All You Need to Know About Windows 7

Windows 7 entered the genre in October 2009. It was with us for more than a decade. But last January, we saw that Windows 7 retired. It was an indirect push for Windows 7 users to become the Windows `10 user. It is not that after 14th January 2020, Windows 7 will not work. Windows 7 will work but Microsoft will not offer the security patches after 14th January 2020. At this time, choosing Windows 10 may seem the sensible choice but there are some users who did not follow this way and stick to Windows 7. Maybe they like the ‘no forced Bing integration, no Cortana, no invasive telemetry’ nature of Windows 7.

Is Windows 7 still work?

Windows will work normally just like the days before 14th January 2020. In the same way. Windows XP has been running today. After 14h January, we at Vyrazu Labs, have seen that Windows 7 was working normally but we got a notice and the notice says ‘your Windows 7 PC is out of support’. After that, you can normally use the PC and do your work. But you have to remember that there is no security from Microsoft. So, if you continue to use Windows 7, it will be quite risky. In order to keep the entire regime safe and secure, you have to install additional security software and follow other ways to keep your PC safe. And without any doubt, all these are going to add a headache. Even after having security software, you will feel insecure as there is no support from reliable Microsoft.

So what are the changes here?

Some people are thinking that when Windows 7 is still working then what are the changes here! Maybe the look of Windows 7 has not changed but there is no security also from Microsoft. In a simpler tone, we can say that Windows 7 will no get any security patches from Microsoft. Windows 7,8, 10, XP, Vista are created on the same underlying architecture. But recently, some security holes have been spotted in all the recent versions of Windows. In order to conceal these holes and to keep all these versions secure, Microsoft used to provide security patches but from now those will be only applied on Windows 10 and 8. So, Windows 7 will have a security hole, it will not get patches from Microsoft and as a result, using Windows 7 will be risky. We have already seen that a lot of web browsers and software tools have disabled support for Windows XP in their current version. And we can say that Windows 7 is also going to face the same situation very soon. According to Google, it will support Chrome on Windows 7 until July 15th, 2021.

Anyways to get those security patches?

We can say that Windows 7 did not say BYE to us completely. It is still there. But for common users, there will not be any security patches. But Microsoft will offer extended security updates for government and business organizations. And for that those organizations may need to pay some fees. According to experts, the fee is designed to encourage those organizations to go for the upgrade. If you an amateur or a home user, there is no way for you to pay some fees and get some security patches. You are not alone, a lot of people have asked for the same but Microsoft has decided to give this facility only to organizations.

We can say that if any dangerous security hole is found, Microsoft may patch it to solve the problem. We have seen that Microsoft has released a patch for the poor security hole in the Windows XP last year. But this patch was not delivered via Windows update and users need to manage it in another way. Yet there are some Windows XP systems that are still vulnerable. And the same future or fate, the Windows 7 users are going to face in the near future days.

Is it something really dangerous?

It can be dangerous, it cannot be dangerous! Actually, it depends! It may not be that much risk if you are using it in the month of January 2020. But in the month of December 2020, it can be dangerous. I mean by this 10-11 months, attackers will be able to know all the security holes of this version. Along with this, lots of browsers, as well as software applications, will instantly stop supporting this operating system. Your work will get stuck using the outdated browser and this can be dangerous. You may know that if you do not have browser security patches, a harmful website can affect your system after you open a web page.

You know that the Internet is getting filled with sophisticated attacks on a regular basis. And that’s why it will be better if you choose an up-to-date software along with the latest security patches. So, stop loving Windows 7 and it is the time to go for an upgrade.

What if Windows 7 returns with the 2020 edition

If Windows 7 returns with the 2020 edition, it may have an all-new start menu, a compact action center, and Fluentmorphism. Fluentmorphism is a new design language. The look of this operating system may also get changed by using accent colors. And we can expect a new dark mode too. The 2020 update can also include file explorer, adding tabs, and a new tablet mode. The entire regime will be better if the update includes consistent design and animations.

Security-only update: 11th February 2020

In the month of February 2020, we got a security-only update for Windows 7. This update includes a set of quality improvements such as;

Security updates to

  • Microsoft Graphics component
  • Windows input and composition
  • Media and Shell
  • Windows fundamentals
  • Cryptography
  • Windows core networking
  • Windows Hyper-V
  • Network security and Containers
  • Windows Peripherals
  • Storage and file system
  • Windows server

If you still have a Windows 7 PC, what should you do now?

It will be best if you move on from the Windows 7 version and go for an upgrade. In order to do that, you have to install a new operating system or you can also but a new personal computer. If you wish to use your current PC then the below ways will help you to enable an upgrade:

  1. Upgrade to Windows 10 version. You can have this upgrade even without paying a single buck. Maybe Microsoft is not advertising the free upgrade now but still, you can get it. If you have a legitimate and activated Windows 7 or 8 system installed in your PC, you can upgrade your PC to Windows 10 free of cost. If the free offer expires, you just have to pay some bucks and you will get a more secure version of Windows.
  2. You can install Linux on your PC. If you do not want to go for Windows 10, you can easily go for Linux operating system. It is not only a free option but also supports most of the modern web browsers such as Chrome, Google, Firefox, and so on. Linux will also offer free and time-to-time updates to keep your PC system more secure.

Lastly, as the best software development company in India, we can say that using an outdated OS is not a smart thing otherwise it can bring a lot of security threats. When you have the option to upgrade rightly, you should not risk your PC system and your work.

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