How Much Does It Cost To Build An eCommerce Website?

Many entrepreneurs are contemplating investing in eCommerce development as it offers a great opportunity to earn hefty revenues. With the rising numbers of online buyers, the significance of eCommerce websites is increasing. However, when it comes to developing an eCommerce website, one question leaves you muddled -what is the cost of developing an eCommerce website? The answer to this question is tricky as the cost depends on multiple factors, such as your requirements and the complexity of features. If you want to know how much you need to invest in eCommerce development services to create your website, this blog post is for you.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of eCommerce Development Services?

Let’s take a look at various factors affecting the cost of developing an eCommerce website.

Number of web pages on your eCommerce store

The first key factor in creating an eCommerce website is the number of web pages you need. An eCommerce website is more complex and has a large number of web pages compared to a simple corporate website. As a result, it will have a higher cost that will rise with the increase in the number of web pages. Typically, an eCommerce website has a unique page for every product being sold on it.

There should be a category page to show all types of products. Also, you will want to add a personal profile page for sellers who make accounts on your website in case of a multivendor eCommerce website. You can hire a web developer to meet your custom requirements, whether creating more web pages or more.

Type of eCommerce website

The type is another crucial factor in determining the cost of developing an eCommerce website. There are different types of eCommerce websites like B2B (Business-to-Business), B2c (Business-to-Customer), multivendor, and C2C (Customer-to-Customer). Depending on which eCommerce model you choose, the cost of developing a website varies with the required features. These different eCommerce models work in various ways. A B2B platform allows a business to sell to another business like eBay.

A B2C website allows a business to sell to various customers. Amazon is the best-suited example here. Further, a C2C website allows customers to sell to other customers eBay and Amazon Marketplace are perfect examples of these types of websites. Finally, the multi vendor eCommerce website is what allows multiple sellers to create accounts and sell on that platform. Amazon is the most popular multi vendor eCommerce platform that almost everyone knows today.

Do you want to build a multi vendor eCommerce website? You can better understand this eCommerce model and the development process with the complete guide on multi vendor eCommerce development.

If you want to develop a website like Amazon or eBay, you have to make a significant investment to make such a website.

Third-party integrations

Another important factor in determining the cost of developing an eCommerce website is third-party integrations. When you build an eCommerce website, it has many essential functionalities but requires many types of features on your website that are only available via APIs and third-party integrations.

Payment gateways are ideal examples of third-party integration. The expenses of integrating third-party tools like a payment gateway will affect the overall cost of eCommerce website development. Apart from this, you may also want to develop a custom API for certain functionalities that will increase the cost of developing an eCommerce website. A reliable eCommerce development company can help with third-party integration and build custom APIs to meet specific requirements.

Custom theme development

Every business has a unique identity that needs to be shown on its website to stand out from the competition. If you want to create a website that can stand out, you can go for custom web development. With this eCommerce development approach, you can create a one-of-a-kind website with a unique look and features. You need to hire a web developer with enough experience in creating tailor-made eCommerce websites. Creating a custom theme allows you to build an eCommerce website that resonates with your target niche.

Moreover, while a template-based website can be cost-effective, it isn’t much beneficial for your business. You can reap more benefits with your eCommerce website if it is aligned with your business interests. In addition, a custom-built website can also give you an edge over competitors. You can get better insight by going through the blog on how custom web development can benefit your business.

Cost of eCommerce platform

There are lots of eCommerce development platforms with unique features and benefits. However, while platforms like Magento Community and PrestaShop are free due to no licence fees, other platforms like Shopify and Adobe Commerce carry certain licensing fees. Though there are no licence fees with free platforms, they have hidden charges that contribute to the cost of developing an eCommerce website. Depending on which platform you choose, your cost of building an eCommerce website can differ.

Plugins, extensions, or add-ons

A basic eCommerce website has typical functionalities, including shipping, payments, order tracking, product pages, etc. But usually, an eCommerce website needs more features that aren’t available with that basic one out of the box. This gap is filled by using various plugins, extensions, or add-ons, which is one of the most common ways of integrating additional functionalities on a website. You can find free addons, extensions, or plugins, but they aren’t reliable and quality rich. For better features and quality, you can choose to integrate premium add-ons on your website. Moreover, if you want to build a custom plugin or extension, you will have to spend more on eCommerce development. There are many benefits of investing in a custom plugin or extension development, such as security, quality, and reliability.

Verdict On The Cost Of Developing An eCommerce Website

Now that you have walked through various factors that affect the cost of developing an eCommerce website, you will want to know the cost of creating one. You can get a better idea with the blog of how much it costs to build a website. It provides the estimated costs for eCommerce and other websites with a proper breakdown.

An eCommerce website is a complex solution and requires more features than a basic business website. Therefore, developing such a website costs much more than a corporate website. In addition, the cost of development also depends on other factors like project requirements, complexity, features, and more.

If you hire a web developer, the cost of hiring starts from $20/hour. Therefore, providing an exact amount for the cost of developing an eCommerce website is not feasible before understanding your needs. But you can get an estimation of what it is likely to cost you. The above factors can help to determine the estimated cost of creating an eCommerce website.

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