Actual Web Design Trends

2021 is already here, so what’s web designing is about today? Exploring current popular techniques shall help us to predict the nearest UX/UI design future to build advanced online solutions to respond to the users’ needs. So, let’s see what online designing tendencies are sought after and up to date.

# Oversized components

This year we’ll see massive typography and giant UX/UI elements. Such instruments are applied to ensure simpler and faster communication. Furthermore, the approach could be used for functional purposes, as well as for decorative ones.

The mentioned online design tendency serves for:

  • Building a stronger design by providing robust conceptual messages;
  • Placing needed visual accents;
  • Channeling users’ attention due to emphasizing the right content.

The combination of huge typography and animated effects will add dynamism to a platform, making it memorable. However, always remember the golden rule: when having enormous design and typography items, all other pieces of content must be standard-sized.

# Vivid 3D models

No one would be surprised to see three-dimensional models as part of the interface, but in 2020 they’re more popular than ever. Nowadays, you can find multiple frameworks to build 3D content, and such technologies together with diverse patterns or shapes will make an online solution look attractive and exciting.

Be prepared to see more 3D content this year, for instance:

  • Statical 3D objects having clear lines;
  • Interactive three-dimensional design;
  • 3D animations initiating dialogues with users;
  • Real-looking three-dimensional rendering.

For instance, in the eCommerce industry, the 3D design could create a stunning volume effect, applicable particularly for catalog pages.

# Massive color units, as well as modernistic colors

When building product design in 2020 make sure you take advantage of various fluorescence and modernistic colors. The idea is to use them in a special way – to frame the content as you need, a page has to be vividly divided into huge clusters making clear geometric forms.

Those clusters could be color-coded and resized to visually present a precise hierarchy. The approach is to replace gradients & flat designing patterns. That’s when simple and spectacular things come together.

# Grids & cells

Such a technique is about being simple and straightforward when we get rid of all unnecessary visual effects that only divert attention from the most important objects of the screen.

Those windows and grid might also have functional purposes: they serve to divide the content into logic pieces in order to focus visitors’ attention on the most critical units.

# Changing color scale

Referring to this year’s online design trends, we can’t fail to allude to variable color patterns, especially in branding. Dropbox and Facebook belong to those who enjoy the tendency in question.

It’s the right time to quit limiting yourself by applying only one single color. Spotify and other market sharks are courageous enough to design harmonic pictures and create a comprehensive synergy with the background. Feel free to refresh the colors of your logo, for instance, in case of specific environmental changes.

That’s what an adaptive technique means. It helps a brand to turn vivid and to communicate with its clients at a completely new, meaning greater level.

# Inimitable illustrating

Why not interact with your audience by means of one-of-a-kind pictures and images? Think through some impressive conceptual approaches and ingenious art projects to fascinate your visitors.

There are no limitations regarding pictures’ sizes or styles. Illustrations must serve for capturing users’ attention, while not affecting critical points, say, web resource’s functionalities. Wisely arranged pictures will demonstrate any data making it alive and exciting.

What could be applied as unique art compositions?

  • Personalized characters that represent specific virtual helpers to assist platform visitors;
  • Isometry which originally appeared as a part of the cryptocurrency segment;
  • Textures that brilliantly get along with images to make indelible compositions.

Forward-thinking businesses are looking for professional independent designers to build their unique emphatic visual content. Would you like to be among the top market leaders? Then it’s time for you to find your illustrator.

# Diverse fonts

The objective here is to experiment with various styles of fonts, striving to achieve prodigious effects. Thanks to OT1.8 technologies such experiments could be easily performed.

The mentioned above OpenType Font Variables technique serves to obtain a wide variety of type-face designs from one font file. Moreover, multiple parameters – say, saturation, letter size, proportions, etc. – could be adjusted as wanted. The OT1.8 method is considered to be a new advanced concept in the world of digital fonts.

The technology was introduced in 2016, but only in 2020 it reveals all its advantages for the web design world to enjoy.

# Varied moving design objects

New UX/UI approaches, like, little animations, interaction features, or mini-games, are something is demand this year. Animations could be seen as special instruments for a better understanding of brands’ messages and greater interaction with web resources. Today’s world is moving fast, thus, every piece of info must be presented in an entertaining and amusing way.

Animations of different kinds are truly turning more and more essential for web designing.

There are a few critical aspects to highlight:

  • Animated logos could be pretty classy, however, manage them carefully;
  • GIFs can greatly complement, let’s say, email signatures;
  • Mini-games have what it takes to turn a boring platform into a fascinating service;
  • Any animated greetings have the power to attract more visitors to your site.

# Storytelling

A wisely presented story on a product is powerful enough to have resonance with potential customers, thus, illustrated storytelling is a strong tool to apply. It’s used for visitors to avoid indifferent page scanning, so people will gain extensive online experience.

To ensure storytelling is as effective as possible, it must be supported by great design, including:

  • Impressive illustrations together with exclusive pictures;
  • Big compositional items;
  • Diverse VR & AR effects;
  • Three-dimensional design objects.

Actually, storytelling is a unique current trend, since almost every tendency mentioned in this article will fit it great to make it even more exciting and appealing.

Web designing is always evolving, and so far 2020 is scenic and fancy. Modern solutions provide possibilities for web resources to be truly impressive, both visually and technologically.

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