Top 10 Best SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud-Based Contract Management Software Vendors

For those who are having the responsibility to keep the company organized there are some tools that can help you a lot in this task. Have a SAAS contract management software is a wonderful thing because not only you will have all things under control but a full-featured tool make your business can be made more straightforward and easier. There are many saas tools in the market which are in the category of contract management software which are capable to have records of your contracts, people who are participating on each project, schedule of the project, project management information, administration of deadlines, budget administration and more. One of the most important things that saas contract management software can do is have a track of all your contracts and business agreements. In this time companies and businesses are striving for keep their leadership in the market and all the things under control. If you are planning have better business opportunities let me tell you that something will give you the growing you need for your business is the optimization of all your business processes so that all things can flow more easily and without bottlenecks and complications. Have saas contract management software is the best solution for you and your company.

There are too many ways to organize your company and all the documentation that you need have under control but the use of computer software is mandatory. Bill Gates which is a magnate and currently the richest men of earth with a fortune of 40 billion dollars said 20 years ago that computers are the basis of the corporative organization. That’s why contract management software is a great advantage for all kind and size of organizations. I can mention some of the features you need for have excellent contract management software which could be available in your personal laptop and you have access to all your contracts and business documents through the internet or have remote access to it through a virtual private network or another technological solution. The information that you can administrate through contract management software is basically based on legal documents that should be accessed with a great facility. Instead you have all these contracts and business documents in local files you can have it digitalized and in your contract management software.

Your business’s organization is something that must be your first priority because if you don’t do that it could lead you in problems that can affect your business growing, experience loss in your revenue and have relevant business information out of your control. There different types of contract management software but in general all of them have the capacity to help you to administrate critical documentation of your business. The use of contract management software will impact positively your business and provide you more control that can benefit your business and attract more customers. Have an organized company is something that impact not only people working with you in your organization but all the customers and your entire business relations.

Which are the benefits of SAAS contract management software?

Have contract management software in your organization is something that most business that work with legal documentation must have. The benefits of have all your things under control and properly saved in your computer to receive this information back automatically when you need it is something that have an incredible value. If you still don’t have contract management software in your company or organization let me tell you that you are losing enjoy the experience of make your work easier. These tools are very cost-effective and can give you the opportunity to keep your contacts, employees, customers and everybody listed with all the legal documentations. If you are a company dedicated to install cable TV in homes, you can have the customer’s information registered in the computer. Despite of this you will have the digitalized contract signed by customer where you can see who is the owner of the service. When you go to this home to install the service or to repair something a customer service agent could have access to the contract management software and see all the documents signed by the customers. There are more and more advantages I would like share with you in this article in order you can see which are the most relevant benefits of have your company some contract management software that is easy to operate and efficient.

Simplify your work: Is evident that your work will be simplified. You sonly have to make the register of all the people which are involved in the project and then make all the relations you need in this software. You can measure the effectiveness of this software just determining the before and after of your daily work. You will notice that all time consuming tasks will be reduced a lot through the use of your saas contract management software.

  • You don’t have to use papers: The use of paper and folders will be reduced to its minimal expression thanks to the advantage of have all your contracts and legal documents stored in digitalized files that are retrieved by your contract management software.
  • Help your business to decrease expenses: Expenses will be reduced in more than 80% when you start using your contract management software in your business or organization. There is no other way to reduce your expenses than using the contract management software of your preference. This is a great advantage that your organization will experiment with contract management software.
  • Reduce document loss: Sometimes in your own office you miss contracts and legal documents but with the contract management software it will be reduced in 100% because you will have all the information stored in your computer. Also you will have access to backups to guarantee the availability of all your information. Data availability is very important and the contract management software will help you a lot in this important task for your business.
  • Increase organization levels: Have contract management software properly operating in your organization is the best guarantee for have a wonderful organizational environment.
  • Increasing of your business effectiveness: The fact of have operating the contract management software is sufficient to start experiencing a wonderful business. All the operational process of your company will be impacted with the most relevant variable which is the time. But the efficiency of people working with you will be improved a lot and you will have a better control of all your projects.
  • Improved management control: Manager need to know that all things are going fine and this tool will help you to administrate better your business and keep in line all your projects and personal working with you. In other words, you as manager of your company or high level managers will feel more comfortable with the administration of all your projects.
  • Faster access to contracts in case of legal problems: When you have legal problems with projects that haven’t been accomplished in the established date or problems with the dead line due to breach of contract, you will have access very fast to all contracts and legal documentation. If an attorney asks you the original contracts you will have access to them and even you can send them through email to legal department or attorneys that are working with you.
  • Availability of data in case of natural disasters: In case of natural disasters you will have a backup restore of all your digitalized contracts which have been scanned and you can reinstall your contract management software and have all your data available again. It is a great advantage of contract management software.
  • Network administration: In your company having your contract management software you can have it installed in your server so that it can be accessed by several users throughout your entire network.

