Top 5 Best Employee Referral Software Solutions

When we get into the employment fields, we stand a better chance of recruiting others into the field. As long as you are in the field, you could introduce your talented friends, relatives and also your former study mates. Employees hence can get in touch with other potential employers through various means which could include the use of the Internet and mostly the social network. Recruiting other employees for the company you serve puts you on the safer side as in most cases such employees could be eligible for various privileges which could even include bonuses. To make the recruitment much easier, employment referral programs came into place. But, what is employee referral software and how is it used?

Tips on Hiring More Employees for Your Company

Employee referral software is an avenue of getting more workforces that most of the current employers are using. Employee referral program is hence basically a method through which the current employees working for various companies are encouraged and also rewarded for the good job done in the introduction of potential and suitable recruits out of the people whom they know and also whom they are related to. But, how best could we understand what is employee referral software and how is it used? Let us seek to hence understand what employee referrals do as a means of internal recruitment carried out by many organizations to identify their potential candidates from their current employees.

Employment referrals have an advantageous role to play to the growth of the company as the staff will save much time on having to advertise for available vacancies then wait for more time for their turn out. To the employees referrals increases their earnings as they are worth rewards. It is a cost effective method and therefore employees are always encouraged to do it from the various social network sites. Referrals also carry advantageous value to the current employees as they are likely to be retained even much longer due to the good impression of trust and dependability they portray.

There are various specialized jobs that need knowledge of potential candidates. This is hence not a do alone job for the organization. Therefore, what is employee referral software and how is it used? In this case, referrals become the most dependable channels of recruiting potential employees as such jobs need not to be assigned candidates through the traditional methods of recruitment. Who ever wishes to be left out in the job opportunities? As a result, ordinary recruitment portals might pick on someone just because of how he or she expressed the qualifications on paper. However, sometimes qualifications are never synonymous to performance, as a result, employee referral software work best in such cases.

It is mostly argued that employment referrals should be channeled to social media. Most of the companies are hence investing much on referrals through networks such as LinkedIn, top prospect among others. All this is in pursuit of getting employee referral software work faster and effectively.

The prosperity of any given company relies much on the workforce. The more diligent workforce you have the better the results. It might become hard for some individuals to understand what is employee referral and how is it used? However, understanding this is much easier. All you have to do is take statistics on some known companies which use ordinary recruitment portal and those who use referrals. May be others could argue out that referrals could be out of the malicious intend of the current employees. However, this is not the case. Much as an employee could make referrals from even family members and close friends, they can never introduce non performing individuals as they are awarded for the same and therefore they do everything to the perfection. After all who will ever wish to appreciate you for having done work that does not bring satisfaction?

The big question has always been what is employee referral software and how is it used? The big answer therefore is, it is a channel through which the current employees have an opportunity to introduce efficient workforce. It is used by most organizations to save on the cost incurred during the employment of the traditional recruitment protocol. Employees therefore use the referrals to improve the performance potential of the company they serve.

Top 5 Employee Referral Software Solutions


Automate, communicate and incentivize your employee referral program.

  • Use Google Cloud Job Discovery to provide more relevant search results
  • A dedicated employee referral portal to increase participation in your program
  • Automate how your referral program incentives are managed
  • Increase transparency for employees and recruiters with proactive referral tracking notifications
  • Keep employees engaged with referral campaigns and gamification
  • Leverage mobile to reach employees when they are ready to refer
  • Make better decisions about your program with dedicated referral analytics


With Firstbird, employees become brand ambassadors and referrals become your most successful recruiting channel.

  • Your employees’ become genuine brand ambassadors for your brand on social networks
  • Multiply the reach of your job ads actively and free of charge through your employees’ social networks, instead of waiting on static job ads
  • Tapping into your employees’ networks means accessing the passive labor market, enabling you to reach previously inaccessible top candidates


ERIN engages your entire staff to be active participants in your recruitment efforts, allowing employees to make referrals from anywhere, at any time.

  • Real Time Recruitment
  • You Already Know Your Next Hire
  • Branding, ATS & Social Integrations
  • Streamlined Referrals
  • Higher Quality Candidates


With Teamable, your employee referral program can make up 40% of your hiring pipeline.

  • Employees Connect their Public Networks
  • Recruiters Gain Access to a 10x Talent Pool
  • Employees Message Connections with 2 Clicks
  • Hire, Track, and Reward!


Yello’s talent acquisition software and recruitment CRM is used by Fortune 500 companies to attract and nurture top talent from hello to hire.

