Give Your Kitchen a Dose of Energy with House Plants

All the corners of your house deserve some green love, whether it is a bedroom or bathroom. You can get succulent plants, indoor trees, and other suitable house plants to show your home you care for its health. You can bring a few of them for your kitchen, too, where you spend significant time preparing and cooking meals amidst various chores. You may notice a sudden change in its indoor quality. The place can feel calming and fresh because plants purify the air and break down pollutants.Some studies reveal these are also excellent for creativity. So, if you like to whip up new recipes, these plants can give you some boost.

Do you wonder where to keep them in the kitchen? Since a south-facing window offers plenty of natural light, you can place your plants on that side. Even east and west corners with windows can also be the right choice for this purpose; it is just that plants may not receive much light. Some kitchens may not have windows in sunny locations. If your cooking zone also has this issue, you don’t need to bother yet. Some plants can survive and thrive in less intense light conditions too. You can get them. And kitchens without windows can also afford them. You have to installLED grow lights at the appropriate positions to help small potted plants get their share of sunshine.

Are you worried about the temperature in your workspace? LEDs don’t heat your area as incandescent or halogen bulbs. Hence, it can be safer addition. If your sink countertop has space, you can keep one plant there. Since it tends to be one of the busy nooks of the kitchen, a splash of greenery can make it a little relaxing. And, if you have installed brushed gold kitchen fixtures in that corner, such as a faucet, the combination of green and gold would create an effortless heavenly atmosphere. Anyway, let’s look at different plant options for your kitchen now.

English Ivy

You can hang this green plant near your sink or window where natural light is easily accessible. No matter where you put it, your kitchen will look radiant with fresh energy. Since the leaves of this plant come in various accents, such as whites, blacks, and yellows, you get an opportunity to match it with your décor. For example, if your sink has a golden faucet, you can choose it in any shade. Some people prefer the ivy plant for its air-purifying quality. It can control bacteria, mold, formaldehyde, and other types of pollutants in the kitchen. Nevertheless, you would want to be careful with this choice if you have furry friends in the house. The plant can be toxic for cats and dogs.

Spider Plant

If you don’t want to buy something that requires care and maintenance, you can rely on this plant to serve your needs best. It can flourish in any condition and demands very little attention. You can deck up any corner of your kitchen with this plant, a window that receives plenty of sunlight, a countertop with overhead cabinets, or elsewhere. Occasional watering and trimming can be enough for its growth. Adding this plant can be advantageous for your kitchen on many counts, whether it concerns air purification, odor removal, controlling pollutants, and so on.


Another easy choice can be basil. But it requires sunlight, wet soil, etc. Cold and drafty corners are not favorable for it, though. On the other hand, if you have a south-facing window, you don’t need to look anywhere else. What are the benefits of this plant? Basil can be an excellent addition to your dish for its flavor. Plus, it can also be good for your health. If you buy it from a grocery store, one sprig would cost about $2. So, growing it at home can be more affordable.

Bunny Ear Cactus

Notable for their level fanning shape and misleadingly fluffy looking however disturbing points, Opuntia microdasys looks wonderful yet merits alert during dealing with. In case you’re searching for a low-support prickly plant to upgrade a desert-themed inside, it’s difficult to turn out badly with this one. Give these plants a lot of daylight and water when dry – they’re difficult to get off-base. Think about blending with a stone, sand-shaded, or rural grower.

Pothos Plant

Epipremnum aureum is an overwhelmingly famous houseplant in light of current circumstances. As far as anyone knows, its other epithet of “villain’s ivy” comes from its strength and the insight that it is almost difficult to slaughter. The plants can develop unimaginably long, settling on them an extraordinary decision for suspension from tall roofs. Consider this plant in the event that you need something for low or backhanded light conditions. Water when dry.

Snake Plant

Little light and little water are all that they need. A busy kitchen and a home with kids running here and there cannot afford anything that requires special care and maintenance. But the snake plant doesn’t ask for much. It can decorate a corner without occupying extra room because it tends to be taller and not wider. You can water it once a week or month based on the condition of the soil.

Aloe Vera

Again more appropriate for a kitchen window, this plant loves bright light. It needs watering, but only when the soil has dried. It cannot tolerate a wet environment. Having an aloe vera plant in the kitchen can be beneficial for other reasons as well. You can apply its gel-like substance on minor burns for immediate relief. Due to the anti-inflammatory qualities of the plant, you can witness faster healing.

Aluminum Plant

Nothing can be better than this when it comes to coordinating colors in the kitchen. If you have stainless steel appliances and utensils, the green and metallic silver plant leaves can be the perfect match for them. However, it cannot stay near hot or cold air currents. So keep this plant away from the air conditioner or heater. You don’t have to take special care of this. Please keep it in a hanging basket and let your kitchen décor relish its beauty.

Peace Lily

White spoon-like flowers and bright green leaves adorn this plant. While it can survive in low light conditions, the plant needs direct sunlight to bloom and flourish. It doesn’t need much attention from you as long as its soil is moist.

String of Pearls

What an interesting houseplant! Visitors make certain to remark on the beauty of your wonderful Senecio rowleyanus as its sensitive ringlets of round dots flood its grower. These are incredible for hanging or hanging over a platform, ideally in an area barely out of the scope of direct daylight. Plant in free desert plant soil and be mindful so as to stay away from overwatering for best outcomes.

There is no shortage of choices for kitchen plants. You can explore all the varieties based on your need. For example, a small kitchen may afford only one or two potted plants. However, in a spacious area, you can add more wherever possible. You will need to choose the right plants for every corner to reduce your involvement with them. While it can be good for your well-being to spend time with greenery, your busy schedule can be a hurdle. Therefore, it is better to be selective with them. Anything less demanding in terms of pruning, watering, and others can be suitable in that case.

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