Best Task Management Software to Manage Tasks

Task management is vital for any company, team, or individual, to fulfil their responsibilities and be successful in the business world. It’s especially important when you consider that the human mind can only hold three to four things at one point in time. So, in a busy workplace filled with endless to-dos and multitasking, we’re dependent on software to keep us organized and on track.

The problem is that there are so many tools available to help manage tasks that it can get complicated as you try to choose the right one. Online research doesn’t help much, because there are so many resources and websites out there that give you information on these tools. The options are simply overwhelming.

However, with this short post, we aim to solve this problem by giving you the top six task management tools available that can help you manage your responsibilities, prioritize, and better manage your workday. This list will help you select software and get back to accomplishing what matters most.

Before looking at this list, we’ll explain what is task management and what the benefits of using task management software are.

“It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less.” –Nathan W. Morris

What is task management?

People often confuse the terms task management and project management. While there are certain similarities and overlapping characteristics between these two terms, they actually refer to two separate business processes.

While project management requires a team effort to plan and complete a project successfully, task management is monitoring a task from end to end. Projects sometimes consist of a variety of tasks to be completed at the individual level, however, task management can refer to daily to-do lists, responsibilities, priority items, and more.

In this sense, task management can be a subset of project management that requires a set of interrelated tasks to be completed by different people in order to successfully complete the project, or, it can simply be an individual’s personal management of their responsibilities.

In both cases, amazing task management software is vital for success. Whether collaborating as a team or working independently, basic features can make managing tasks even easier.

For example:

  • The creation, updating, and assigning of tasks
  • The setting of due dates
  • Receiving notifications about important updates
  • Adding comments in tasks to aid in collaboration
  • Adding tags or labels to make organizing tasks easier
  • Attaching files to tasks

In addition, some task management tools offer more advanced features including interactive kanban boards, automating recurring tasks, subtasks, email integration, and many more useful features.

What are the benefits of task management software?

Considering the features of task management software, it’s easy to see how it can offer users amazing benefits that transform the way they accomplish tasks.

These benefits include:

  • Managing tasks from a single place. Task management software keeps all your items in one location, creating a single platform where you can save, update, and manage all activities. This keeps you effortlessly organized.
  • Prioritizing tasks with ease. Task management software lets you seamlessly shift your focus to the most important tasks. This can help you better manage your time, and ensures that you don’t get caught up in busywork.
  • Accessing data from anywhere, at any time. Software platforms connected to the cloud give you unlimited access to your data no matter where you are. Some software even offers an app for easier access to what you need to succeed.
  • Tracking tasks without any confusion. With an overview of all your tasks on one platform, tracking progress is simple and uncomplicated. You can see all your responsibilities, all in one place, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Boosting productivity. With simplified task tracking, you always know what needs to be done and by whom. This means more time is spent on the execution of the tasks, and less on scrambling to figure out who is responsible.
  • Making task delegation easier. Task management software makes it easier to delegate tasks and monitor the process without having to coordinate in endless meetings or sift through an email chain for a simple update.
  • Improving team collaboration. Because everyone can see the tasks at hand and their progress, it makes it easier for a team to communicate and collaborate on these tasks. Problems are apparent, and solving them is simplified!
  • Tracking time spent on projects. Project task management software allows you to monitor the time used on each task which, in turn, allows you to track and assess the productivity of anyone on a team.
  • Distributing the workload. With task management software, you can break up a project into smaller tasks that can be distributed among a team and track their progress. Work is completed swiftly and accountability is built-in!

What is the best task management software?

It’s difficult to say what the best task management software is because every organization, department, and even every project can have unique requirements. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top task management software. With these agile and adaptable options, your company can create the task platform that works best for your team! tasks module is completely customizable and allows you to create collaborative workspaces tailored to your specific workflows or departments. You can also integrate your tasks with OKR, the gold-standard framework for goal-setting so your day-to-day tasks are aligned with your larger quarterly goals of the organization.


Monday is a great task management tool that provides a simple and intuitive layout that makes the sequence of work clearer. Its customization options allow you to configure it to your project timelines and schedules.


Kintone allows you to track, prioritize, and review your team’s tasks for any project workflow. Its customization options allow you to tailor the task management solution to your workflow to make managing and reviewing tasks easier.


With its simple interface, Wrike is highly configurable and allows you to customize workflows, dashboards, reports, and request forms. It also offers a number of templates that you can use to set up the platform easily.


As the name suggests, Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-like task management tool that enables you to schedule and track tasks. It also allows you to highlight all tasks that impact your project completion date so you can stay on top of important milestones.


Ayoa is an all-in-one task management solution for teams to brainstorm ideas, work together, and get projects done successfully. It’s highly customizable and provides teams with full visibility into tasks and projects.

Final Thoughts

Task management is a vital part of any business, and having the right task management software can create a world of difference between timely and successful processes, and stressful, rushed projects.

These task management tools are the top options for teams looking to customize their software to their organization’s exact needs and get the most out of their platform to eliminate unnecessary communication and confusion. Task management software makes completing projects more efficient, and can boost your team’s productivity. And that isn’t all. Task Management software could also link you to other critical areas like goal setting, performance apart from being a part of project management. Go on and choose yours.

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