Top 9 Best Conference Call Service Providers For Small Business (Free and Paid)

Communication is crucial to any kind of business today. A good conference call provider can be one of the best assets a business has. Many of the smaller businesses try to keep their costs down, so they hire cheap companies for handling these services. This doesn’t always work out so good. Poor quality services cause a business to appear very unprofessional, which will always reflect on overall sales.

Before deciding on what company to use, a little research needs to be done. To begin your search, look for VoIP providers. The popularity of voice over IP has really grown in the past few years. This is because the make it possible to make an unlimited number of calls for a cheap price. Some of the major inconveniences with conventional wire calls are poor reception and long distance charges. Most any viable company today works with conference call providers who use VoIP.

VoIP technology works along the same lines as traditional phone calls. The difference is in how it connects sound packets using Internet lines. Most all providers offer different features, and the call quality can be affected by things like distance. In most cases these services are very reliable. Another thing to watch for is your information security. Check to see that the company you use will not spread your signup information across the web.

VoIP can also be a huge asset for the global telecommunications field. However, in this arena it is virtually untapped. You have loads of options to choose from, because it operates in an environment of free trade. Some limitations can occur, particularly in developing countries that are still dealing with regulations. Depending on what you need, you might consider using a free software from a large company like or Skype.

One of the downsides to operating with free software is poor encryption. That means your correspondences can be hacked or interrupted. Always make it a point to select a secure service.

A business that insists on using these kinds of free VoIP services usually has some limitations, mainly because there aren’t so many services on the market yet that are ‘conditionally free’. Again, the services you select will depend on your needs. You could be interested in having the option of audio calls.

When you get down to quality telecom services, the paid services always shine. You are paying for professionalism and flexibility, as well as security. Any business needs these things and will value them. When you look at the technology of a company, you get an idea about their services, and are able to gauge what kind of quality their calls will have. Any legitimate company should give you a 1-month trial so you can test out their services and see if they’re a fit for you.

Customer service can help you to choose the right package to fit with your goals and particular needs. Regardless of the quality of the service you choose, there will be necessary calls to customer care from time to time. It is crucial that a company maintains a functioning and friendly help line. To make calls should be extremely simple. If you find the interface is not as simple as it should be, then keep on looking until you find one that is. You should be given choices on billing as well. Some companies may insist on you paying monthly, but it should be your own personal choice. Sometimes in order to get the superior services you want or need, you just have to decided you will pay more.


FreeConferenceCall provides HD audio conferencing, screen sharing and video conferencing with up to 1,000 participants.

Conference Calls:

  • International
  • Recording
  • Keypad Commands
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Call Control
  • Meeting Settings
  • VoIP

Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Recording and Playback
  • Drawing Tools
  • Remote Desktop
  • Chat
  • Studio Presentation

Meeting Wall:

  • Broadcaster
  • Meeting Resources
  • Web Controls
  • Chat
  • Radio

More Free Features:

  • 1,000 Participants
  • Call Detail Reports
  • Mobile App
  • Integrations
  • Calendar
  • History & Recordings


GoToMeeting online meetings, video conferencing and web conferencing software enables businesses to collaborate with customers, clients or colleagues in real-time.

  • Optional toll-free numbers for over 50 countries
  • Specially designed mobile apps
  • Single-tap conference call meetings
  • High-quality video conferencing
  • Custom email invitations
  • Screen sharing
  • Reservationless connections
  • Free conference call recording
  • Integrated scheduling


Branded Bridge Line is an audio conference call service that offers screensharing, branded greetings, dedicated lines, and more.

  • Simplify with PIN-less Conference Calling
  • Dedicated and Secure Lines
  • Simple Meetings with Crystal Clear Audio
  • Local Dial-in Conference Lines
  • Dedicated Lines
  • Professional Greeting
  • Local Dial-In Number
  • Call Management
  • International Numbers
  • Hold Music
  • Web Conferencing
  • No Pins Necessary
  • Secure Conferences
  • Screen Sharing
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Large Conference Calls
  • Call Recordings
  • Mobile App
  • Great Customer Service
  • Call Transcription
  • Playback Mode
  • Workforce Health


Dialpad is an Ai-powered cloud communication platform that makes it easier and more efficient to connect and collaborate with your team.

  • Administration
  • Call Center Productivity
  • Calling & Routing
  • Messaging
  • Web Conferencing
  • Reliability & Security
  • Voice Intelligence


Cisco Webex is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars.

