How are Web Push Notifications Helpful for the Entertainment Industry?

Push notifications are not just notifications now, they are solid means of information transmission between marketers, website owners, bloggers and users. Both consumers and marketers need web push notifications for assistance. Marketers need web push notifications to boost their sales, increase revenue, engage and re-engage customers. And consumers who receive notifications need them to know about the latest updates, offers, information and news.

Many of us are used to seeing interactive pop-up messages on our mobile screens and notification sections. Web push notifications have been so deeply rooted in our minds that without them it is hard to imagine our mobile screens.

But what exactly are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are actionable/clickable messages that pop up on the screens of the user- mobile devices, desktop etc. They are visually attractive with interactive crisp and minimal content. Images, emoticons, superb font all are used to make a push notification hard to ignore. They generally contain alerts, information regarding the latest updates, offers, sales, flash sales, new read updates, breaking news etc.

But push notifications are only able to make their way to the user’s screen if the user opts-in by allowing the website, app or browser to send notifications. This means push notifications operate on permission and if denied the user will not receive any notification.

How are push notifications enabled?

Push notifications will only land on the user’s screen if they allow the website. Notification is by default always enabled on a device, however, when push notifications become too intrusive and annoying then they can be disabled in the settings section of the device. If you wish to see notifications from a particular website or app then you must allow the notifications to reach your device.

What type of platforms is compatible with push notifications?

Push notifications are a cross-platform marketing tool, which means they can access almost every Operating System and device. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phones. Whether it is iOS, android, windows etc. Push notification can reach almost all types of platforms in one single go.

Web push notifications are beneficial for what type of genres?

Any website or app of any genre can enjoy the benefits of push notifications by leveraging them for their promotion and attracting visitors, buyers, readers etc.

Every site online has a monetary target and to achieve that it is important to manage the algorithm of the site or app. Interaction with people is extremely important. There is a common myth that web push notifications are only for commerce websites but that is wrong, web push notifications can help many other genres too like bloggers, science pages, news pages, entertainment sites etc. You just have to appropriately strategize how you are going to distribute the content of your website to the right users rest you can leave on the automated push notifications tool.

How can the entertainment industry leverage web push notifications to drive more visitors?

Media house publishers and entertainment media publishers know that certain things will attract users from their industry:

  1. Celebrity pictures
  2. Bollywood/Hollywood updates
  3. Breaking news
  4. Sports

The entertainment industry is already very popular, celebrities like actors, singers, dancers already have a huge fan base. Then why do they need push notifications? Well, it’s not the celebrities that need web push notification rather they are the subjects on which many entertainment pages, sites, apps, fan pages run- they are the ones who need web push notifications to attract visitors to read the latest news about these entertainers.

The Entertainment world already has a huge fan base, people go crazy for their idols and love to read about them, even their daily routine receives more attention than a disaster.

So if your site or blog is focused on the Entertainment genre then you can leverage push notifications to garner readers and increase revenue. Earlier when technology did not reach much of the population and half of the world did not know about the internet, Entertainment media in that era too managed to get enough subscribers and followers through magazines, newspapers, and television and now when the world has digitised to a larger extent, people still love to read about their favourite artist, follow the latest movies, match scores and news all through their devices. But looking for everything on the internet one by one can make the user disinterested, this is when web push notifications come into the task. Usually, Entertainment industry-related websites are either blogs, news channels, sports channels, which have their individual websites. You can send the users notifications regarding the entertainment industry, following are some examples that you can practically use to attract visitors to your entertainment websites.

  • Send visitors news about the latest releases- an album, movie or a book by a celebrity.
  • Update your subscribers about the latest trailer release.
  • Track your subscriber’s activity and segment their interests, their favourite celebs and their bête noire. Send notifications and updates accordingly.
  • A most awaited match must be live, send live scores to your users, who are sports fans.
  • A piece of breaking news may be an earthquake that has just hit the surface, people will be interested to know its speed and the areas it affected.
  • Election polls are extremely popular nowadays because today’s youth are incredibly politically active.

There are an enormous amount of things that can be sent to users through push notifications from your websites. Since the Entertainment world is popular the CTR is likely to be more than expected.

Why does the entertainment industry need web push notifications?

In recent years entertainment industry publishers are confronting several impediments, as communication channels don’t serve the purpose as they used to some 10-12 years ago.

  • Entertainment world related E-mails are not appreciated by users, E-mail has become a more professional and official platform this is the reason why a movie release e-mail gets flagged.
  • Many websites and apps claiming to be news channels and industry publishers receive high-end competition from already existing platforms.
  • Distracted publishers fail to create an interactive UI for users when users land on their page they get muddled and leave the site without subscribing.
  • Not all communication channels have multi-platform and multi-device access. Web push notifications have no barriers in terms of reach.
  • Web push notifications help retain users, keep them engaged and use visual appeal to attract users.

It does not matter what genre your website belongs to, whether it is the entertainment industry or commerce app or blog, web push notifications are always a practical choice for organic traffic generation and capital increase. EngageAsap is a successfully running best web push notifications service that provides real-time statistics and data of your notification, you can reach the top in the entertainment industry with EngageAsap’ push notification tool.

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