How To Sell Products In European Countries By Using Amazon Store Setup Services

If you want to expand your eCommerce business by selling your products in European countries, you must set up an Amazon store. Amazon has a reach of customers from all across the world and setting an Amazon store will help you grow your marketplace. Setting up a store in another continent seems to be difficult right? It is indeed a very challenging job. Nevertheless, when there is a will, there is a way.

In this quick blog, we will teach why you must set up an Amazon store and how you can do it smoothly with the best Amazon store building services. Besides, you will also learn how you can drive shopper engagement and increase sales.

What Is An Amazon Store And Who Can Create It?

Amazon in-store is a critical feature for brands looking to boost profits and shopper loyalty. You can say that they are a modern DIY (Do It Yourself) solution that enables retailers and vendors to create their own brand stores on The idea has been discovered specifically for offering consumers a rich and immersive virtual shopping experience and retailers a good hike in sales and popularity.

Wondering who can create an Amazon store for you?

If you are a seller, vendor, or holds an agency, you can register yourself in the Amazon brand program. Remember, there is no need to advertise on Amazon if you want to create a store.

Why Is It Important To Create An Amazon Store?

As compared to any other eCommerce platform, Amazon is the most growing and most famous marketplace. It has received all the fame because of its simplified process of finding, ordering, exchanging, and refunding products. If you have products that can be used globally, you must create an Amazon store now.

Not convinced yet? Here we have uncovered the top 5 reasons why you must think of setting up an Amazon online store.

Reason 1: Increase Sales of Your Products

No matter how cool and amazing products you sell at affordable prices, it is important to reach your potential customers on their favored channels. As per Feedvisor’s survey in 2019, 44% of online shoppers purchased products using the Amazon channel. Hence, Amazon has always been chosen over any other eCommerce channel. Hence, opening an Amazon store in European countries will help you in boosting sales of your products.

Reason 2: Enhance Customer’s Shopping Experience

The better assemblage of both text and picture material on the screen improves the shopping experience of a customer. On eCommerce channels like Amazon, potential customers are well-informed about the several ranges of your products. You get to explain your products using a special description and help yourself in retaining your customers.

Reason 3: Your Brand’s Reputation and Recognition will Increase

Setting up an Amazon store is an ideal way to promote your own brand and make it more visible to customers. Unique tile elements on the subpages of your Amazon store can be held incorporating colors and customized with your own logos and fonts. You strengthen the identity of the brand, boost it, and foster the brand’s loyalty in this way.

Reason 4: Get a Chance to Analyse and Improve Store’s Performance

Partnering with Amazon, you can also keep a check on the performance of your Amazon store in European countries. By using Store Insights Dashboard, you can check the conversion rates, the number of customers who visited the product page, sales, and many other important parameters to analyze whether you are making a profit or loss. The analysis you will draw out of the process will later help you in making wiser strategies.

Reason 5: Promote Special Offers, Sales, and Discounts

Amazon Stores are perfect for marketing current sales and discounts. Deal Features can be added to a store by the seller, vendor, or agency. They mimic a product grid and promote the latest promotions. This helps you to increase the visibility of deal items, specifically if you embed the widget on your store’s main page. Besides, you will get a positive impact on your sales, particularly during peak seasons or special events such as black Friday, prime day, independence day, and more.

Moreover, the best thing about opening an Amazon store is its key features such as:

  1. You can highlight the dynamic selection of your products.
  2. You can use unique ranges of templates to showcase your products.
  3. You will get everything readymade, no need to apply coding in the backend.

Now, you must be thinking about who will help you in setting up an Amazon store in the European countries, right? Well, taking help from the Amazon store setup company will ease your work not only in setting a store but also in managing it well. Let’s see how.

How Can Amazon Store Setup Company Help You?

As more sellers appear with their amazing products on the Amazon channel, good Amazon store creation services help you distinguish your brand from the competition. If you choose to outsource such services, here is how they will set up your Amazon store:

Step 1: Create your Amazon account

Amazon is very picky on who it allows to sell on its website. To improve protection, it has also implemented new documentation and verification protocols. Furthermore, these protocols would prohibit sellers from developing multiple accounts in order to exploit sellers and customers by adjusting store rankings.

Professional information such as your account name, payment details, tax number, business address, and more will be added by the store managing expert.

Step 2: Register your business

The most critical move after that is to register your brand with Amazon. It is not open to resellers, but it is open to brands with active registered trademarks on their products and packaging. When you register your brand on Amazon, you can gain access to a variety of features such as gated product categories, expanded promotional opportunities, brand messaging advice, and more.

In this process, the Amazon store manager will register the serial number of the brand, image/ logo of your brand, regions where you manufacture your product.

Step 3: Create and Improve your Amazon homepage

Amazon store building services will include the creation of your Amazon homepage. The Amazon store allows you to add a short video to your homepage. Experts will use this to promote the brand narrative, build a distinct brand picture, and gain consumer confidence.

You will have to select the ‘Seller Central’ section and narrow your choice by opting ‘Manage Amazon Stores’. While selecting a template for your homepage, you choose themes, images, texts, and videos of your own choice.

Step 4: Build the pages of your Amazon store

You can build your store page exactly like your eCommerce website. Amazon gives you the liberty to use best-selling products, index classifications, and more while customizing your store page. Experts remember that the process of searching for a product and finding it has to be basic enough to simplify the customer’s experience.

Step 5: Add Content for your products

An Amazon store management services provider will make sure that customers are not in any kind of confusion while browsing the product pages. Amazon Stores offers a wide range of content grids such as hero images, navigation bars, brand icons, product grids, image tiles, mixed items, text tiles, and so on.

Right from the images of the product, video of using the products, product titles, and product grids, all will be added by the experts.

Step 6: Uploading the products on the Amazon store

An Amazon Store Setup services provider will manually add all the products to your Amazon store with the help of ASIN numbers. A unique ASIN number is given to every product to show its uniqueness. Whether you have used the Amazon store before or you are setting it up for the first time, you must ensure that all of your products are properly uploaded and configured.

Step 7: Selling the products

After your Amazon store is set up completely including the product titles, store pages, product images, price listings, and more, you are ready to sell products. You will see orders have started coming. Before finalizing your Amazon shop, take advantage of the ‘Store Preview’ feature, which allows you to see your store from the perspective of a customer. When doing so, ensure that everything is proofread, that branding and imagery are consistent, and that the consumer journey is smooth.


After following the guide, you must have understood that creating an Amazon store is a creative and lengthy process that not every retailer can do. Hence, seeking help from an Amazon store setup company is the best choice to be made. If you are looking for some outsourcing companies and wondering how to find one, comment below. We will help you find the best Store setup management services provider.

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