10 Tips To Choose the Right Online Takeaway Ordering System For Your Restaurant

A decade ago, having sumptuous meals ready on a phone call, convenience in choosing the pickup time, payment at the time of takeaway, and appealing packaging were enough to make customers happy and satisfied. However, the definition of satisfaction and convenience has now changed.

Customers expect to place takeaway orders with mobile, menu customization, transparency in payment followed by multiple options, and instant customer services. If these expectations are not met, customers take no time in moving to the competition.

The revenue from the food delivery market is expected to grow to $1.65 trillion by 2027. The impressive figure makes the restaurateurs take interest in expanding their business to online takeaway ordering. The online takeaway ordering system for restaurants helps stand up to the customers’ expectations and meet their needs; the number of orders, sales, brand value, and ROI get a positive boost.

However, restaurateurs cannot make the most out of online takeaway ordering systems unless the right software like- Foodiv is selected that has an intuitive interface and provides a range of features that are essential for streamlining various restaurant operations and processes. As there cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution, restaurant businesses must consider a few things before making the right choice. Here are ten tips restaurants should remember before partnering with a takeaway ordering system provider. Let’s dive in!

Ten tips to have the ideal online takeaway ordering system for restaurants

With thousands of online takeaway ordering system providers debuting, offering the features and functionalities, restaurants must keep a few tips in mind for optimal selection. They are:

Define the budget for digitalization

Considering budget before embarking on the online takeaway ordering system adoption is critical to ensure you have marketing funds, employees’ wages, and other operations. Being practical in online food ordering system selection allows restaurants to maximize their investment and drive expected results.

However, in saving money, please don’t settle for a free online ordering system as it proves to be expensive in the long run, such as poor services, limited customization options, and fees for upgrades. There’s no room for mistakes in restaurant operations, as customers have zero tolerance for errors. Opt for a custom online takeaway ordering system with paid subscriptions with a range of features, intuitive UI, secured payment, and more.

Check device compatibility

Customers ordering food at your restaurant platform for takeaway can place orders using various devices, necessitating making the system compatible with most devices. Improve online takeaway ordering system accessibility and usability by making the system work on multiple mobile, desktop, and tablet devices and major operating systems such as Android, iOS, and others.

Ensure users get the same experience consistently on all the devices without glitches. You can get it checked first by staff and beta users as well.

Make sure the UI is intuitive

The online takeaway ordering system is created to allow users to order takeaway meals with utmost convenience. Customers leave it forever if it involves the hassle of navigating and ordering food. Ensure the user-friendly user interface enables customers to easily browse food categories menu options and place orders quickly.

The UI must provide the information with visually appealing images that intrigue the customers. Additionally, the system must facilitate order customization effortlessly and without confusion.

Identify integration capabilities

Some restaurants have legacy systems that they don’t want to replace entirely and prefer that a modern, online takeaway ordering system seamlessly integrates with the existing system. Any technical errors make the new system futile for the restaurants. Additionally, restaurants want to complement the new online takeaway ordering system with new functionalities via third-party integrations.

Verify if the online takeaway ordering system seamlessly integrates with the existing system and supports other integrations such as POS integration, loyalty/gift card integration, and others to increase customer convenience.

Find out customization options

Every restaurant has unique needs that the specific solution meets, which means no online takeaway ordering system can be a perfect fit. It requires a couple of customizations to align the system with restaurant-specific needs and branding. Ensure the online takeaway ordering system provides flexibility to tailor the software to meet the restaurant’s needs.

Restaurant online takeaway ordering system customization includes changing the system branding logo and design, menu customization, payment methods, promotional offers, and others.

Ensure secured payment

Support for multiple payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, mobile wallet, and other payment gateways ensure customers can pay for their orders smoothly and securely. Payment gateways are considered the most secure for transaction processing due to the encryption, tokenization, and industry-standard protocols they follow.

Additionally, PCI DSS compliance, SSL encryption, and others ensure that data cannot be eavesdropped by fraudsters in between. It encourages customers to make online transactions, strengthen the brand’s image, and preserve its reputation.

Find out analytics and reporting capabilities

Collecting and analyzing customers’ data, employees’ data, sales data, and other information saves restaurants from shooting in the dark as it helps make data-driven decisions. The online takeaway ordering system provides analytics and reporting features that help restauranteurs get insights into various operations.

It includes popular selling items, customers’ ordering frequency, peak hours, and more, which unfolds customers’ buying trends and hidden opportunities that are used for strategic marketing. The online takeaway ordering system facilitates integration with analytics and reporting tools that help make a business compelling.

Recognize mobile-friendliness

Most restaurant online takeaway orders are placed from mobile devices, which necessitates making the online takeaway ordering system mobile-friendly. The design should be accessible from various devices consistently without screen sizes and resolution issues. Customer interactions should not be negatively impacted by excessive scrolling or zooming.

When the textual content and multimedia look appealing on all screen sizes, it delights the customers and makes them repetitively order due to mobile-friendliness.

Look for required support and training

When restaurants adopt a new online takeaway ordering system, staff training is essential for seamless implementation and ongoing usage. Identify if the system provider provides the required training.

Additionally, a certain level of support from an online takeaway ordering system provider is essential for long-term usage and to keep operations performing. Restaurants should inquire about customer support availability, communication channels, response time, and others to resolve issues in the minimum time.

Test waters with free demos

Taking a test drive is better than buying a car. Before selecting the online takeaway ordering system, check if the system meets the restaurant’s digital needs. The free demos the service providers provide allow restaurateurs to determine if the system has all the required functionalities, customization options, and intuitiveness that users look for.

From compatibility and integration capabilities to technology, infrastructure must be tested to avoid potential conflicts and challenges arising at a later stage.

Make the right choice for an online takeaway ordering system

Undoubtedly, online takeaway ordering system integration is rewarding for restaurants with significant benefits it brings to the table. The outstanding results are expected only when the correct system is chosen. So, it’s crucial to explore various options to get the best system for restaurants. Considering ten tips before selecting the ideal online takeaway ordering solution will help bring a system that’s beneficial for both- restaurant businesses and customers. Use the strategic recommendations for an online takeaway ordering system that actually works.

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