Top 16 Best Network Monitoring Software And Tools

The way business is conducted worldwide has changed dramatically over the past decade, primarily due to the constant improvements and innovations in technology. The significant advances in business specific technology have catapulted ecommerce and innovative interdepartmental cohesion into the forefront of the vast majority of businesses, both in the public and private sectors. Equipped with hardware and software that didn’t even exist a decade ago, companies big and small are increasing productivity, efficiency, and cost control to previously unfathomable levels, which enables these companies to perform better than ever before.

The use of Servers, computers, websites, domain names, and the like have enabled companies to achieve far more in far less time, but with these advances also come the potential for new pitfalls. These pitfalls are addressed almost universally by the formation of IT departments in nearly every company to ensure the technology that is aiding the company does not malfunction and therefore cripple productivity.

These IT departments are comprised of highly specialized and certified experts who not merely repair malfunctions, but also ensure that the company gains the most out of the highly expensive equipment. This is achieved by the assembling of a highly complex infrastructure of computers and equipment that work together to streamline and expedite the necessary tasks of a business, as well as to simplify the once elusive goal of multiple departments being able to communicate, share work, and multitask with one another.

This is where monitoring network software becomes integral, as it is perhaps the most important aspect in proactively preventing system failures and malfunctions, as well as to avoid data loss and unauthorized access by any number of malicious entities who would purposely damage, destroy, or steal a company’s vital data. As companies transition into the world of servers and email and intra-office networks they become dependent on the technology and equipment that powers these contemporary marvels, and as a result productivity can be diminished or brought to a grinding halt when these systems malfunction.

To prevent setbacks such as these IT departments and vendors have developed various safeguards and protections, perhaps the most effective being monitoring network software. This term and technique goes far beyond merely observing a server and the network it powers, monitoring network software is essential to any company that relies on servers, networks, and technology to streamline their day to day operations.

Reducing Stoppages: Monitoring Network Software Keeps Everything Running Smoothly

Every technological advance brings the potential for more and complex problems in turn, making the very equipment that bolsters a company equally capable of slowing it down. A network is the linking up of 2 or more computers for the purpose of sharing data, speeding up communications and increasing interdepartmental functionality.

These networks are often complex systems that are capable of linking the efforts of not just multiple computers, but multiple departments and locations as well. The servers responsible for ensuring networks run seamlessly are sophisticated computers that require far more maintenance and attention than a single desktop or laptop, and to carry out their function they are equipped with intricate programming, or software. Monitoring network software combines two different critical aspects that address both components of a network; meaning that it not only ensures the equipment, or hardware, which enables a network works properly, but also ensures that the programming, or software does so as well. Monitoring network software can involve both aspects at once, as the software detects any glitches or bugs in the programming and in the server computer at the same time.

Therefore, monitoring network software encompasses two different areas, namely the network and the equipment that forms it. Server monitoring is hardware specific, it evaluates the performance of each individual machine that makes up a network and can detect when a single machine’s components are malfunctioning, which though confined to one computer can often have undesirable effects on the entire network. Network monitoring is the assessment of the programs that are used in a network, both on each individual computer and in the server as well.

Monitoring network software has progressed as rapidly as the technology that it supports to the degree that there now exists powerful programming that performs both hardware and software protection and problem prevention in the same mode. The rapid development of monitoring network software now addresses system optimization, the prevention of unauthorized access, smooth operation throughout the network and the successful transmission of data from one machine to the next, making it just as integral as the system that it maintains.

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is one of the leading network monitoring tools available in the market right now. It offers proactive monitoring of your network devices for health, availability, and performance around the clock rendering constant uptime and increased efficiency.

Immediately alert the desired stakeholders about any issues found for quicker resolution, so the end-user experience isn’t affected, ensuring constant uptime.

  • Proactively monitor and manage network devices
  • Tailor OpManager to meet the requirements of any network administrator
  • Facilitate seamless monitoring of your network with a feature-rich set of tools
  • Resolve potential issues to the network instantly with proactive alerting
  • Automate fault management tasks to bring down mean time to resolve (MTTR)
  • User-friendly interface with customizable dashboards and informative widgets
  • Understand historical performance trends, health conditions, and availability statuses with built-in reports, ultimately enhancing overall network efficiency
  • Leverage OpManager’s transparent licensing model


Network Performance Monitoring SaaS solution for IT Pros & MSP to monitor end-to-end network performance from the end-user perspective.

  • Deploys in minutes
  • Continuous monitoring using monitoring Agents
  • Troubleshoot intermittent performance issues.
  • Exchange of Synthetic Traffic to measure performance
  • Monitoring from the End-User perspective
  • Decentralized monitoring between pairs of agents in different locations
  • Real-time network performance updates every 500ms
  • Historical performance to troubleshoot past issues
  • Automatic Speed Tests to assess network health
  • User Quality of Experience (QoE) measured every minute


Auvik is cloud-based network management software for today’s changing workforce. Gain true network visibility and control.

  • Prevent, detect, and resolve issues quickly
  • Always know what’s on your network
  • Cloud-based secure network management


Opsview cloud and infrastructure monitoring for enterprises and SMBs who need to take control of their technology.

