37 Must-Known YouTube Statistics Helps You To Build-up Your Marketing Plan

YouTube is still a beast than all other social media platforms. It is not just a network for the video content; this is one of the second-most search engines after Google.

The most important step to master in the platform is getting a perfect handle of YouTube statistics to make your marketing plan.

The important ways to evidently know about the YouTube statistics for successful marketing plans are discussed below. Check out the 37 compelling YouTube stats to power your marketing in 2020.

1. With two billion monthly active users:

Today, YouTube has two billion unique users every month, where there is an increase of 5% from the previous year that have been reported. Moreover, YouTube serves as the only social media network that has enough of the monthly active users than Facebook.

2. 81% of 15 to 25-year-old use:

YouTube continuously receives a younger generation audience whose ages between 15 to 24 years old than any other T.V. network. A complete chart displaying 81% of online users is from the U.S. that they want to improve their YouTube likes, which makes the channel go popular.

Today, everyone is working hard for attention-grabbing with the massive rate of video content that is being pushed out by brands, companies, and advertisers every day. Based on Google, a huge range of 85% of video-viewing times receives lots of people’s recognition.

3. 73% are U.S. adults:

The survey published by Pew Research center in March 2018 says that more than 73% of American adults work with the YouTube platform. That’s 5% more than the Facebook users, which is almost twice the Instagram users.

4. 15% of a website’s grows traffic:

Based on Alexa’s ratings, 15.2% of the YouTube audiences are probably to be the U.S., whereas the runner-up is India with 8.1%, and 4.6% of them are from Japan.

5. Upload 500 hours of videos:

YouTube has fierce competition out for the brands and creators. Always, hunger for video content is still increasing every day, where the number is growing to 40% within the five years from 2014 to 2015. In other words, YouTube has more than 500 hours of videos posted every minute; also, 30,000 hours of new content are published for every hour.

6. Video exists in different languages:

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube exists in 91 countries and accessed by 80 languages, which helped to achieve global reach by covering 95% of the internet community.

7. More views come from mobile devices:

Here, 70% of the videos that the audience looks on YouTube are based upon the recommendation algorithm. Based on the YouTube execs, there is Independent research that says YouTube sustains this with 81% of the U.S. adults where they usually or rarely watch the videos suggested by the algorithm.

8. Ads drive by 112%:

The main impact on Google’s YouTube selected ads, that permits you to share your brand’s message along with the most engaging and solid video content. These ads jumpstart a 112% to uplift the brand again and a 53% rise in the concept to purchase.

9. 5.5 billion dollars of advertising revenue:

Statista’s researchers recognize that there will be a complete rise in online video usage in the U.S. that makes out 5.5 billion dollars for advertising revenue.

10. Men speak twice than Women in Ads:

On YouTube ads, men speak twice more than women and tend to receive 56% of the views from looking at the women-led advertisements that complete screen time.

Here, researchers found that marketers meant to make ads that use many more men, where the audience watched them less.

11. Stay next to Netflix:

YouTube is the second-most picked network for looking for the TV screens from 18 to 34 old, next after Netflix. In simple words, the fascinating facts about YouTube advertisers, it is perfect for millennials who are watching TV screens, where it beats up the conventional methods by both cable and broadcast networks.

12. Which product to buy:

YouTube increased twice the watch time for videos which product to buy. For some time, the audience becomes more fascinated to watch videos for online shopping.

Remember that 80% of the audience watched the video relevant to the product they want to buy, they did at their initial stages to know about the product’s feature.

13. TrueView Ads:

Viewers check the TrueView ads ten times, most probably to connect with the YouTube brand. Here, eight out of ten audiences choose to work with them to standard in-stream ads. This ad serves the most benefit for you as you need to pay when someone particularly selects to watch your ad.

14. Views on TV screens raised:

Always content makers remember mobile phones as a priority but also keep big screens in mind. YouTube views with connected TV screens that have lifted by 39%, where 250 million hours of watch time for every day are happening on TV screens.

15. Users like to watch tutorials by 3X rate:

Every time YouTube users like to watch 3X the tutorials’ videos rather than reading instructions. It is changed as a popular source for knowing how to work with the product or its offering.

