Live Chat Tips for Enhancing Customer Service and Accelerating Sales

In this digital day and age, a brand’s online presence is becoming more and more important. Brands are expected to have an online system that is not only simple to use but is also responsive and user-friendly. Luckily, there are several (not so expensive) tools that can be used to give your customers a better experience when they try to reach out to you. A live chat box is one of those tools that help brands build a strong customer base and improve customer relations.

Moreover, it gives a chance to build a personalized relationship with your customers and deal with their queries in a better way, which improves your lead generation process. If you are not providing live chat service to your customers, you need to read our guide to enhance your customer’s experience and improve your brand image. We have compiled live chat tips that could be a real game-changer for your business!

#1 – Helps Convert Visitors into Leads

Live chat is an excellent way to convert your online customers into potential leads. A small amount of effort on your part can indeed take you a long way. This is especially true when it comes to customer care and lead generation. Come to think of it – don’t you think websites are one of the major sources of attracting customers? They are essentially the first impression that your customer would have when they type your website URL, and, in most cases, it lasts too.

So, the real question is – what could set your business apart from the competitors? Fortunately, integrating small tools on your website could help you achieve a lot more than you can imagine. According to statistics, website visitors are more likely to come back if the website offers live chat support! This alone should be a motivator for you to install a live chatbot on your website! Moreover, the live chat box will help you gather important data that you can use to improve your lead generation process.

All you have to do is integrate your CRM software with the live chat; this will collect the information and store it. This will help you keep up with your customers and follow-up with them to improve their shopping experience and generate more business as you do so. It is a win-win situation as your customers would feel valued, and at the same time, you will be creating a better reputation for your online selling services business.

#2 – Helps Reduce Response Time

With the steep increment in the number of businesses nowadays, there is more competition for businesses than ever. This means that they have to be readily available once a customer has approached them. Failure to do so might result in the loss of a potential customer! A live chat box service helps to reduce the customer response time and secure your customer before they end up at someone else’s website. Most online businesses lose customers due to two major reasons:

  1. They were put on hold for too long.
  2. They waited too long for a customer care representative.

The best way to solve your customer’s problems is to be readily available and interactively sort their issue. Live chat ticks all the boxes and helps to deliver real-time responses. Moreover, they are also equipped with a customer-care toolkit that supports additional features like co-browsing and video conferencing.

#3 – Improved Customer Satisfaction

Live chat is a tried and tested tool that has helped improve customer satisfaction for businesses. It is also known to be one of the most cost-effective means of communicating with customers. Moreover, with live chat support, it is easier to direct the conversation to the allocated department. This tool helps your team to feel more empowered and help the customers successfully pass through all the points of their purchase cycle.

Your support department should be well-trained to provide your customers with a better experience and indulge in proactive conversation with them. Naturally, when the response time is less, the customers will be more inclined towards making their purchase with someone who they have already spoken to and with someone who understands their problems. This will considerably improve your conversion rate and accelerate sales.

#4 – Automate Chatbots

The best thing about automated chatbots is that they will be able to handle queries in a minimum possible time. Whereas a customer sales representative might not be able to respond so quickly. Below are a few advantages of automating chatbots on your website:

  1. Chatbots provide customer support round the clock. They are automated to entertain queries 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Even if you have a technical error like a lose Coaxial Cable, and the automated chatbot will still be able to get to the customer even when you are offline.
  2. Collect customer data: Bots can pick customer information and transfer it to a database. This valuable data can be later used to make important decisions that can accelerate the sales process.
  3. Human support: Regardless of the benefits that chatbots bring us, they are only able to answer simple queries, and any complicated questions need to be transferred to a customer care representative.

#5 – Personalized Customer Care

It is quite challenging for companies to humanize the customer support they are providing. Even if you automate the chatbots, there is still a chance that the customer would want to speak to a human representative to explain the issue in a more detailed way.

Additionally, live chat helps to build trust among the customers, and they start to feel valued. The best thing is that responses coming from humans are more natural and more in context with what is being asked. Whereas automated chatbots, as mentioned above, do not give personalized answers and simply generate automated responses that have been fed to them.


Marketing doesn’t always have to be expensive, and the smallest tools can make the biggest difference to your brand image. Therefore, choose your tools wisely and learn how to use them to enhance your customer’s experience and boost sales!

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