Guidelines on buying SAAS Contract Management Software and top 10 best reliable Contract Management Software Vendors

One should be very careful while buying saas contract management software because there are many vendors in the market who sell software packages which are not compatible to most organizations and their needs. The three important things to keep in mind while making a final decision for buying contract management software.

First identify the needs of your organization. It may require full scale strategic planning and interviewing your staff. Without knowing what your organization demands it will not be easy for you to decided what you need.

Second try to identify the products that are reviewed well by sources like online reviews and customers. Learn about those contract management software packages that have large suites and those that have been designed to narrow down the work of your organization. Try to make a list of three or four such contract management software packages.

Third if possible ask for a trial of the software. There are some vendors who offer demo versions of the software for one week so that you can adjudge the product and its features. Such trial version of software package will help you understand your needs better and you can choose the different software packages available to you.

Besides the three important things that you keep in mind for perfect saas contract management software you should also try to access the features and specifications of the software packages – like the functionality, usability, implementation, customer support, benefits and costs. Such criteria selection will help one to find easy and best software package.

If you still find it difficult to get a good product in the market, here are few software packages that you can rely upon for your organization. These packages of software have been reviewed well and rated good for all types of businesses.


Aurigo Cloud based Contract Management Software helps you manage and automate your contract process, reduces change order time and all approvals at one place.

  • Start projects off on the right foot
  • Automate the contract creation process
  • Track and manage multiple contracts
  • Manage governance and improve communications
  • Create multiple forecasts and compare outcomes
  • Manage change and compute payments
  • Proactively manage cost changes
  • Monitor and update progress from anywhere
  • Improve relationships between contractual parties
  • Mitigate risk and enforce compliance
  • Easily generate pay estimates
  • Stay vigilant and monitor issues and risks
  • Reduce contract administration headaches
  • Go paperless
  • Maintain a central repository
  • Give all stakeholders visibility
  • Keep everyone aligned


Stop juggling and start managing your SaaS operations, SaaS optimization, and SaaS buying with CloudEagle – a one-stop SaaS research and buying platform.

  • Get Notified of Contracts Renewals
  • With automated workflows, never miss a renewal
  • Store Your Contracts in One Place
  • Extract Important Information From Contracts


ContractWorks allows software companies to easily manage a growing contract portfolio, no matter how complex your agreements may be.

  • Contract Repository
  • Reporting & Alerts
  • Search & Review
  • Electronic signature
  • Security


Agiloft’s contract lifecycle management software automates your processes, reduces risk, and drives more revenue.

  • Configurable Database Schema
  • Configurable Tables and Forms
  • Configurable Data Fields
  • Field Types
  • Drag&Drop Configuration
  • Multi-Tab Input Forms
  • Choice Tables
  • Relationship Diagrams


Contract management software from Contract Logix streamlines & automates how businesses manage their complete contract lifecycle and processes.

  • Your Digital Transformation Starts Here
  • Unleash the Power of Your Contract Data
  • Artificial Intelligence for Your Contracts
  • Unrivaled CLM Agility and Efficiency
  • Draft Negotiation-Ready Contracts with Ease
  • Fast & Frictionless Negotiations and Signatures
  • Self-Service Contracting for Accuracy and Speed
  • Industry-Leading Security and Reliability
  • Integrate with Your Business Apps


CobbleStone Software provides 3 award-winning editions of contract management software for every industry.

  • Document Collaboration
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Procurement & eSourcing
  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Public Access Portal
  • CRM Customer Integration
  • Budgets & Payments
  • DocuSign & Adobe Sign Connector
  • FAR, DFAR Library & GSA Forms


Concord is the simplest contract management platform to collaborate on, manage, esign, and store agreements.

  • Template Building
  • Renewals & Deadlines
  • Real-time Editing
  • Contract Approval Workflows
  • Contract Metrics and Data Analysis
  • Unlimited E-Signatures
  • Concord Integrations with Other Software
  • Data Security for All Documents


Digitalize your contracts with Revnue best contract lifecycle management software system that simplify your contracts management process.

  • Dedicated Contract Management Team
  • Custom integration
  • Formal contract management process & practice
  • Custom Reports & Business Analytics
  • Jumpstart assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Procurement-as-a-service


Ironclad is the only platform built from the ground up to handle all contract types – legal, sales, finance, HR, marketing, procurement, and more. That’s why respected brands everywhere trust us to help them make and manage their digital business contracts.

  • Best-in-class AI
  • Airtight digital contracts
  • Compliance that scales
  • Fast, secure negotiation
  • E-signature and beyond
  • Dashboards and analytics


Zycus iContract is an enterprise contract lifecycle management solution that helps companies manage their entire contracting process from initiation to post-award.

  • Mitigate risks & unlock opportunities
  • Gain in-depth real time visibility
  • Ensure compliance & manage complexity
  • Optimize business performance​

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