Top 9 IT Asset Discovery Tools

If you’re running a business, you must know that simply buying servers, laptops, and other equipment and hiring IT specialists for your company will not seal the deal. You must make sure that you do not lose track of your IT and non-IT assets. Regularly checking your assets ensures proper security and saves the company from high risks related to growth, finance, productivity, and customer trust.

Companies can detect vulnerabilities in devices, software, or hardware if they know their assets. We agree that determining and categorizing assets is arduous, especially in hybrid or cloud environments. Fortunately, you can secure your company’s assets with IT asset discovery, whether on-prem, hybrid, or cloud. With IT asset discovery, you get a detailed view of all the software, hardware, and users in the network.

You will learn more about IT asset discovery here. Also, this post will cover the top 9 IT asset discovery tools that will help you manage your assets well.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

What is IT Asset Discovery?

Are you still keeping track of your assets in a spreadsheet? Then, it’s high time you move on to an IT asset discovery tool. IT asset discovery refers to the automated process of identifying, allocating, and monitoring a complete network of IT assets. IT asset discovery is integral in aiding businesses to supervise their hardware or software assets. This quick and straightforward process requires less user input and saves time businesses invest in indexing IT assets manually.

With asset discovery, companies can gain valuable insights from significant data generated. For example, you can find everything from who has logged in to the device, which devices need a reboot, and which applications are on a device to the renewal of software licenses through the IT asset discovery tool. These insights save time and money and help you make wise business decisions.

Top 9 IT Asset Discovery Tools in 2022:

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

One of the top-rated tools, the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, automatically discovers accessible network devices, does intelligent mapping & Wi-Fi monitoring, sends advanced alerts, and visualizes their critical path. The monitoring system offers a comprehensive view of how the network behaves, and once you add or remove a network component, the tool gets automatically updated. In addition, predetermined options enable users to manage the network efficiently. You can get a 30-day free trial of the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Tool!

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is another leading software that offers organizations asset discovery and IT management solutions. It includes an auto-network discovery module that automatically updates changes in components and makes a network map. You can get the ManageEngine OpManager for Windows and Linux environments. To understand the software better, you can start with the free trial version and then upgrade to standard, professional, or enterprise, depending on your need and preference.

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is one great IT asset discovery tool that works well to detect vulnerabilities such as XSS rejection, SQL rejection, and misconfiguration, find pages without a link to ensure fast scanning, and do much more. With its built-in solid macro recording technology, Acunetix software aids in scanning encrypted areas, complicated multi-level forms, and passwords. Along with scanning vulnerabilities, Acunetix can manage the security of all the assets. The best thing is that not much time goes into setting up an Acunetix system.

Motadata Asset Management Software

One of the software that is high up on the list of best IT asset discovery tools is Motadata Asset Management Software. It is an efficient ITAM solution that tracks and manages all software and hardware assets throughout their lifecycle from a single view. Motadata’s IT Asset Management Software is a PinkVerify Certified asset manager that transparently manages assets, automatically finds new assets, manages licenses & contracts, and meets all the compliances. Manage your IT assets with real-time visibility and ensure better utilization of your resources with the Motadata Asset Manager. Opt for a 30-day free trial today!


Virima technologies offer IT Asset Management, Asset Discovery, and IT Service Management solutions. It provides the deployment of solutions on the cloud or on-premises. The IT asset discovery platform comes with specifications like agentless IT asset discovery, role-based access controls, 90 languages support, cloud asset management, easy-to-customize reports, and much more. In addition, the software will automatically discover hardware configurations, OS systems, and installed software.


Cacti is an asset discovery, network monitoring, fault management platform, and open-source, free-to-use software with a simplified interface. Cacti has an in-built SNMP methodology, a good network asset discovery tool that monitors devices on a network. A regular issue of the polling process indicates that the equipment list is getting updated constantly. So, if you add, remove or update any device, the changes are automatically recorded in the inventory. You can install Cacti on Linux, Unix, and Windows.


One of the most significant application security solutions providers, ImmuniWeb Discovery, has clientele in industries like e-commerce and healthcare. ImmuniWeb is capable of Asset Discovery, Dark Web Monitoring, and Attack Surface Management. The ImmuniWeb Asset Inventory gives the bigger picture of all the digital assets, namely web applications, mobile apps, domains, SSL certificates, websites, API & web services, code repositories, public cloud storage, and many more.


If you need a cloud-based solution for your assets, then Auvik Network Management Software is a good option. Auvik solution can automate network visibility and IT asset management, providing an entire network picture and performing automated network inventory, discovery and documentation. You can get real-time insights into what is on the network through the Auvik discovery and mapping capabilities. In addition, this asset solution can get the lifecycle data from supporting devices to find out if they need an upgrade or replacement.


With NinjaOne Remote Monitoring and Management Platform, you can identify new assets and get real-time breakthroughs from all your IT assets. The automated asset discovery and deployment of NinjaOne’s software ensures that the endpoints where the company’s data gets accessed from is managed well, and it uses Microsoft Active Directory. Ninja One offers automated IT asset management for workstations, servers, and laptops of Windows, OS, Mac, and Linux.

Businesses can maximize their return on investments of assets using a good IT asset discovery and management tool. With an IT asset discovery tool, you do not lose track of your assets and optimize them to their best capabilities. This article listed the best 9 best IT asset discovery tools, so choose the one that fits the bill for your business!

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