Miami SEO Talks About How Viral Contests Help Website Rankings

People strive to be successful, everyone does. Being on the top of the food chain gives anyone access to almost anything. And as much as what people usually say that money cannot buy everything, reality proves it wrong. That is why for some reason, people take advantage of every single situation given to them.

Striving is far different from being lucky. In some cases, luck comes after striving hard. However, if chances knock on an individual’s door, never hesitate to open it. For this very reason, most successful companies sparked the idea of letting people bet on their luck to promote their products. And the best way to do it is by creating an online contest that will turn the target audience’s’ heads. This game will serve as the springboard in getting participants and expanding the crowd and the scope of the market.

Contests make both a winner

For most companies who do their marketing online, a Viral contest can be of help in making them known. The more contestants share your websites, the more chances of winning. This way, people will share the information with their families and friends.

They will promote the contest to everyone, as what they thought it is, however, the primary goal is to let everyone know that the company exists. Since people will try their luck at every single opportunity given, grabbing the chance will also boost your market in the long run.

The more viral the post is, the more people will notice the company. They will visit and understand what the company is all about. This type of strategy can help disseminate information faster, and the target audience and customer will increase.

Viral Contest in SEO Ranking

Contests go online to promote a company, and its products sure make the business visible if the game goes viral. This process will also help improve the ranking in Google or any other search engines. This method is effective in increasing the social media branding of a product, company, service, person, etc.

Social media plays a vital role in making the strategy into completion. They are keys to making the contest go viral. By clicking like or retweet or posting the game on youtube, people will know the site more. They will be able to receive email updates. This process helps them engage in actively and expands their audience reach. Depending on how the competition goes, companies will just have to make sure that the contestant will be able to link back.

One of the categories to consider in ranking the website is through link building. And by having viral contests, this task raises links that would get the site’s high ranks and thus make a better position in an SEO search result.

What is Search Engine Optimization and how do viral contests relate to it? Google or Bing or Yahoo are just some of the many search engines that people use in searching for something on the internet. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the one who makes the website on top of the list. To learn more about this, contact the pro’s in the industry like Kotton Grammer Media, Miami SEO.

It is a process of acquiring traffic and making a website appear on the first page. People trust search engines and most believe that the sites on page one are authentic and legit ones that can help them in whatever they need.

If you want to check the website’s ranking in search engines, you can use special SEO tools. For example, one such tool is the Keyword Rank Tracker by Sitechecker.

Contest that makes viral

Participating in a competition is easier than making one. In online marketing, contests become relatively common, and not all of them have a lot of participants. Because of too many fraudulent activities happening online, people became vigilant and could not quickly identify a bluff from not.

Creating a contest that will pacify the minds of the audience about online scams is the first thing creator would take note of. Moreover, the prize that the participants get should also be equal to the type of contests they are giving.

For instance, Michael Kors should not be giving away a house and lot for just a simple contest. It is better to at least level the price for the task they want contestants to do.

Aside from the prizes, it is also important to make the contest interesting and allow the players to interact and communicate with other participants online. Whatever strategies a company wants, just remember to always stick to the plan. After all, these contests are made to benefit the business.

Contest Strategies that attract attention

Color Vibrant – One thing that draws attention to most people is the color. Compared to a dominant dull color, having creative content pays much attention. These colors capture the minds of the readers making the contest easy to notice.

Effortless instructions – People will engage in something that they can do in an instant. Making the sign-up process as easy as possible guarantees more sign-ups, do not make the contestants feel that they need to experience all the hassle before getting a chance to be part of the contests.

Consolation prize before the competition starts – This one process attacks the minds of the audiences that they have already won something even before the game begins. It is by sending discount codes to customer’s emails from the moment they signed up.

Making holidays a target – Recognize each holiday and toast with them by giving out prizes and discounts on every feast day. It will help add more audience and participants. Holidays are one of the best days and let them feel that you are celebrating with them.

Runner-ups – It is also helpful if you do not narrow the winners down into one. Adding runner-up winners can make the target audiences bet for more, and this will eventually uplift the sales in the long run.


People, in general, will strike while the iron is hot. They will grab every opportunity just to increase their chances of being victorious. That gave the companies like Kotton Grammer Media, top Miami SEO and some other businesses a clue on how to get the attention of the audience and turn the table on their sides. Contest and prizes can both be beneficial and productive.

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