first display in a graph type the Overview tab. Move between the 7th day or 28th-day view to plot your account’s short and long-term growth design.

For deeper audience insights, tap the Followers tab in the upper right corner. This part adds gender and location demographics and follower activity, songs your fans listened and videos where your fans looked.

TikTok Profile Analytics:

Get a screenshot of your TikTok profiles analytics from the Overview tab. Move past the follower’s chart to check your profile views. Swap between a more extended 28th day or 7th closes up to point raise in traffic.

TikTok Videos Analytics:

The broadest insights TikTok provides for videos. You can identify a bar graph that displays video views above the past week or month from the Overview. To train down on particular TikTok video analytics, reach to the content tab.

In this tab, you can check recent and trending posts from the last seven days. You can tap on any video to check total likes, shares, comments, traffic source, playtime, audience demographics, and more.

You can also estimate TikTok analytics from videos from your profile page. Start the video by clicking more and then choose analytics.

Know TikTok Metrics:

Thus, viral means to be the word that comes up most often in relevance to TikTok. Yet the watchword doesn’t mean much unless it’s supported up with the right information. Here’s a synopsis of the TikTok analytics you need to maintain your eye on and why you should track them.

TikTok Analytics Overview:

The Overview tab provides a summary of the following metrics.

  • Video views: The average number of times your account’s videos were looked over a given time.
  • Followers: The average tally of TikTok users that track your account.
  • Profile Views: The number of times where your profile is viewed over the selected time. The TikTok metrics are a perfect indication of brand interest. It checks the number of people who liked your videos to find out your profile or people who are eager to check what your brand is up to on the platform.

Follower’s Tab:

Check the follower tab to study your audience. In addition to vital demographic statistics, you can also check what your followers are fascinated with, making this section a perfect content motivation source.

Gender: You can identify the distribution of your followers by gender. If you are happy with your niche, maintain playing to your crowd.

Are you searching for enhancing your audience, then know to make your content with a universal look. Or collaborate with a similar influencer to gain more exposure with various crowds. The best example, a cosmetics brand might wish to merge with influencers like Tyler Brown to access his TikTok viewers.

Another type of metrics which will provide your TikTok profile that works effectively:

  1. Top territories
  2. Followers activity
  3. Videos that your fans watched
  4. It sounds like fans listened

Content Tab:

Using the content tab, you can check the performance of your content.

Trending videos: It helps to receive your top nine videos with the massive growth in the audience viewing rate for the past seven days.

Individual Posts Stats:

  1. Average likes count for the post
  2. Average comments
  3. Average shares
  4. Average playtime
  5. Average watch time
  6. Traffic source type
  7. Audience demographics

Other Types of TikTok Analytics:

Hashtag views: The total number of times posts for hashtags looked. To check how many total views hashtags got, find the hashtags in the Discover tab. A total of the search results will display in the Top tab. From there, you can check the total number of views, related hashtags, and a few of the top videos that make use of the tags.

Total likes for TikTok: On TikTok’s profile, you can measure the total number of TikTok likes to increase the visibility that you have checked on every content. It is a TikTok metric that could be used for a rough estimation of total engagement.

TikTok engagement rates: TikTok engagement rates can be estimates by using different formulas:

((Total count of likes + Total count of comments) / Total count of Followers) * 100

((Total count of likes + Total count of comments + Total count of shares) / Total count of Followers) * 100

Total engagement estimate: You can check the engagement estimation for your TikTok account by the following steps:

  • Step 1: From your TikTok Profile, tap likes to check the complete total.
  • Step 2: Count your number of TikTok videos published.
  • Step 3: Divide likes with the total videos.
  • Step 4: Divide the number by your account’s total count of followers and multiply by 100.


As a developing platform, TikTok designates a unique chance for brand checking to push younger audiences to more engagement rates. Based on Sensor Tower, TikTok got more engagement rate than Instagram during the first half of 2019. In the past five consecutive quarters, TikTok has also ranked the iOS app store for complete downloads.

Even though the platform got massive user contact, one cause brands have been consistent to include TikTok for their marketing as the lack of analytics.

It also considered that brands collaborating with influencers are not able to estimate the efficiency of these collaborations.

I hope this article helped you to know more about TikTok pro and their analyzing methods. You can also receive insights for your TikTok account. Are you eager after this post? Then it is a great time to get started with the analytics concepts that possibly access your accounts and help control the outcome from TikTok.

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