16. Webinars and Live-Stream Videos:

As a fact, B2B marketers have a whopping range of 64% by which they started to import both audio or video content for online streaming and webinars. Try to shoot your webinar sessions and repost them on YouTube to grab the bigger audience.

17. Global traffic:

In recent times, Cisco made predictions that online video will estimate 79% of the global traffic for the video within 2020. After all, this stat creates your business case in arranging the massive budget range for the video and in B2B marketing.

18. Marketers employ YouTube as a tool:

Several businesses work with YouTube as a tool to publish their videos since the content is changing to be the perfect example, as 62% of businesses work on the platform to post.

Here, the platform accounts for about 27.1% of digital video. More brands are working forward to collaborate with YouTube marketing.

19. 500 administrators watch online:

Forbes stated that 75% of about 500 lucky executives are looking at online videos. Thus, a bunch of B2B buyers changed into YouTube to make notifications about their purchasing plans. This ultimately makes a premier path for moving and engaging your audience.

20. Types of video content:

As a YouTube marketer or content maker, you can make tons of video content based upon the how-tos, product reviews, and vlogs that are among the top three types of videos that receive more views.

21. Average Time spent:

Every viewer spends about 11 minutes, 24 seconds every day on scale. As per Alexa, the number is 8 minutes and 41 seconds.

22. YouTube Influencer campaigns:

The main objective is that lots of influencer marketing ads are worked. 70% of the users are followed and connected with this between 2017 to 2018.

23. Social media marketing methods:

Fortunately, over 90% of shoppers have identified their brand or product on the platform. This further attracts the platform’s effect on the audience for the purchase plans.

24. Primetime for Home mobile users:

For the audience, those who are working on mobile devices at home tend to watch their YouTube videos, where they check out at the prime time. B2B marketer, this is the perfect time to perform live on YouTube to maximize your reach.

25. YouTube’s First-page video in HD:

Always 68% of YouTube’s first page is in HD mode. This stat helps to build the quality of your B2B video content.

26. Videos have 4000 comments:

On average, videos ranks the first page of YouTube, which holds over 4,000 comments. You can increase the rate of the comment by responding, asking, and engaging your audience.

27. B2B & B2C marketers work in video ads:

Based on April 2017, 51% of B2B and B2C runs the ads on YouTube. The survey from Animoto says that it works on the cloud-based video.

28. Massive Indian Users:

93% of YouTube watchers in India are looking for more videos. This is consistent with the double-digit growth every year.

29. Visit has 6.5 pageviews:

Every YouTube page visit consists of 6.5 page views on average. Here, the users permit the algorithm to plan. As a result, more page views mean more active viewers, as the audience taps to search for new channels and videos.

30. 1.6 times to viewers:

Similarly, the relevant things with personal likes are about 1.6 times more essential to the audience than the production rate.

YouTube says 60% of the audience who checked this were looking for likes and interests. Moreover, brands pointing to their viewer’s requirements will be much more simple for marketing their channel.

31. Paid accounts:

Based on the sponsored ads, YouTube is the third most famous platform within marketers of about 48% for investing.

32. Pre-roll ads:

YouTube marketers work with pre-roll skippable video advertisements on YouTube with an efficient ad format by getting 29% of the votes.

33. Effective votes:

Moreover, YouTube marketers received 78.81% of votes for the video marketing naturally by beating Facebook that received 58.5% of votes.

34. Revenues:

In the US, YouTube got $4.96 billion for the internet advertising income for 2019, and it is probably to make the numbers with $5.47 billion for 2020.

35. Organic content making:

YouTube is the fourth used social media platform for organic content marketing that consists of 53% of business to business marketing.

36. Digital video ad:

YouTube accounts for 27.1% of digital video ad spending among 62% of the marketers online who are deciding to strengthen their video ad to spend on YouTube.

37. Brand Awareness:

YouTube has 70% of short ads on the platform that prominently increases brand awareness. As a fact, 90% of the YouTube ads help to drive with an uplift using a brand recall.

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