  • Fill positions faster by converting fragmented processes into a valuable employee referral program
  • Reduce cost-to-hire with a simple, proactive alternative to sourcing every hire from scratch
  • Ensure compliance globally with referrals that work seamlessly with your platforms

How Employee Referral Software can help Land you a New Job

The competition for jobs has become harder as more and more graduates are churned out by universities worldwide. This means that your chances of getting a job that you love are quite low, especially if you limit your methods of finding work. It is therefore important for you to think outside the box if you want to stand out among the competition.

Using Referral Software to Land a New Job

One of the ways you can do just that is to take advantage of the employee referral software. These software tools have become popular among organizations looking to find the right labor force in the most efficient manner possible.

The employee referral software is usually a program that is embedded within social networking platforms as well as personal websites that belong to employees of these organizations. These tools usually make use of links that can uniquely identify each employee that owns it. Organizations looking for the right employees to fill in their job vacancies then offer incentives to their current employees in order to reward them for the best referrals made. This allows them to fill in those vacant positions at the minimum possible costs, while enabling their most perceptive employees earn additional money.

In order for you to position yourself in the best place to obtain a job through the employee referral software, then you have to go where these tools can be found. Certain special networking platforms that employ this kind of programs exist. It is up to you to find them. Other social networking platforms and personal websites may not have this program as part of their core functions but they have the tools embedded within them. For those that do not, you can always download the most compatible app of this kind, and then use it for recruitment purposes.

In order to access all the functionalities of employee referral software, you need to open an account in the social media platforms or websites you have selected. To maximize your chances of being hired, it is important to open more than one account.

Before you embark on other activities you need to do to start getting job offers, you should ensure that all your profile information is accurate and presents you in a good light. You should have a professionally written CV together with good cover letter. The information you provide can make or break your chances of nailing that job you want so much.

Also, ensure that you avoid putting pictures of you in compromising situations. These pictures may be fun for your friends to see, but among the professional crowd, they make you look unserious. Research shows that too often, employers first access information of potential employees from social media platforms before making a decision on whether to hire or not hire them. Compromising images of you will therefore, prevent you from getting a job you may be qualified for.

Ensure you aggressively network among people who have the same areas of interest as you do. When it comes to employee referral software it is a matter of who you know and not merely how qualified you are. The networks you form will determine if your get a job or not. If job vacancies are available within an organization employing some of the people within your network, it will be in their best interest to refer you there so that both of you benefit. You will get the job you always wanted, and the employee gets a bonus for work well done.

Always behave with courtesy online. You should consider any social media platform or website that utilizes the recruitment programs as a battleground. If you perpetually pick fights with people within your network, you will gain a reputation for being difficult. No one will refer someone whom he or she consider hard to get along with.

Ensure you participate actively in discussions that involve the areas of interest you have. If you want to display you range of how knowledgeable you are, then this is your chance. People who use employee referral software will be on the lookout for who is best suited for the job vacancies within their organizations. If you do not display how qualified you are, then your completion will and that translates into a lost job opportunity for you. God helps those who help themselves, after all.

How you can use Social Media with Employee Referral Software to Promote your Skills

The rise and rise of social media as a means of communicating on a global level has led to revolution in the business world. No longer is it business as usual for most tech savvy companies as everyone scrambles to get the best labor force in the market today. Any organization that dares ignore this online phenomenon will be left behind. This too, applies to any employee looking to enhance their skills and advance up the career ladder.

Promoting Skills with Social Media Plus Employee Referral Software

Employee referral software is an online tool that can be embedded on social media sites of organizational employees, in order to aid them in advertising job vacancies within their places of work. The low cost recruitment method enables the companies in question to save money and raise their bottom line. Such programs rely heavily on incentives thus raising the level of competition when it comes to getting the right kind of employee to fill the vacant positions.

If you are a potential job seeker who wants to utilize social media sites that feature employee referral software, your first step is to join a social media platforms. However, you will be better off opening an account on several major social media websites. This enables you to enhance your chances of getting the job you desire.

Many some social media sites come with the employee referral software attached, but others may require you to download the app yourself. You should spend time online researching on the best tracking and recruiting tools available, because they will come in handy. You have to take an active part in promoting yourself, in order to get someone who will help you out.

Be honest when describing who you are. People who use these recruitment programs are on a serious quest to find the right employees for their company. Ensure you use images that show you are serious. Never put pictures of that show you misbehaving on social media sites if you are looking for a job. You will make a bad first impression no matter how skilled you are. That is a job opportunity gone; and you will never get back.