  • Crystal-clear audio ensures everyone in the conference call will be heard
  • HD video brings you face-to-face and makes you feel like you’re there
  • Easy screen sharing lets you choose exactly what you want to share, so everyone can be on the same page
  • Powerful controls at your fingertips keep the meeting running smoothly
  • Unparalleled security gives you peace of mind


my Global Conference is an affordable global audio conference call service provider for small-medium enterprises and professionals.

Global coverage

  • Simple pricing
  • No hidden costs
  • Feature-packed
  • Corporate account option
  • Quality and reliability


QCONF offer the best audio conferencing you can get. High-quality audio, worldwide coverage, the most secure with with full control and visibility on every call.

  • Highest Quality Audio Conference
  • Unlimited Conferencing Minutes
  • You Can Record the Conversation
  • No Complicated Codes
  • Outlook & Google Calendar
  • No Reservations 24/7
  • Send Quick Links
  • Toll Free
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • Take Control
  • Online Meeting Space
  • Make It Personal
  • Group Chat
  • Share Screens in Rich HD
  • Make It Your Own
  • SMS Reminders – No Missed Meetings
  • Competitively Priced Business Plans
  • We’re Here For You!


Express Virtual Meetings world-class conference call service allows instant remote team calls or virtual meetings. Cost-effective. 24/7 customer support.

  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Improve communication
  • Host a meeting instantly
  • Connect people globally
  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Deliver information quickly


With Join you can hold free conference calls, with hundreds of international dial-in numbers. You can also dial-in over the internet with VoIP.

  • Call in from 24 time zones, 24/7
  • Simplicity, thy name is Join
  • One-click scheduling. Even a CEO can do it

Choosing a Conference Call Provider

Communication is perhaps the most essential part of any business and finding a good conference call provider is crucial to sustaining reliable calls. There are many companies offering conferencing services but all services are not made equal. Most small businesses prefer to keep costs down and hire cheap companies to install these services but it does not always turn out very well. Poor quality services can end up making your business look very unprofessional and that will reflect poorly on sales.

Some research is needed before settling on one company. A good place to start would be to look for providers of VoIP. Voice over IP services are very popular mostly because they enable you to make unlimited calls at a very cheap price. Long distance charges and poor reception are some of the major inconveniences of conventional wire calls but most viable conference call providers work with VoIP.

This voice over IP technology works just like traditional phone calls except it uses internet lines to connect sound packets. The features may differ from one provider to another and factors like distance may affect the quality of the calls. However, in most cases, the service is reliable. You should check with the company to make sure it does do not publish your signup information all over the web.

VoIP is a great asset in the global telecommunications field but it is largely untapped. Because it works in a free trade environment, you have plenty of options from which to choose. There may be some limitations to access services, especially in developing countries where regulation is still underway.

The downside to using such free software is the poor encryption, which means your correspondence may be interrupted or your transactions hacked. In order to prevent your account from being hacked into, choose a secure service.

Businesses that insist on using such free voip services often have limitations because there are not that many ‘conditionally free’ services in the market yet. However, depending on the nature of your correspondence, you may be interested in signing up for audio calls, which major companies like Gtalk and AIM already provide. Communication may not be very clear and in some cases, you would be restricted to one-on-one chats but it may suffice.

Paid services are always the best way to go when it comes to telecom services. What you are paying for is professional service and flexibility; not to mention security and any business should value those factors. By looking at a company’s technology, you can get a good idea of their services and gauge the quality of their calls. A company should offer you at least a one-month trial to test their package so you know which to go for.

Pros and Cons of Conference Calling

Conference calling refers to a networking and communication model where the involved parties communicate simultaneously over phone calls. It is a type of conference where the involved individuals do not communicate to each other face to face but only through the phone calls. This is a communication model that is common in businesses especially when the conferencing individuals are located geographically far from each other. This method of holding conferences has been successfully established in many organizations despite the fact that it has also undoubtedly proven to have some disadvantages in other organizations.

Pros of Conference Calling

The main advantage of using this communication model is the fact that it effectively connects people who are located far from each other. Before its advent organizations had to postpone some meetings if all the invited parties did not make it there physically. However, conference calling later made it possible to hold meetings even when the involved parties were all located far from each other at that particular moment. The communication is real time regardless of the distance separating the callers.

