3 Steps to Find and Remove Zeus Virus from Your Mac

Nowadays, millions of people use their computers every day and visit tons of websites online. When you’re surfing the Internet, you never know where you can meet a virus. Lately, many new computer viruses have been created, and the one of them is the Zeus virus. It appears like a pop-up window that hijacks your browser and locks it completely. Needless to say, a user can feel very scared when he or she cannot do anything to remove this issue.

In our article, we will provide you with effective tips on how it is possible to get rid of Zeus virus and keep your computer fully clean from spyware, malware, and other threats. Keep reading and follow our simple hints suggested below.


What Is a Zeus Virus and How Can it Affect My Computer?

If you’re visiting a website with a virus, you may see a pop-up window that informs you that a computer is just infected by Zeus. Clam down, it’s not a real virus but just a trap made by hackers to scam people. The window appears suddenly, blocks your browser, and informs you that the whole system on your Mac can be fully damaged. It contains a suggestion for people to call a phone number displayed there for help.

Please don’t call that number because you will just be a victim of scammers. You will be asked to download software for money but the thing is you don’t need any additional program! Zeus cannot damage or delete any files on your Mac; it just blocks the computer so users may feel scared. Many people become victims because they don’t know what they should do and pay money for nothing.

What to Do if Your Mac Has Got a Zeus Virus?

Try to close the pop-up window and never visit the website where it has appeared. If it’s impossible at all, and this alert is getting more persistent, try to quit the browser. If it’s impossible to do it, just restart the Mac and ignore the message that warns to not do it. After restarting a Mac, launch your browser and do not select an option to open again all the windows that were opened there before.

Follow this simple but effective plan if you’ve noticed a Zeus alert on the Mac:

  1. Clear the history of your browser on the computer and restart your browser.
  2. Review the browser’s extensions and delete the most suspicious and unused.
  3. Uninstall your browser and then install it again from scratch.

How to Delete a Zeus Virus from Mac?

As we already explained, it’s not a kind of virus that can harm your device but just a fake message that alerts you about a virus blocks your browser. Usually, a window does not have any link to follow, it just contains a phone number. But some versions may have a link on it, and if a user follows it, their Mac will be infected by malware. It will just be downloaded by the link, so you shouldn’t click it.

If it already happened and you’ve clicked the link, it’s possible to remove viruses from your computer manually or using antivirus software. We recommend the second option because it is more reliable. When you try to clean the Mac manually, you never know if you’ve deleted all the needed files and programs.

Remember that the Zeus virus is not a real danger that can steal or damage any sort of information on the Mac. Hackers created this sort of virus to get money from those users who feel scared and call the phone for help. In other cases, people get malware on computers when they click an unknown link. In the first scenario, you lose your money for nothing, and in the second you just have to delete malware from your Mac. We recommend using CleanMyMac X as a reliable and effective product to keep your Mac clean.

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