How To Combine Work and Study

To get a job, you have to have experience. And to get experience, you have to work. So where to start? Some students are looking for a job to be able to continue their studies, some dream of independence from their parents, some want to prove to themselves that they are worth something, and some want to gain invaluable experience in their chosen field. But, as often happens, dreams are crushed by the harsh reality of life. How can you fully study with a busy work schedule? Is it possible to find a balance between work and study? What to do to not get kicked out of university? The answers are below.

Get it all done

Studying and working at the same time is very difficult, anyway. Life gathers such a rapid pace that you have to sacrifice communication with your relatives, personal life, and entertainment.

On the other hand, there is a personal money, the value of which is difficult to overestimate, independence, self-confidence, and, of course, invaluable experience in the chosen field. Ideally, if the field of activity matches the specialty in the university, so there is a great prospect for further growth and development.

After analyzing all the pros and cons, young people are tending toward employment, but one that is compatible with their studies. The main reason for this decision is a sense of existing knowledge as well as a desire for a personal budget. After all, students are often ashamed to ask their parents for money for fancy clothes, entertainment or writing help, for example. Let us note that dropping out of school is categorically not worth it. A good education increases the chances of a successful career and income in the future. Moreover, many directors, too, started at university. Coming to them for an interview, you will earn yourself extra points because someone who simultaneously works and learns – a serious and self-sufficient person.

How to find a balance between study and work?

Keep busy

Not all jobs involve a 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. schedule. There are many options for part-time, flexible, or remote employment. Here, it’s a matter of how lucky you are. If the schedule of classes allows and teachers do not mind – it is quite realistic to combine study with work and not to be dropped out. It will be difficult to find time to rest but to combine work and study – not an easy way.

“Free Attendance” – a solution to the situation

Combining study and work is easiest for a part-time student. Regular full-time employment and the session is only 2 times a year. Another thing – students of the stationary department. Here there are no options – or constantly skip classes, which leads to expulsion from the university, or arrange in ” free attendance” in the dean’s office.

The document for free attendance must contain the signatures of all of your professors, and you need to get them signed before the start of the semester. The signature of each professor is your guarantee of unrestricted attendance. If “free attendance” is not possible, you can agree with the professor to take the class when it is convenient for him or her.

Keep in touch with your classmates

Keeping friendships with your groupmates will help you stay in touch with your active student life. There are plenty of ways to be friends online now, such as creating a messenger group where you can share university news, information about current exams, useful study information, screenshots of notes, ask each other for advice, etc.

In addition to online support, groupmates can help solve the issue with notes, and sometimes even explain your situation to the teacher, softening his position towards an absentee student.

Talk to each instructor in person

Having a “free to attend” document is good, but no one has canceled the human relationship. Explain personally to each teacher your situation – that there is a good job where you can get valuable experience, it’s a chance to develop and grow, but you promise to give a greater share of your time to study because you understand its importance. Be very polite in the conversation, show all your sensitivity, it is very important for the successful completion of the course at the end of the semester.

Many professors suggest that you prepare a report or a test paper instead of attending lectures – accept it, it is the best solution. Some give consent to skip lectures, but the attendance of practicals is considered mandatory, in this case, it is also worth agreeing. Of course, there are also strict teachers – here it is an important individual approach. Look for options to solve the problem: sign up for additional counseling, write an interesting essay, make a presentation on the computer, etc.

Regular absences in the attendance book, automatically show that a person is a truant and fails. It takes a lot of effort to convince a teacher on the contrary.

Don’t wait for retakes

For working students, this advice is critical. Never put off taking tests and exams until the end of the semester or until you have to retake them. You need to get clearance for each test and exam, and it consists of a series of accepted assignments, term papers, and labs. The earlier you hand in your work, the more the teacher likes you. Turning in early can even help you avoid being criticized for not taking classes. Provided that you really know the subject.

Keep in mind that the teacher will not adjust to your work schedule. He will make concessions in terms of attendance. There is no question of loyalty to your person in the exams and coursework, but it is believed that if you went to work – it means you have impeccable knowledge.

Choose a compliant diploma instructor

The diploma is the fix for which each of us decided to go to university. No matter what degree it is – a bachelor, a specialist, a master’s, the development of a diploma project is always very tedious and time-consuming. Focusing on the minimum consumption of time, you should choose a loyal supervisor in advance. Let’s say in advance that no one will write your diploma for you. But, for example, to explain your situation with the work to the teacher, agreeing on infrequent personal consultations, and sending step-by-step versions of the diploma by e-mail is already an excellent result.

Choose a job that is compatible with your studies

Most often students work and part-time jobs with a flexible schedule or part-time: promoter, freelancer, courier, call-center operator, sales manager, consultant, cashier, salesman, diverse assistant, copywriter, SMM-specialist, etc. Here the loyalty of the manager plays a key role. If he is sympathetic to the employee-student, lets him go when he has to attend classes, or takes a vacation during the session, or does not detain him over time – it is very lucky. But if every time you have to face a misunderstanding, it is better to change your job.

In this case, the field of work of a full-time student is not limited to anything: IT, finance, manufacturing, law, commerce, etc. Perhaps at first, it will be difficult to compete for a high position, but after all the first thing of priority for the student is to gain valuable experience.

Every year more and more young people choose the path of the working student, and here it is important to assess their capabilities because surely it will not be easy. And it’s worth it. This is one of those opportunities that will change your life, allow you to believe in yourself and your knowledge and skills, as well as to feel the full power of your abilities. Self-confidence, desire to work, and a clear focus on the result are the features of a successful person.

You will succeed!

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