Secondly, the calls have increased the multi-tasking abilities of the involved organization members. Some members usually travel to work on their respective organization assignments. As they travel they are free to take advantage of the conference calls to remotely attend organizational meetings and stay up to date. Additionally, they can provide update on their remote assignments through the calls.

Conference calling also boosts an organizations productivity and minimize on the resources use. People are used to traveling for important meetings. Most of the traveling expenses are catered for by the respective organizations. The more the people required to travel, the more the higher the travelling expenses. Some individuals are even airlifted from other countries, which requires large bugets. However, organizations that opt to hold the meetings via the calls end up largely saving on the travelling expenses. These savings are used up on other organizational aspects which boosts the productivity.

Cons of Conference Calling

It is not entirely beneficial to organizations to always have meetings when the members involved are located far from each other. Encouraging remote meetings via phone calls is also encouraging laziness among an organization’s members. Some members may even choose not to come to the organization’s headquarters for the meetings despite being geographically near to it. Conference calling can even be done from the bed without the members making it to work. This is in contrast to business and organizational principles that often require the physical presence of the workers for most organizational undertakings.

Strong and reliable organizational relationships are usually established after constant physical interactions. The conference calls only facilitate voice interactions. Such an interaction is less effective compared to face to face interactions. Therefore physical meetings are more likely to come up with better decisions and establishments compared to conference calls meetings.

Conference calls are usually costlier compared to physical meetings in small organizations. Such organizations usually have workers who are located close to their operational basis. Although it is easier holding a meeting through phone calls, it is costly to such an organization. This is mostly because reliable conferencing networks usually have to be established for organizations and this requires a relatively large budget. The small organizations normally have few workers, another fact which makes such calls very unecessary. The conference calls are most ideal to large organizations and companies that have members located far from each other.

Therefore, just as conference calling has it advantages, it also has significant disadvantages. Most organizations however, continue using it due to its benefits. It is upon an organization’s management to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding on whether to establish it or not.

Advantages of a Free Conference Call

A business needs to remain profitable and as such, it is important to ensure that the costs of operating the business are reduced quite significantly. Conference calls play a major role in ensuring that the costs of doing business stay low. Instead of having to go to a location physically for a meeting, a conference call can be used to bring all the players in one room without having to travel physically. A free conference call is even more beneficial as no costs are incurred.

A free conference call does indeed present a number of benefits to the business. When the different employees in a company communicate via conference calls the cost of operation significantly comes down. In a case where a company has a number of branches spread out in different locations, the benefits will be even more pronounced. If the different branch managers need to meet and discuss issues relating to the company, there is really no need to meet in a boardroom physically. A conference call can be set up and the meeting can take place.

Meetings that take place via conference calls are very effective and reduce the amount of time that is spent in meetings. This means that the time that is saved can be used in undertaking activities that push the company forward. On top of this, the fact that the various players do not have to travel from one location to another will see the amount of operating costs come down.

Travelling also takes a toll on the body. In a case where a meeting is urgent, a person might be required to jet in and attend the meeting on the same day. If a person cannot have enough rest then their level of productivity and ability to come up with good ideas during meetings will be reduced. This is why a free conference call is indeed very beneficial.

Even in a case where a company has one branch, conference calls can still prove very helpful. Within a company, the various employees can communicate with their managers and even with fellow employees via a free conference call. Instead of having to get up from the workstations or send emails, anyone can push a button and pass the necessary information or orders.

When the above happens, the amount of time saved moving from one location to another is quite significant. The more time a business saves more profitable it stands to be. The more profitable a business is, the faster the growth and eventually the more prosperous it becomes.

Conference calls make it possible to record meetings. This is very important due to the fact that there will always be people who may fail to attend meetings. The absentees can come in later and listen to exactly what happened. The quality of the audio recorded is very high and what is better is that a person can forward or rewind where necessary.

With conference calls, everyone can participate without feeling intimidated. In a physical meeting there could be an over bearing figure that taunts everyone. Without the physicality however, people feel freer to air their thoughts.

It is important to meet physically every now and then. Conference calls however ensure that all is well if this is not a possibility. The presence is almost physical. Making a free conference call is good for business. Both money and time are saved. The more frequent a business makes use of this vital technology the more it stands to benefit and become more productive.

