Embedded Analytics and Reporting Software – The New Trend

All businesses and companies are moving to data driven approach which relies on embedded analytics and reporting software. This is because data is now viewed as a valuable commodity that can be analyzed using different BI tools and softwares to get meaningful visualizations and data reports. Data analysts perform detailed data analytics to understand the patterns and trends for the business in recent years. This information can let them understand the worth of their business products in the market and take informed decisions to increase their product sales.

Embedded analytics and reporting software have made it possible for businesses to centralize their data from different sources and store them in a compatible format for easier access and availability. This data can then be utilized by data analyst to create customized reports according to the needs of their business. They can make predictive analysis and inform management who in turn can make the required changes to their structural and strategic plans resulting in greater productivity and improved performance. Embedded analytics also help data analysts to identify and rectify common mistakes or problems that may be resulting in loss of money or decreasing the value of product. This can bring about a turning point for the business if they are able to monitor and analyze their data for optimized performance.

What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded analytics comes into play when you purchase a Business intelligence solution that can be directly embedded into the existing business workflow. This is beneficial is not only combining data from different sources and presenting them in a format that is easily understandable by data analysts but also helps users that are non-technical and do not want the overhead of learning yet another tool.

Providing Business Intelligence in an embedded environment would help data analysts aggregate, organize and structure the business data. Having the data in the desired format would make it easier for the data analyst to create customized data reports or generate multiple dashboards to monitor and analyze the business data.

Once the data is presented in charts and reports, data analysts can perform data analytics and find out the patterns in the recent years. Sometimes, data analysts create ranking reports for the products in the business by assigning a rank to each product. This way they can work on marketing the products with lower rank to make them climb higher in the ranking report.

“Analytics software is uniquely leveraged. Most software can optimize existing processes, but analytics (done right) should generate insights that bring to life whole new initiatives. It should change what you do, not just how you do it.”- Matin Movassate, Founder and CEO at Heap Analytics.

Benefits of Embedded analytics

Improved productivity

Implementing embedded analytics and reporting in your business software would empower data analysts with the latest tools to perform data analysis. It increases business productivity by incorporating operations with analytics. Embedding BI reporting solutions directly into your business software application will provide a chance for end users to work with data directly and prepare customized charts and visualizations for taking long term and short term business decisions.

Less staff training required

If a business goes ahead with embedded analytics and reports than they have the added benefit of familiarity and less burden to train staff on a new software. Many businesses have data analysts and other users that may not be so tech savvy and implementing a standalone solution for business intelligence reporting can create stress among the staff who are already handling multiple tech tools for other purposes. Many embedded softwares like dotnet report builder can be integrated directly into the existing business workflow and adopt the look and feel of the host software. This is reassuring for staff and requires less training while increasing performance and achieving same results a s standalone software.

Pocket friendly

Standalone business intelligence software suites may require both hardware and software integration and separate platform to exhibit their functionality. This can create a big dent in the IT budget of the business. Embedded analytics and reporting software are on the other hand mostly cloud applications that do not require on-site resources and integrates seamlessly into the existing business software. This often results in a more pocket friendly and cost effective solution without any compromise in productivity and functionality.

Data compatibility

Embedded analytics software offers more compatibility as it aggregates data from multiple data sources and stores them in a single, compatible format that is easily accessible and readily available to perform data analytics. Traditional reporting software solutions generally require their own setup on a separate platform and there might be compatibility issues when data is being transferred from different data sources and fed into the reporting software. This can be cumbersome and need maintenance and upgrades on the installed software to ensure compatibility.

Data security

With Embedded reporting software, businesses are assured of secure connections and usage as the software adopts the same security protocols of the existing system at the time of integration. This can make use of data from within the same application more reliable and secure to handle. Also, the user roles and access control is easy to extend to the data reporting software so that only relevant and authorized people can have access to the sensitive data and reports.

Top 5 Best Embedded analytics software

There are many popular and praiseworthy embedded analytics software in the market that are equipped with power packed features to help data analysts perform data analysis and identify actionable areas for improving the overall productivity of the business.

“Use analytics to make decisions. I always thought you needed a clear answer before you made a decision and the thing that he taught me was [that] you’ve got to use analytics directionally…and never worry whether they are 100% sure. Just try to get them to point you in the right direction.” – Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass and Co-founder of Netflix.

Here we are going to enumerate the features and functionality of a few embedded business intelligence software to get data team started and help them choose the software best suited to their business needs.


Sisense is a cloud based embedded analytic software solution that is powered by in-chip engine. Using sisense data analysts can get answers and meaningful visualizations from complex data from multiple data sources. It can be setup easily using the single stack technology providing a single complete tool for data analysis.

  • Fuse your data and strategy together
  • Connect data from anywhere
  • Analyze and explore data, with or without code
  • Augment with machine-learning
  • Infuse intelligence everywhere


Jreport or Java Report provides embedded business intelligence and visual analysis for their users. Having options to create visual rich visualizations and drag and drop feature, Jreport can help data analysts to perform data analysis with ease and boost productivity and performance of their business products.

Dotnet report builder

Dotnet report builder is an embedded reporting solution for asp.net developers. Dotnet report provides feature rich solution for big and small businesses. It can be easily integrated with existing business software to generate customized reports and dashboards with multiple reports. The software provides users with unique experience and ease of use by adopting the look and feel of the existing database software.

SAP Crystal report

SAP crystal report is a business analytic software that can aggregate data from multiple sources and allow users to create dynamic and powerful data reports and visuals. Its connectivity feature lets the software gather information spread across the organization and make is easily accessible from one point.

  • Deliver a flexible report design platform for advanced users
  • Efficiently share your business data
  • Access your business data
  • Release Highlights


Izenda is a cloud based embedded analytic application that provides data analysis tools like charts and reports as well as data driven dashboards for their users. It is a Software as a service (SaaS) tool that can be easily deployed and give users easy access to their powerful features from any device.

  • Self-Service Reporting
  • Striking Visualizations
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Responsive Design
  • Integrated Security
  • Seamless Integration

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