5 Marketing Automation Strategies Your Business Needs to Implement

It is no longer news that a business that fails to innovate will go moribund. Several promising businesses which had a great product or service to offer are nowhere to be found today because they failed to innovate.

Thus, in our fast-paced world, businesses must embrace technological innovations particularly in developing marketing strategies to maximize profits. To achieve this, automated testing experts are indispensable to your business marketing strategies. The reason is a no-brainer – they facilitate automation of your marketing strategies effectively. Before we reveal the five super strategies, you must clearly understand what marketing automation comprises and why your business should adopt it.

What is Marketing Automation?

In simple terms, marketing automation refers to using software to program and thereby systematize marketing actions. Through systemization, marketing actions are more straightforward, effective, and consistent.

Notably, there are several channels automated marketing actions take, and this includes but is not limited to:

  • Social Media
  • Web pages
  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Digital billboards

Typically, businesses use a combination of two or more of the aforementioned channels in a bid to ensure wide coverage especially if they intend to attract a customer base that cuts across various segments of the society.

Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

At this point, you are probably wondering what marketing automation’s advantages are to your business. Look no further; we provide all the answers you need.

Uniqueness: Every flourishing business desires a unique brand voice, tone, and structure; however, this is hard to achieve without automation. The reason is not far-fetched. Without automation, businesses depend heavily on their workers to carry this out, and no worker will possibly stay at a company forever. So, a worker’s departure may mean losing your brand voice, especially when such a worker embodies critical marketing actions.

The good news is if the brand voice is automated, your business can enjoy its use permanently. To get started, all you need is to contact a team of consultant for guidewire testing solution to create strategies for your unique business needs.

Effective monitoring: With marketing automation, you can monitor progress and receive feedback from all your marketing actions via different channels on a single platform. This will give room for accurate measure of progress or otherwise of your marketing strategies.

Increased profit: This benefit excites you. Businesses can identify customer needs through marketing automation and then market solutions to those specific needs. This inevitably increases patronage and return on investment for businesses.

Improved customer experience: Marketing automation increases the user/consumer experience. Contrary to physical intrusion into personal space that persists prior to digitalization of marketing, e-marketing is subtle, and effective.

Time saving: This needs not be over-flogged. Just like the introduction of mobile apps for banking transactions saves you the stress and time of queuing to submit a request to transfer monies, automating marketing actions saves your business a lot of time and money. Because you won’t incur the avoidable cost of paying staff for hours spent creating marketing actions for your business daily.

Here Are Five Marketing Automation Strategies Your Business Should Implement

Strategy is vital in effectively implementing practical models, and marketing automation is no exception. If you pay rapt attention to the following five marketing automation strategies, rest assured your business will grow by leaps and bounds.

1. Automation of critical decisions: Never forget that the world is fast-paced. Consumers want products and services that can proffer solutions in record time, so you have to position for that. As a strategy, see to it that every vital decision in your market interaction with consumers is automated. Say you sell fashion accessories like shoes, bags, wristwatches etc,. The process of purchasing these articles and even returning the same should be fully automated.

To fully maximize marketing automation, ensure your developers automate every vital decision your consumers may need to make on your business website.

2. Automation of business-client communications: Another strategy your business must implement is to automate the communication with your clients. This is very important in building trust and, more importantly, retaining customers. When people interact with your business, it is reasonably expected they may need clarifications and extra information. As such, a round-the-clock solution is necessary. To do this, curate a list of frequently asked questions and automate exhaustive responses.You can go to bed knowing all your customers’ emergencies will be met.

3. Automation of follow-up emails: Unsolicited emails are not intrusive when they offer relevant help, and that is what this strategy is all about. These automated emails will remind your customers or prospective customers to purchase the goods, recommend products that fit their behavioral pattern and allow you to retain your place as your customer’s go-to value provider in your saturated niche.

Usually, these emails are best sent immediately after a user signs up to your website if you notice they have not visited the website in a long time. A new trend in email marketing is celebrating their purchase anniversary.

4. Automated observation of segmentation: This is perhaps the most familiar strategy, yet, it’s underutilized. There are several segmentations across various interests, and it’s helpful if your website can identify these multiple categorizations.

After that, feed each consumer relevant information that suits their category through emails, suggestions on the websites, or any other medium. Although you must be careful about your prompt questions, attempting to gather this information does not appear discriminatory. A simple way to avoid this is to make responses voluntary.

5. Automation of feedback: A solid feedback mechanism is always an important strategy. It will significantly help your business if you have an automated central pool of client feedback. This should include consumer complaints, number of clients that visited the page by clicking on the follow-up mails, and sustain patronage on account of any of the automated processes.

The rationale behind this strategy is not to dissuade your business from automation. Instead, it will enable your business to serve your customers better.


This piece exhaustively provides necessary marketing automation strategies your business needs to implement. With diligent execution of the solutions we revealed, you are on course to maximize profit.

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