How to Become Master of Searching on LinkedIn?

Do you know how to leverage your LinkedIn job search to optimize your results?

LinkedIn is a top-rated job search portal that millions of candidates and hiring managers use for their purposes. But is putting the right keywords in the search bar and pressing the enter key giving you desired result? What are you missing out on?

LinkedIn people search is just one of the many search options on LinkedIn. If you want to master your searching skills and make the most of this portal, here are some helpful features you can explore.

1. LinkedIn People Search

LinkedIn people search allows you to connect with people and facilitate the search results per the requirements. You can optimize your LinkedIn search according to your need if you want to connect with an individual from a particular group or location.

2. LinkedIn Group Search

LinkedIn group search is used if you want to find and join a group of like-minded people and interests. All you have to do is put the keywords in the search bar, click on the group option from the dropdown menu, and press the enter key. Voila! You will have a list of groups similar to your interest.

You can send a request to join the group to build your network and be part of valuable discussions.

3. LinkedIn Company Search

LinkedIn company search allows you to find a particular company if you want to stay updated with their latest initiatives or job postings. You can click on the search option and filter it by company.

If you know which company you want to look for, put the name of the company directly in the search bar; else, scroll through the list offered by LinkedIn and make your selection.

4. LinkedIn Boolean Search

LinkedIn boolean search is an exciting feature that offers structured searches separated by phrases to get the desired results. There are three major Boolean search options available on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Boolean OR Search

LinkedIn Boolean OR search is used if you want to find one of the two keywords for a particular job role. For example, if you are searching for a ‘bookkeeper’ or ‘accountant’ role, you can type both in the search bar separated by ‘OR.’ It will fetch you results containing either ‘accountant’ or ‘bookkeeper’.

LinkedIn Boolean AND Search

You can use AND search option on LinkedIn if you want to find two keywords in the same job post or profile. For example, ‘accounting AND law’ would fetch you results that have accounting and law.

LinkedIn Boolean NOT Search

If you want to eliminate results, you can use the NOT search feature. For example, you want to look for a job for manager profiles but not for the product manager. In such a case, you can type “manager” NOT “product manager” in the search bar. You will be surprised to see that all the manager posts will appear on your screen, which will exclude product managers.

5. LinkedIn Parenthetical Search

LinkedIn offers a parenthetical search option to help you find the most specific search results, which are filtered based on your inputs. For example, suppose you are looking forward to connecting with a business owner who is also a coach or consultant and is in the health, fitness, or nutrition domain.

In that case, you can make use of the magical parenthetical search and simply type in the search bar: “business owner” AND (coach OR consultant) AND (health OR fitness OR nutrition).

Yes! You can play around with all the Boolean features as needed with parentheses.

6. LinkedIn Advanced Search

The LinkedIn advance search feature is there for you if you want to advance your search. It will give you more relevant search results than regular searches.

You can refine your search result by selecting ‘all filters’ and then customizing it by date posted, company name, job type, etc.

7. LinkedIn Sort Function

By default, the LinkedIn search is based on the keywords you input. But it offers a sorting function to find people closest to your network. To leverage the sorting function, you can click on the ‘refine search’ option on the header of the search result page.

Key Takeaways

The LinkedIn advance feature can be really effective if you want to up your search game. Here’s what you can keep in mind:

  • Use the LinkedIn people search option to connect with people from your industry.
  • Leverage LinkedIn group search if you want to join communities of like-minded individuals for discussions and to expand your network.
  • Opt for LinkedIn company search if you want to stay updated with the new opportunities that they have on their shelf.
  • Make your search result more specific by applying LinkedIn Boolean searches like ‘OR,’ ‘AND,’ and ‘NOT.’
  • Refine your results using the LinkedIn advance search and sorting option available on the header of the search result page.
  • Make LinkedIn Boolean search more effective by using parentheses.

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