Crypto & NFT Community Building: Developing Social Media Strategies That Drive Brand Growth

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. For modern brands, community is everything, and social media connects brands with customers on a personal level.

While this can be valuable for all brands, it’s more important for cryptocurrency and NFT brands. These projects require communities to see success, and that’s difficult to do without the help of social media.

If building a social media community seems intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. A few small steps is all it takes to start and build a community that grows your brand.

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How to Grow a Community: Target Your Ideal User

The ideal Crypto & NFT user can range across different interests ranging from culture and art, to finance and gaming. As a project creator, you need to profile who that is and get very specific at the kind of language they gravitate towards, as well as other projects they follow. Different communities can range from the DogeCoin degen crowd, to more elite Bored Ape Yacht Club holders.

Focusing on the target users is essential when building crypto and NFT communities because it creates a more engaged and active community, and it delivers tailored experiences according to their needs and interests.

You’re also more likely to attract new users who fit the target demographic if you start with that audience in mind. People are more likely to become part of communities that have members with similar interests and characteristics, as well as unique language.

But before you can identify your target users, you have to understand your brand and how it’s perceived by customers. Once you know these vital details, you can identify the users that would be most interested in your products or services.

In cryptocurrency and NFT spaces, it’s especially important to have a defined brand identity. These industries are new, so there needs to be clarity around your brand to resonate with customers. This also differentiates you from your competitors.

How to Get More Users: Build a Network of Brand Ambassadors

Crypto and NFT projects often fail if they don’t have strong communities from the start. They don’t get the traction they need, ultimately going under. One of the fastest ways to bootstrap a community in Crypto & NFTs is to find brand ambassadors that already have loyal followers.

This can range from technical developers and artists to content creators and lifestyle influencers.

Those that can harness the power of influencers can see massive growth, however. If you want to launch a successful project, building a network of influencers and ambassadors, who can then help with building a community, should be a top concern.

There’s a lot of competition in this market. New projects are popping up every day, fighting for the attention of the customers – and some of them are backed by huge celebrity names. If you want to get noticed, you need influencers and brand ambassadors that already have dedicated audiences.

For example, the Ethereum community focuses on crypto developers while expanding its network, while Axie Infinity focuses on gamers – the target user. Building a network of influencers and ambassadors in this space helped both brands grow astronomically.

Another benefit of influencers and ambassadors is that they can shape the identity of your community. When you select influencers that align with your brand values, you’re ensuring that your community will have shared interests and values.

How to Go Viral: Design a Referral System

All industries benefit from referral systems, but it’s crucial to growth in the crypto and NFT space. Social proof assures other customers that the product or service is worth the investment, and with new projects launching every day (not to mention scams), social proof is critical to success and trust.

The best part is that referral systems tap into the existing user base and get them to reach new users. You offer an incentive for your existing users to share the project within their own social networks, quickly growing your community with a wider audience.

Popular Web2 referral platforms to use include Gleam. As of now, there is not a popular Web3 referral system.

Designing a referral system is more than just offering an incentive, however. You need a project with solid tokenomics and incentives that encourage users to participate.

How to Design Your Tokenomics: Build for Sustainability

Tokenomics is the economic model that underlies cryptocurrency and NFT projects. This determines how the value is created, distributed, and exchanged within a community. It’s up to you to create a system that’s engaging and appealing to users, otherwise they have no incentive to get on board.

Along with offering rewards to users, it’s essential to incentivize newly referred users for joining. They may see value on their own, but offering an incentive encourages them to join faster and start participating. You can offer rewards that can be redeemed once as the user hits a milestone, such as completing the onboarding process or making a purchase. You could also offer bonuses when they sign up with a referral code.

How to Rank with Crypto & NFT SEO: Keep Content Relevant and Consistent

Content is king, especially with crypto or NFTs, since that helps to build brand exposure and attract users to the community. You can either write well thought out leadership or do sh*t posting.

When people visit a website or social media account, they seek information. They want to know what’s new in the crypto or NFT industries, what’s happening with your project, and other updates from you as a reliable source. If you regularly provide news, insights, and updates, they’ll want to come to you for information first, growing your community. You also want to highlight your team members and what makes you unique.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of information to cover. You can discuss technical analysis, trends, news updates, and more, as long as it’s within a defined niche that interests your audience. As you build expertise in one area, you’ll become the go-to source for information.

Avoid the urge to post anything related to crypto and NFTs, however. This is a big universe, so it’s important to be selective about your sources and the information you share. Make sure it’s reputable and accurate, so you can display credibility. The last thing you want is to lose trust and credibility.

Be sure to post regularly and often. Over time, your audience will come to expect new content from you and will come back for more. If you post a lot at once, then disappear, you’re likely to lose your audience to other sources. That said, don’t post for the sake of it – everything has to be quality.

How to Work With Crypto and NFT Influencers: Vet Each One Individually

Not all influencers are equal. You have to do your due diligence before you partner with any influencer, no matter how famous. Check the influencer’s performance and track records, take a look at how engaged their followers are, and watch for inflated metrics from spam accounts or fake followers.

Partnering with the right influencer can boost your brand awareness and trust, but working with the wrong influencer can have just as much of an impact. If your influencer doesn’t have your brand and community’s best interests in mind, you could end up with displeased followers, a damaged reputation, and more obstacles to overcome to regain the traction you lost.

Well-respected influencers have a track record of being transparent and trustworthy. They also have a deep understanding of the crypto and NFT industry, what users are looking for, and what projects will be of greatest value to them. When you partner with these influencers, you can ensure that you’re putting your brand and community in a position to succeed.

How do you Build an NFT Community: Focus on Genuine Connections

The trend with all of these steps is connecting the brand with the community. Building a community that helps your crypto or NFT project succeed takes time, effort, and dedication, but it’s worth it. Having a community to rally around your project can accelerate and scale it to new heights, rather than leaving it stagnant. Contact an NFT Community Building Marketing Agency such as Crowdcreate if you have questions.

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