Understanding Telephone Conference Services

Your company will enjoy many benefits, if you hire a third party to provide telephone conference services. Instead of installing your own equipment and telephone lines (or using software), allow a freelance contractor to set up the technology. This means that you can concentrate on running your business. Here are the things that you should know about conferencing agreements.

Firstly, you might be billed a set up charge or requested to sign a written contract. This will not always happen though. Consumers can afford to be choosy about which firm they hire, because there are a sufficient number of firms that offer telephone conference services. Some firms bill their customers a per minute fee. Obviously, this will be more expensive than the cost of making standard phone calls. However, if you only require conference calls occasionally, it is still cheaper than purchasing software.

Telephone conference services can be used without extra technology. A dedicated telephone number and code are the only requirements. Give this information to the relevant parties, and enjoy a secure conversation with the number of people you desire (up to 100 in one call). Along with audio telephone conferences, video conferences are available too. This latter option is good for personal calls, when it is nice to see the person you are speaking to. For example, you could connect the grandchildren for a lovely chat with their grandfather on his birthday.

Users can access their private phone lines whenever they choose, and they do not have to make advance reservations to hold conferences. When hosting calls, they are only billed for each minute they stay on the line. No additional charges are applicable. The telephone calls have no time restrictions, just the restrictions you choose depending on your available funds, and the amount of time you wish to spend talking to another person in this manner. Any standard telephone is fine for this type of call, be it in your home or at the office. Cell phones can be used as well.

Try to find telephone conference services that offer twenty-four seven customer support. This is crucial, because your company may depend on your ability to do presentations over the telephone, for example, where a good line is necessary. While your discussions are private, lines still need monitoring to make sure that participants are hearing everything correctly. There are certain tools that enable conference organizers to talk uninterrupted, like when university lecturers are giving presentations to their students. Their calls will be fitted with devices that mute every other possible input, for the required duration.

Firms in this industry extol the eco friendly benefits of conference calls. Certainly, many people across the planet can “get together”, without needing to travel to the same location. This saves everyone time, money and poisonous travel fumes. Moreover, with secure processes set up, every payment can be actioned through direct debit, which eliminates the need for paperwork.

There are several other advantages as well. For instance, you have the chance to record your telephone discussions. This is perfect for busy business people, who prefer to give MP3 files to their secretaries, to get them converted into text format. The service is available round the clock, seven days a week. Therefore, you can host a conference call in the small hours of the morning, with an overseas colleague who is in another time zone.

Learning how to set up Conference Calling

Conference calling is useful in a variety of situations. Whether you want to talk to more than one friend at once from home, or have multiple business calls to take care of at one time, when you want multiple people in on the same call, you can use conference calling to do so. A conference call is a single telephone call in which there is a third party or even four or more people in on the same call. Everyone can talk and listen to everyone else, making it a very efficient and effective method of telephone calling in many situations.

Before you can get started and make a conference call, you need to learn how to set things up. The process is relatively simple, once you learn more about this type of calling and what it entails. The first step is actually contacting all of the parties you want included on the call, to advise them when the call is going to take place. Each party needs to be present on their end of the line in order to accept the call and be included in on it.

You may even want to send out a prompt to each of the invited parties right before the call, to remind them that the call is going to be taking place in the near future and to ensure they are ready to take the call. Be sure to keep a list of everyone you have invited to be in on the call, so you can easily keep track and go through the names as you invite each into the conference call. This keeps things a lot more straightforward and organized, saving you time and stress and getting your call set up as quickly and easily as possible.

In order to actually make the conference call, you need to go through a company offering these services. Skype and thousands of other companies are set up around the world for just these purposes. Set up an account with one of these companies and then go through with the available conference calling feature. Initially you must call a single party, wait for them to answer the phone, then use the feature to add on as many additional people to the call as you want. In many cases, this simply requires you to push the “Flash” button in order to go to the next line and add in another party on the line. Each time, you must wait for the called party to answer and have them wait on the line before you can go and add another person to the call.

Once you have as many parties as you wish to include on the line, you should all be able to hear and talk to one another without any problems. If you want to end the call, you need to fully hang up the phone in order to disconnect all parties. In order to disconnect only a single party without dropping the whole conference call, that party must hang up on their end. There are different instructions you may need to follow, depending on the particular company you go through for your conference calling, but it all stays relatively the same.

Once you understand how to set up conference calling, you can get started, whether for personal or business use, and start making the most of your calling.

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