10 Web Design Tips for a Good Website

Web design is one of the most crucial elements in determining a website’s success. As a result, it also affects conversions, bounce rate, and other things. The fact is that over 50% of consumers make a perception about the business credibility and standard by putting a few seconds’ glance at the website design.

Your website can be designed in a variety of styles and approaches, ranging from beautiful to minimalist, from vibrant and exciting to sleek and modern. While your final design should reflect your personal taste, industry, and brand identification, there are some general guidelines that are always valid.

Here is an insight into 10 website design tips that will help you to create a good site that will reflect in more audience and better feedback.

1. Make the layout simpler

It’s not actually necessary to apply every possible effect on your website. It is not required to use everything because it will just make your site appear confusing and unorganized.

This is true even if you have incredible photo-editing talents and a basic understanding of programming language, then you create your own site. Simply choose the strategies that work best for your website’s theme to make the layout clearer and simpler for users to navigate.

2. Use appropriate colors

Your website’s color scheme ought to convey the essence of your blog or company. if you’re selling feminine products, for instance, choose pink and other pastel colors; if you’re promoting environmental issues, use green; and if you’re trying for a clean look, choose white and gray.

3. Select the Correct Fonts

The fonts should also coordinate with the overall design of your website. You can choose one contemporary font for the body text and another for the main headings. Cursive fonts are appropriate for feminine websites, serif fonts are appropriate for corporate enterprises.

Contemporary sans serif fonts are appropriate for all types of blogs, particularly those concerning technology. Use your imagination to creatively pair fonts and colors, and select the ideal layout for your website.

4. Use high-quality images and videos

Always include high-quality images and videos on your website because they improve the aesthetics. Additionally, it might persuade people to use the goods and services you offer, particularly if the photos you employ are striking.

5. Format the Website’s Content

In order to entice readers to read your posts, the website’s material must be correctly formatted. Make sure the paragraphs are properly ordered because visually unappealing texts are never appealing. The best way to get that done is to get the best all-inclusive custom website design company on board which will ensure the perfect formatting for your website. visit Brandlume to illuminate your brand.

6. Maintain a Consistent Tone

The look and feel of your website must always be consistent. Adhere to a specific look and feel and use it throughout the entire website. So that your readers won’t become irritated and distracted by the design, use the same fonts, colors, and layout throughout.

7. Improve the usability of your website

It’s important to keep in mind that you developed your website to enhance traffic and your rankings, thus it’s crucial that visitors and potential customers can simply access it. Always include a helpful navigation bar, a comment section, a FAQ page, and your contact details in case visitors need further assistance.

8. Verification of broken links

Make sure all of your links are accurate and complete before uploading them to your web server. Using internet tools like Net Mechanic to upload your website is one approach to checking for broken links.

9. Ensuring Clear Navigation

When someone comes to your website, you want him to stay longer and explore more. This is made possible by having a clear navigation system. Place all important links in visible areas, such as the top section of the website where visitors often glance first.

Put a menu on the left side of your website because most users browse from left to right. As many of your website’s pages as you can connect. Ensure that every section of your website has access to all pertinent information.

10. Inclusion of Site Search

Users will spend less time and more conveniently looking for a particular item or piece of information on your website as a result. Site searches are typically located in the page’s upper left corner.


Visitors to your business website need to have positive first impressions. First impressions play a significant role in the quantity of potential new customers you may attract. Web design is therefore a crucial procedure. Therefore, to get the best web design services with all the major tips and tricks aligned for you.

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