Top 10 JavaScript Development Companies In the USA

JavaScript is a widely-used programming language to build interactive web pages. There are many large companies in the world that are using JavaScript in the front-end and backend.

Do you want to know the top JavaScript development companies? Keep reading this post to see the list of top 10 US-based companies offering JavaScript development services.

We have selected these companies based on various aspects such as reviews and ratings on the clutch, goodfirms, client testimonials, etc. So, choose the right one as per your business standards and projects requisites.

10 USA-Based JavaScript Development Companies

1. HTMLPanda

HTMLPanda is a competent web development company founded in 2014 with 8K+ happy clients. It develops high-performing, scalable, and user-friendly web development solutions with JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js, etc. As a growing web development company, HTMLPanda has delivered 15K+ projects.

HTMLPanda offers various JavaScript (JS) development services such as custom JavaScript development, JavaScript web development, Front-end development, JavaScript portal development, and many more.

The team of JavaScript professionals at HTMLPanda provides various benefits to its clients, such as on-time delivery, end-to-end JS development, fast and easy development, etc. Moreover, their clientele includes HP, Drivania, Intel, Philips, etc.

2. CSSChopper

It is a well-established JavaScript development company that was founded in 2009 and has 7500+ happy clients. It has achieved numerous milestones by providing innovative solutions to its clients. The team of JavaScript professionals at CSSChopper is well-versed in JS and its frameworks, libraries, and tools that enable them to create complex solutions meeting client requirements.

The JavaScript development services that CSSChopper provides are Web app development, front-end development, Back-end development, single page application development (SPAs), and many more. CSSChopper has created 2500+ JS development projects that are responsive and enabled with interactive features.

The extensive team of JS developers is equipped with various JS skills and relevant tools. They ensure fast development and releases by creating a website using an agile development strategy. You can get a responsive and high-performance web solution by collaborating with CSSChopper.

3. Rootstrap

Rootstrap is a software development company founded in 2011. Their team of professionals ensures outstanding work and delivers scalable web development projects by working with agile methodologies.

The technology stack of Rootstrap includes various front-end and back-end technologies such as Laravel, Django, Python, JavaScript, Typescript, Kotlin, VueJS, etc. The professional team of developers at Rootstrap works with agile methodologies to develop scalable mobile and web development projects.

Rootstrap offers a set of services meeting your business requirements. They are specialized in Application design and development, mobile app development, ios development, android development, IOT development, and many others.

Moreover, the clientele of Rootstrap includes MasterClass, Sony, Google, EPSON, Quartz, Heroku, etc. Apart from that, Rootstrap also offers testing solutions to increase the website’s efficiency and guarantee high performance.

4. Intersog

Intersog delivers top-quality custom JavaScript development services to its clients. It was founded in 2005. For over 16+ years, Intersog has served its clients and ensured a reputation as a trusted IT partner. The clientele of Intersog includes Mitsubishi Motors, Neustar, Fido, Northern trust, etc.

Professionals at Intersog deliver rapid and measurable outcomes without compromising the quality of the product. Along with JavaScript development, Intersog also offers various outsourcing services such as Big Data, IOT, Web applications, etc.

Moreover, it also provides various custom software solutions like consultancy and innovation, software integration, Enterprise software development, and many others.

5. SemiDot Infotech

It is a top USA-based web and mobile application development company that was founded in 2010. It includes highly qualified and experienced web designers and mobile app developers.

This experienced web design company specializes in various technologies such as Laravel, Symfony, Python, GoLang, Big Data, AngularJS, NodeJS, and many more. As a leading web development company, SemiDot Infotech offers technology solutions to startups, digital agencies, and enterprises.

SemiDot Infotech offers JavaScript development services and develops immersive web solutions for the business. The clientele of SemiDot Infotech includes Colgate, Reebok, Pearson, Hershey’s, etc.

The JavaScript development services that SemiDot Infotech offers are NodeJS development, AngularJS development, ReactJS development, JavaScript application development, and others.

6. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a USA-based provider of IT consulting and software development services. It was founded in 1989.

They are specialized in collaboration and knowledge management, information security, custom software development, mobile app development, web portals, intranets, salesforce, and many more.

If we talk about their employees, then they have over 700 IT professionals on board, among which 22% are on senior level and are well-versed with the various technology domains. The prominent clientele of ScienceSoft includes Walmart, IBM, Nestle, and many large and midsize organizations located worldwide.

7. Openxcell

Openxcell was established in 2008. It uses proven methodologies to offer a wide range of JavaScript development services. They are experts in developing well-designed and interactive web pages using the latest JS frameworks such as Node.js, Angular, Backbone.js, etc.

Openxcell uses trending front-end technologies for building complex web applications. The JavaScript development services that Openxcell offers are front-end UI development, Javascript consulting services, plug-in development, single-page web applications, plug-in development, etc.

The technological partners of Openxcell are Google Cloud, Quintype, Azure,, etc.

8. XBSoftware

XBSoftware was founded in 2008. It has a strong team of IT professionals that are engaged in web and mobile app development, project management, UI/UX design, and QA. The technology expertise of XBSoftware includes React.js, Node.js, .NET, PHP/Laravel, etc.

The specialties of XBSoftware are QA and software testing, IT staff augmentation, mobile app development, ERP, Project management, Business intelligence, Web development, and many more.

XBSoftware uses JavaScript to build interactive UIs and provides numerous web development services.

9. HQ Software Labs

HQ Software Labs is a USA-based custom web application development company that was founded in 2001. It has provided software development and IT consulting services for over 12 years. The clientele of HQ Software Labs includes Skoda, Canon, BBC, HTC, and many others.

HQ Software Labs has 300+ happy customers, and it has delivered 450 projects over the years.

JavaScript professionals at HQ Software Labs offer various front-end development services such as custom web application development, consulting and MVP development, Angular development, Node.js development, Vue.js development, and React Native development.

10. Andersen Lab

It is an IT company that was founded in 2007. For over 14 years, Andersen Lab has been helping enterprises worldwide to transform businesses by developing effective digital solutions with innovative technologies.

Their front-end engineers are keen to develop modern, customer-focused designs and intuitive user interfaces (UIs). From over a decade in the market, they are now a developed organization meeting the highest standards and excels as an advancing and reliable business.

Apart from the JavaScript services, Andersen Lab’s additional services include mobile development, web development, project management, Quality Assurance, Outsourced IT services, and many others.


Now, we have reached the end of the post. The companies that we have discussed in the post are the top USA-based JavaScript development companies. They are suitable for startups to large companies.

So, before finalizing a company, you must be well-versed with your requirements and project goals. For a better decision, you can visit the company’s website and their portfolio for choosing a company meeting your business standards, objectives, and budget.

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