13 Unique Features To Profit From Your Online Marketplace

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” ~ Maya Angelou

The concept of an online marketplace is more the vendor, more the profit. To attract vendors, you must be unique from your competitors.

Now the question is, How do you differ from your competitor?

The answer is to make your online marketplace’s features unique.

Every enterprise designs its features for its target audience. Even though you and your competitors have many similar elements, yet, there are some unique features in the marketplace that make your business stand out from your rival.

But where can you find those unique features? That’s why this blog is here.

In this blog, you’ll know all the outstanding features that improve your online marketplace’s profit.

Before we jump into the blog, remember that unique elements are vital, but primary features of the SaaS Online Marketplace are also important.

Static Content Management

In less than a second, audiences will judge your platform. Increasing conversions and lowering bounce rates need the presentation of relevant offers. It also increases reliability and increases revenue.

Businesses and marketers aim for personalization. Based on prior involvement and contact settings, personalized customer experiences are exceptional and just one.

Enterprises may implement customized strategies thanks to static content management. With static content management, you can connect to your customer more personally.

If your marketplace platform has a static content management feature, in contrast to other platforms, you need not contact the developer to change the web content every now and then. It saves time and money you invest for the developers.

Separate Transaction Page

A user can be both a vendor and a trader in the online marketplace. It led the user to have both transactions on the same page and may confuse the user.

Out in the marketplace, many competitors don’t have this feature. So, by offering a separate transaction page for vendors and traders to your customer. This way, they can clear the cloud and smoothly identify their transaction status.

Adding Language Option

Having multi-language in your marketplace helps you to reach global customers. The audience likes that you speak to them in their own language.

A multilingual platform is a shred of evidence that your company is globally available, which suggests a level of complexity, sophistication, and elaborateness.

A multi-language business is at the core of this customer-centric strategy. The level of personalization an enterprise can offer becomes a significant factor in securing customers and sales.

Customers will relate to your company with quality and professionalism of your marketplace business is multi-language.

It is far better when you let your customer add the language in the marketplace they want. Let your audience decide what language they want.

This way, you can reduce the storage size of your database. Your database won’t get dumped with unwanted language.

Multi-Time Zone Option

Each region has a separate time zone. Being a global SaaS marketplace, you cannot let your user use a single time zone. Unfortunately, many SaaS providers don’t let you choose your own time zone. This causes the difference in the server and user timezone.

Thus I suggest you keep a multi-timezone option. This way, your customer can select the timezone they wish, regardless of your server’s timezone.

Multi-Currency Option

Before making a purchase, customers want to understand every process. If your consumers subscribe to a service, they want to know how long the free trial will last, when a reminder will go out, and when the trial period ends, how much they will be required to pay. They may feel “stuck” and quit your platform if they believe one of these pieces of information is unclear.

You should ensure that your platform makes the costs extremely apparent to users. They won’t make transactions if they can’t see the precise amount they would pay in their own currency.

Selling in multiple countries but not offering payment choices in the local currency is a sure way to lose conversions.

So, offering your customers to add currencies as per their wishes is the best way to earn more profit.

Decimal Pricing

Every currency rate differs. In some countries, there is no value of decimals in pricing, whereas, in some, decimals hold a higher value. When you are ready to offer multi-currency, you need to consider making pricing with decimal.

As a global marketplace, you need to consider the pricing of all countries. The use of decimal pricing has improved investors’ ability to comprehend the aggregated quotes of rival market centers.

Investors may now quickly compare prices in dollars and cents to purchase and sell stocks without dealing with fractional pricing.

Outgoing Email Customization

Many SaaS providers have a ready-made email template for the marketplace. This template includes welcome mail, forget password mail, listing creation, etc. But the main drawback is you cannot edit the template and customize it for your audience.

So, always look for a SaaS Online Marketplace provider who has 30+ more editable email templates. It improves your customer relationships. You can draft the email that your audience would prefer.

Cancellation Reason

To understand why your buyer cancels the product, you need to get feedback from them. For that, you need to add a cancellation reason.

There may be many causes why your customer no longer needs your product.

With this feature, you understand your customer and offer them quality and preferred products. Therefore get a SaaS vendor who has the option to add a cancellation reason.

Dynamic Social Media Links

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are perfect locations to attain new and surprisingly focused capacity customers due to the fact that more than half of the world’s populace makes use of social media.

Whatever sector your company operates in, social media gives you the chance to position your company as a thought leader and the go-to authority on issues about your specialty.

Potential clients may express interest via social media in your company and your items in a quick and low-commitment manner. By adding your social media to your platform, you can attract more customers.

You need not be bound to the selected social media. You can explore enormous social media for your business and easily add them to your marketplace. Many providers neglect social media. They only allow people to add specific sites. So, find a SaaS Provider who lets you add the social media site as your wish.

Managing Meta Tags

When creating a web page, you’ll find yourself putting up meta tags initially because they are the basis of SEO. Search engine information on a website page is sent to search engines using a particular HTML element called a meta tag.

Meta tags are important because they affect how your website appears on search engine results pages and how many people are likely to click through to your website.

As a result, they’ll affect your traffic and engagement rates, which might affect your SEO and rankings. An effective SEO plan should include meta tags. Certain tags could also influence several non-conventional search results, including Knowledge Graph, Google image search, voice search, and others. When creating content, no brand should ignore them.

Search engines and website visitors may learn more about your page content using meta tags. It is a component of HTML tags. The Meta tags are only visible in the page’s source code, and anybody may inspect them.

Managing meta tags is as vital as managing site performance. Find out who has a feature to manage the meta tags. You can reach more audiences with the help of meta tags.

Email Language

One of the quickest methods to reach a client who is hundreds of miles away is via email. Now email is used as a communication tool.

With the multi-language option, you have offered your audience many languages. You need to give your customer a choice of the language they prefer.

For example, if you are announcing an update or a new release, you cannot send it to your customer with the default language. It won’t reach them effectively when you don’t offer them the option to choose email language.

With email language, you can develop a strong connection with your audience.

Multiple Admin Notifications

As a marketplace admin, you need to know what is happening on the platform. You cannot check them one by one.

To ease your marketplace managing process, you can get notified when something happens in the marketplace. The ability to choose what notifications you want to receive is a bonus.

For example, if you get notified of the following,

  1. When New Users Sign Up
  2. When Booking Happens
  3. When Seller Creates New Listing
  4. When Seller Edit Listing
  5. When Seller Sends Listing Approval
  6. When Seller Closes Listing
  7. When User Contact Via Contact Us
  8. When User Deletes Account
  9. When Buyer Raises Dispute

You have the option of selecting any one of the nine options or all nine. It helps you to customize your notifications, and you can focus on what you want.

Date Format

Setting a uniform date format helps you to maintain the date format throughout the marketplace. The admin won’t get confused about the dates on receipts, emails, and listings.

Final Thoughts

Well, the list has been pretty long. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for the best online marketplace, I suggest you consider these unique features mentioned in this blog. To stand out from the competition, you need to look remarkable.

Every marketplace owner selects the SaaS marketplace with basic features. You must find the best online b2b marketplace platform that offers basic and unique features. This way, you can reach more audiences and be an example for your successors.

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