A resume can make or break your chances of getting that dream job you have been angling for. If you have no idea of how to go about writing one on your own, ensure you get the expert services of a professional writer to help you out. Both your resume and your cover letter should be of the highest quality possible. Remember that millions of people are in the same position you are in; they are the competition.

When using social media embedded with employee referral software, it is all about whom you know. You should embark on aggressive networking in order to make connections that will help you in the future. Try to establish contact with people who work for organizations where your interests lie. Even if there are no job vacancies within their place of employment, they might know of other job openings within the industry. Be polite and never pick fights with people online. This makes you look unprofessional and may cost you a great job opportunity.

While it is important for you to take advantage of the employee referral software to get employed, you should always be cautious in making divisive judgments online. If you speak of certain brands in a negative tone or manner, be sure you are not interested in working for the parent companies ever. Some of its employees may take offense and instead of recommending you for the job available, they will blacklist you in all the social media sites you share. As a you may never be able to obtain work using this method, because such news spreads online like wildfire and is there for everyone to see.

You have to broadcast your skills to everyone within your network. This enables them gain some insight on what you know and have the ability to do. Ensure you maintain balance between promoting your skills and remaining humble. No one likes working with an obnoxious person. Contribute on all social sites that are known to utilize employee referral software. Try to do a lot of research on the topic under discussion to avoid seeming ignorant. The more prepared you are, the higher your chances of being recommended to organizations that you would like to work in.

What Role Does Employee Referral Software Play in Securing a New Job?

Looking for people who are qualified to do certain jobs can be a challenge. It is important for a company to have the right people. Employees are the biggest asset of any company because they are can make or break the success of the business. There are many methods that companies use in order to get the best people around such as employee referral programs and software.

The Role of Employee Referral Software and Programs

Through the use of employee referral software, employees can refer people who are fit for the job postings in the company. Most companies offer commissions to those who can refer applicants that qualify for urgent vacancies. New jobs are secured through the use of employee referral software as recruiters input the employee number of the person who referred an applicant. If a certain post has already been filled by a referral, there is no need to hunt for somebody else so companies can estimate how many vacancies are left and how many posts have already been filled by referrals. If a referred applicant is able to pass the interviews and exams, a position is secured in the employee referral software and the referee may get an incentive.

Advantages of Employee Referral

Most advertising methods are costly no matter how big or small they are. Through employee referral software and programs, companies are able to save on advertising costs. As employees spread the news to their friends and relatives, there is no need to pay huge amounts of cash just to let people know that a certain company is looking for potential staff. Another advantage is that recruiters are more confident that they are interviewing the best people around if they are referred by employees since they know what the company standards are.

Faster Turnaround Time

If there are more employees working for a company, assignments can be finished faster which can make clients happy. Through employee referral programs, companies are able to fill positions in no time compared to just relying on advertisements. Imagine how much time and effort can be saved if a hundred employees refer one applicant each.

Less Expectation

According to survey, applicants referred by employees have fewer expectations than those who have walked-in. This is because most of the referred applicants have already been briefed by the employees regarding workload, environment, schedule and compensation. Through this, applicants who are not satisfied with the company’s benefits are filtered out so recruiters do not need to waste time on people who cannot pursue with the offer.


Some employee referral programs do not work well when the management and employees do not meet expectations. For instance, if the employee thinks that the company will provide a certain amount of money which the company is unable to provide, the employee may feel disheartened on how the company values their people. On the other hand, a company may also lose profit if the referred applicant passes the interview and gets the job then the employee receives the incentive and resigns.

In some cases, applicants who fail interviews file lawsuits against recruiters. There are instances when an applicant may get an impression of discrimination when the person who referred him or her is not well-liked by the company. He or she may feel judged according to his or her referrer’s qualities and not because of his or her capabilities.

How to Make Employee Referral Software and Programs Effective

In order to make an employee referral program work, the company should know what enticements are preferred by their employees. According to research, almost 80 percent of employees prefer monetary incentives. Some companies offer multiple incentives if the referred applicants get hired and stay in the company for a certain period of time. This makes it a win-win-win situation for the company, the applicant and the employee.

Overall, there are pros and cons when using employee referral software and programs so it is important to plan well before taking any action. In order to avoid wasting time and effort on people who lack knowledge and skills needed for the vacant positions, it is best to make it clear what qualities are needed for each post so employees can reiterate well to their friends and relatives what standards the company has.

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