6 Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Internet Service Provider

The covid-19 crisis in some countries may have gotten better than in the previous years; it still didn’t change that most parts of the world are still affected and are still riding the new normal. Due to the restrictions brought by the global pandemic, people of all ages had no choice but to stay at home and shift their regular routines such as working or studying to digital platforms. Because of the current online classes and work-at-home setups, internet access has become a necessity.

Certain travel restrictions are also still high, preventing people from reuniting with their loved ones, which is why people need internet access to connect with families aside from work purposes.

Now that internet access is just as important as a commodity, you have to be meticulous if you plan to choose the right internet service provider, or you might fall for those who overpromise but under-deliver. Here are six essential questions to ask when choosing your internet service provider:

1. What are the upload and download speed options?

Since we are all very reliant on the internet and its capabilities of helping us meet deadlines for our deliverables, it’s essential to ask about the available options for upload and download speeds.

Your internet usage and the number of devices that will connect to the internet will best determine how much upload and download speed you need, so use this as the basis on what type of internet plan you will be getting. By asking questions about this, you are also showing the internet service providers that you know internet connections so you can’t be easily swayed by their overpromising advertisements.

2. Will You Throttle My Speed Once I Reach The Limit?

Internet service providers will make you think that the packages they offer have no data limit to entice you, and this is where you have to be smart before signing up for their service. They have data limits! This is one of the reasons why reading the fine prints is as important as reading the product description because the more you read and ask, the more you’ll understand the truths behind their packages.

Some internet service providers will slow down your speed if the connection gets jammed, so you need to clarify this with them to choose a better service provider.

3. Is there a contract?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask when choosing an internet service provider. Reading over the contract can help you better understand the terms of the package and if you are allowed to make changes during the duration package. Some contracts state a fee when you make a change or get out of the contract when it’s still not due, so it’s wise to know this to avoid incurring fees.

4. Are you available at my location?

Even if the internet is very accessible these days, there are still internet providers that are not available in specific locations. Asking this question before anything else can help you narrow down your list of internet service providers, so you won’t need to waste time asking other questions to some, only to find out that they are not available at your location.

Do not sign up for a package from an internet service provider if they are not available at your location; otherwise, you will only waste money on internet access that’s not worth your penny.

5. What are the types of connections you have?

There are different types of internet connections that come in different price ranges. You need to know what connections your service provider offers to check which is more convenient for your needs and budget.

The most common connection is the digital subscriber line or DSL, and this is mostly the cheapest option. DSL has a wider range of speeds, although their connection speed will vary depending on your location. The next type is the cable, which is faster than DSL, but the speed will depend on the number of people connected to a cable internet line. Aside from the two mentioned types of connections, there are also satellite, fiber-optic, and cellular technology. They all vary from price ranges to speed limits.

6. What should I do/who should I contact when I encounter a problem during my subscription?

Last but not the least, you have to ask what you need to do in the case of encountering an issue with the internet package you are planning to get. One of the common problems customers complain about to internet service providers is how unresponsive they are when there’s a connection problem! It’s frustrating to encounter this, especially when you rely on your internet connection for your job or school activities. You need to check the reviews on how your chosen service provider responds to internet connection problems.


There are many factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider, mostly now that we’re very dependent on internet connections.

Aside from asking the questions listed here, do your background research on the list of service providers you plan to inquire about. In that way, you will be able to cross out those you think will not meet your needs and budget, so it will be easier for you to choose because you’ve already picked out the best options.

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