  • Understanding business impacts of network traffic issues
  • Identifying bandwidth hogs and problem devices
  • Configuring new device types
  • Sourcing and managing extra infrastructure for SNMP ingestion
  • Visualize connections between devices
  • Review network activity of devices and business service assets.
  • Monitor new network hardware quickly with Opspacks
  • Full-featured SNMP ingestion
  • Netflow Analytics
  • SNMP
  • Cisco/Juniper Monitoring
  • SSH/DNS/NTP and other network services


WhatsUp Gold provides complete visibility into the status and performance of applications, network devices and servers in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Application Performance
  • Bandwidth Consumption
  • Cloud-based Resources
  • Network Performance
  • Hyper-V and VMware
  • Wireless Networks


Network monitoring tools offered by Motadata has powerful network monitoring capabilities.

  • Multi-Vendor Network Monitoring
  • Plug & Play Architecture
  • Visualize your Network
  • Comes as a Virtual Appliance
  • Spot and Fix Issues Faster
  • Real-Time Customized Alerts


Broadcom’s DX NetOps can help you move from reactive to preemptive network management that enables successful digital transformations.

  • Realize the Full Value of Your Network Investments with our DX NetOps Business Value Estimations
  • AI and ML for Networks
  • Single Pane Hyperconnected Operations
  • Easy Triage Through Intelligent Analytics and Root Cause
  • Data Center/SDDC
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Carrier Networks
  • Future-Proof with Advanced Scale


SolarWinds IT monitoring and management tools are built for SysAdmins and network engineers who need powerful and affordable tools.

  • Multi-vendor network monitoring
  • Network Insights for deeper visibility
  • Intelligent maps
  • NetPath and PerfStack for easy troubleshooting
  • Smarter scalability for large environments
  • Advanced alerting


Paessler is the producer of PRTG, the highly powerful network monitoring software.

  • Flexible alerting
  • Multiple user interfaces
  • Cluster failover solution
  • Maps and dashboards
  • Distributed monitoring
  • In-depth reporting


Zenoss offers network monitoring software and management tools that allow you to monitor the performance and availability of any network infrastructure.

  • Combine Insights From Log, Unified Communications & NetFlow Analysis
  • Deliver Application-Centric Monitoring
  • Proactively Mitigate Network Outages
  • Extend Service Assurance to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Monitor Your Multivendor Network Environment From a Single Pane of Glas


MikroTik is a Latvian company which was founded in 1996 to develop routers and wireless ISP systems.

  • Auto network discovery and layout
  • Discovers any type or brand of device
  • Device, Link monitoring, and notifications
  • Includes SVG icons for devices, and supports custom icons and backgrounds
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Allows you to draw your own maps and add custom devices
  • Supports SNMP, ICMP, DNS and TCP monitoring for devices that support it
  • Individual Link usage monitoring and graphs
  • Direct access to remote control tools for device management
  • Supports remote Dude server and local client
  • Runs in Linux Wine environment, MacOS Darwine, and Windows


Network Olympus is network monitoring software designed to continuously monitor your local network, individual computers, and services.

  • Track the Devices in Your Network
  • Pick the Suitable Work Mode
  • Widget to Manage Your Processes
  • Scanning Speed & Results You Will Appreciate


SysAid Monitoring provides alerts and notifications so you can proactively manage hardware and IT network components, monitor space and usage.

  • Automate IT Issue Identification
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Your IT Assets
  • Improve Network and Systems Performance
  • Notifications about Network Services
  • Software and Hardware Updates
  • Notifications as Incident Records
  • Custom Monitoring for Any Scenario


At Fortra-Intermapper is network monitoring software with network mapping for Windows, Linux and Mac. Map and monitor all IP enabled devices and see your entire environment.

  • Automatic network mapping
  • Proactive network monitoring
  • Robust network management
  • Smart alerting
  • Network capacity planning
  • AWS Monitoring


Comprehensive network monitoring for critical network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and more from the cloud.

  • Router Monitoring
  • Switch Monitoring
  • Firewall Monitoring
  • Load Balancer Monitoring
  • WAN Accelerator Monitoring
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • UPS Monitoring
  • Printer and Storage Monitoring


With ThousandEyes, you can improve digital experiences, ensure the success of your cloud adoption and SaaS initiatives and gain visibility into the modern WAN.

  • BGP Route Monitoring
  • CDN Monitoring
  • DDoS Monitoring
  • Digital Experience Monitoring
  • DNS Monitoring
  • ISP Monitoring
  • Web Performance Monitoring
  • IaaS Monitoring
  • Multi-Cloud Monitoring
  • SaaS Monitoring
  • End User Experience Monitoring
  • Hybrid WAN Monitoring
  • Network Device Monitoring
  • VoIP Monitoring
  • WiFi and LAN Monitoring


IT systems monitoring made easy and affordable. Monitoring as a service for servers, networks and websites.

  • Cloud-based network monitoring software (SaaS) advantages
  • An essential monitoring collection for networks and servers
  • Agent-based and agent-less monitoring
  • Infrastructure schema view with impact-dependencies modeling
  • Email, SMS, and voice call notifications
  • All modern Linux distros supported
  • All modern Windows versions supported


Real-Time Network Monitoring for Full End-to-End Visibility with Actionable Smart Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Troubleshooting.

  • Systems, Data Center and Infrastructure Management, NETSCOUT Delivers the Visibility You Need
  • Software Defined Networks, Services and Automation Shouldn’t be a Guessing Game
  • Unified Communication Services are Changing Fast. Get Your IT Teams on the Same Page
  • Advanced Threat, DDoS and DNS Prevention in Correlation to Network Services to Detect Attacks

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