Dynamics 365 Business Central Vs GP

With the onset of digital disruption, the way different businesses tend to operate is changing is as well. In order to keep it up with the ever-changing landscape of the business, Microsoft came up with different business management software solutions that most companies these days are using. Microsoft today includes different solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, NAV, Finance and Operations, and so much more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is definitely one of the best options that the companies are using. When it comes to the uses of Business Central, the business organizations are using this software solution in order to properly integrate the business processes as well as the customer engagement options for the best benefits. Not to mention that this software also assists with proper decisions making. Best of all, the Business Central software is properly hosted on the Cloud and hence has other benefits such as performance, unparalleled security, as well as reliability.

So, at the end of the day, it can be said that Dynamics 365 Business Central not only helps in improving the overall productivity of the company but also ensures that all processes are completed in an efficient manner.

Comparison Between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Business Central

There are different accounting and business management solutions that are offered to the users due to Microsoft. However, the two software options that are constantly clashing would be Dynamics GP and Business Central. While both of these solutions tend to share a pretty distinct code base, there are some differences for sure. Apart from that, these software options also tend to have very few functionality-related similarities as well.

Dynamics Business Central and GP, both tend to provide support to proper Fixed Asset Management functions of the company. Also, these software solutions also help in segmenting the structure of the General Ledger Account. But Business Central tends to be way ahead of the game when compared to GP. There are forecasting and reporting benefits that are included in Business Central that make it a more efficient option for businesses these days.

Dynamics GP

With the help of Dynamics GP, you will be provided with the flexibility that you require in order to pick the right solution that is perfectly suited for the business needs that you might have. With the GP package, your company will be provided with other benefits such as different licensing plans. The variations of the plans include perpetual licensing, on-premise hosting, subscription licensing, and so much more.

Sometimes, you might also be lucky enough to find combinations of the different types of packages and services. Furthermore, with Dynamics GP, you will be offered different ISV add-ons. These are actually capable of extending the system’s functionality in the best way and hence are very helpful systems for sure. Dynamics GP is also perfect for different processes that include service management, human resources, manufacturing, payroll, and much more. However, some of the users of the Dynamics GP software have actually reported some challenges in the operations for sure.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

For those who are new to the world of business management and accounting solution, Business Central is definitely the rage now. It is one of the latest and most reliable accounting and business management tools that companies are constantly using these days. The functionalities are pretty much the same as GP, but there are some differences as well. One of the most important reasons why Business Central is considered to be a better option than Microsoft Dynamics GP is that it is hosted on Cloud. There is also an on-premise hosting service available with Business Central. Since it is a cloud-based system, the security measures in this system are definitely top-notch.

Not to mention that there are other integrations provided along with Business Central that make it the best. Integrations to other Microsoft tools such as Power BI, Excel, and Power Apps are definitely one of the main reasons why people tend to choose this system over Dynamics GP.

Another one of the most impressive features of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is the licensing model that it has. The model chosen for the Licensing is completely SaaS and nothing else. Hence, what this means is that the accounting solution will be hosted on Microsoft Azure without any particular difficulty. All you have to do is go for the subscription plan and you will be all set. Not to mention that users also don’t have to worry about different maintenance and server-related issues that need patching up or upgrading.

Capabilities of Remote Work in Business Central and Dynamics GP

Both Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics GP tend to have different capabilities of remote work. This can be useful when you have to manage the ERP solutions from different locations for sure. In case you have an on-premise option of deployment on the ERPs, you will be able to set the business team for some remote work in the best way. In case the cloud deployment option is enabled, it will be much easier and quicker to get everything started on Business Central. However, that doesn’t mean that GP will be lagging behind.

What Should One Choose: GP Or Business Central?

When it comes to choosing the software system that businesses use, there is no correct way to say which one will be more beneficial for the business. The truth of the matter here is that it actually depends on the type of business and the goals plus requirements that the company has which will decide what software is better suitable for them in the first place.

Most companies these days are choosing Business Central due to the ease-of-use benefits that the software has. Apart from that, all the important integrations as well as the features of forecasting and reporting that are included in Business Central definitely make it a reliable choice for the companies. Also, with the help of the Dynamics Square implementation services, companies find it very easy to install the software option of Business Central and start their work without any difficulties for sure.

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