A Publishing Guide for Graduate Students

Almost, we all have been through the crucial days of writing research papers in our university and graduation days. The idea of writing research papers and thesis and getting them to the process of publishing can be daunting to so many people, I agree!

Well, let’s talk a little about what publishing means during the graduation. Grabbing the concept of getting your work published while being graduated is the main element that leads to successful publishing.

I know, getting published as a graduation student can be overwhelming at first, isn’t that so?

This needs a little understanding of the specific language and the deeper grounds of research in the certain specified field. This will play a vital role in getting the first paper published.

Here is a quick review to gear you up with the main concepts of publishing.

What is meant by getting published?

When we talk about the graduate schools, the publishing refers to the essays, papers, and the research findings that published in one of the academic journals or related forms that are seen as the leading ones in the specified fields.

This is also important as it plays a significant part in the professional life of an individual.

If you are the university student then you might be wondering that how you could get your paper published in the journal or associated forms of your chosen discipline.

I understand this anxiety completely!

Well, if you want to have a complete guidance of the paper publishing during the graduation then you are at the right spot. Read this article to the end to find the answers to your queries.

Here I have compiled a comprehensive guide for the graduate students about the publishing, so let’s get down to business.

A comprehensive publishing guide

If you want your paper to get published then you would firstly have to submit it to the journal or the conference that you have chosen. This can be any of your choice. Ensure to create a cover letter along with the research paper that must be telling about the topics that you have covered in your paper.

I have jotted down some basic points about which you must take care while getting your paper to the publishing step. Let’s have a look.

Start early:

The expert writers from the cheap essay writing service fast penned in their blogs about the early start of any thesis or research paper. It takes a lot of time to get the paper published so make sure that you start working early for the research.

The accepting process of the paper can go up to two to three years so ensure to start working right from day one. The review tings and processes are not in your control so make sure that you run with the time.

Keep up with the current literature:

Make sure that you are updated with the researches and the new updates in your discipline as this is extremely important. You can have a look at the relevant research papers and other investigations.

There can still be some questions related to your research that you must investigate on your own and this would be extremely helpful for the professional life.

Write the good ideas and creative thoughts:

Once you have decided the topic, it is the time to start working. Begin to jot down your creative ideas, thoughts, and collection of the information on the paper. Keep them in the computer to avoid any mishap.

In this way, you would be able to gather whole lot of information in your hand and this would make your research paper easy.

Keep time for the research:

Mark this, research paper and its writing is never easy so don’t take it for granted and don’t treat it carelessly. You must reserve the time for the research and writing stuff as they are highly time taking.

Rearrange your calendar and make a proper schedule for the research. In this way, you will get a lot more serious with your work and will surely complete it in time.

Get the help from the professionals:

Getting the help from the professionals is the most important element of writing a research paper. You must come in contact with the expert writers of several writing services.

This will get you helpful advices and the people with knowledge and experience will bring you more significant help in creating research paper.

Think in the terms of potential publications:

You can present your ideas in any conference and can take your research to the future!

This is an excellent way to make the place of your paper in the academic seminars and field researches as well. All you have to do is to make your mind think about the potential publications as well.


Collaborating with another author for your paper is also recommended. You can co-author with any professor who is working over any interesting topic or project. In this way, you can also offer service in return.

Sharing the workloads together is also a great idea and this is the best way to gain the benefits of the project together. Also, this will help you to find better colleagues and collaborators at the professional level as well.

Get down to the statistics and methodology:

Sometimes your research paper can get rejected just due to the informal way of methodology and format. It can also get fail due to the unauthentic statistical analysis.

Make sure that before adding any statistics in your research paper, you must come in contact with any professional or any authentic research methodology to avoid the issues in the future. Or else it can lead towards the rejection in submission phase and all your hard work could go in vein.

Invest in the writing skills:

Read, read, and read. This is the only thing to get better with your writing skills. The more you are into the reading, the more you will get better with your writing.

Looking for the best resources and reading them out can give you better ideas while writing your own paper. This is the only way to standout with your vocabulary at a professional level.

Keep your paper ready for the review:

Read for the punctuations, spellings, and grammar of your paper. Proofreading is way too important after writing every document. Getting the help of your friend or any family member can also play a vital role and you can get rid of the silly mistakes.

If your first language is not English, then make sure to get your paper proofread by any English speaking person. This will help you to identify the errors and grammar mistakes.

Review the work a couple of times:

Reviewing your work several times can help you to identify the very common and silly spelling mistakes. Also, if you would have missed any points then you can add them up in your paper while reviewing your work.

Remember the keynote, research paper isn’t easy so do the reviews and proofreading carefully to avoid any complications.

Search for the best options to submit the paper:

Search the best matches for your paper to get submit is the crucial task. You can look for several open options like any new academic journals rather than choosing the established ones.

Rank the journals in your area of study. Also, look for the special issues of journals and calls for the papers.

How to Get Published?

The aforementioned tips will help you to kick-start your research paper writing and further you will get to know the open options of publishing the paper. Learners must stay patient and should be highly focused to get their papers published.

What do graduate students published?

Being a graduate student, you can work on several areas to get your paper published. The journal articles, conference papers, short story books, dissertations, thesis, and research findings are some of the examples which a graduate student could create on their own.


I agree with the fact that creating a research paper is definitely difficult but with this comprehensive guide, you will surely make your way out. Meeting the challenges of publishing while being a graduate is the real struggle!

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