6 Dating App Trends You Must Know Before Creating a Dating App

It is not always possible to find a like-minded person amongst the people you know and yet it is not a great idea to spend your days alone waiting for the right person to walk on to you.

Online dating apps resolve the issue by bringing forth a channel that allows you to choose the right date without going through the horror of a blind date.

Dating apps have become the trend amongst the younger generation as you get to know the person before you meet them. It is a great way to socialize as well.

The most popular of these sites is the Tinder dating app which offers a great user interface with interesting features.

Here we will discuss some of the latest dating app trends that have caught on with the latest dating apps. You should also try implementing these trends in your dating app development to be at par with the market.

Latest dating app trends you should consider to develop a dating app

User-friendly interface

Dating app expectation has changed since the first time it was launched with the match app. Now dating apps come with varied features that allow users to filter out their specific choices with a single swipe.

Hence if you are looking to create a dating app, then it is absolutely necessary that the app has a very user-friendly interface that allows maximum choices with minimum effort.

Tinder became a favorite amongst the date seekers because of its easy one swipe interface that allows the least possible efforts to use the app.


If you have visited any new dating websites or apps then you might be aware of the latest dating app trends, which is “pocketing”.

Now, this feature allows a user to keep his date private and hide from other acquaintances on social media.

This is popular with the younger generation who do not want to rush into something serious unless they are sure. This option allows the privacy that the user needs.

Cookie Jarring

Here is another dating app trend that has influenced any of the users in 2019 and it is called “Cookie jarring”. When the users are dating multiple people and are not letting go of any of them, then it is called cookie jarring.

So that way the user has the best of all those whom he wants to date. Though it has definitely caught on with the younger users, this may not be just the right way to start a relationship unless both the parties are aware and are willing to have options to choose from.

Love is in

Among online dating users, there is a large percentage of people who are not looking for a meaningless fling. As per the CEO of Match, one of the leading dating sites, “Love is making a comeback”.

Many people are looking for long-term relationships. They are looking for dates with whom they can have a meaningful conversation and spend some quality time.

Many dating app creators use mathematical algorithms to pair and suggest the right date based on some surveys or questionnaires that the users fill up at the time of registration.

Travel dating

Well, this is a new dating trend that has caught on well very quickly. Users can set up travel dates with other members who have a travel interest in the same location. So, every travel plan becomes a romantic getaway with someone you can have a great time with.

This dating app allows users to connect across the world to travel to a single location or set up a date with a local resident member of the place that the user is traveling. So, you do not only get a guide to see the right locations, but you also get a date to all the best places in the location.

Feature trends

Feature trends on dating apps have been there for quite some time but, off-late, they are becoming very influential dating app trends in this dating field.

Many dating apps now provide suggestions for romantic dates, and getaways, places to dine, travel to, and a lot more ways to make sure you just leave the right impression.

There are dating apps that give pointers on how to be pleasant and how to look and even what to talk about. They basically train you and guide you to enjoy your best date.


The dating app development may take time as it needs to look at various factors the most important being the security of the account holders.

Filters need to be implemented too so that unwanted pictures of body parts do not pop up while you are scouring the dating site. In this era of social media, it becomes very important that the dating app is connected to the most popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

It is an age where some love to flaunt while some love to keep it private. While creating a dating app and as a dating app development member, you must understand the needs of all and be able to provide solutions and satisfaction for all types of users.

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