Top 6 Real Estate Marketing Tools to Get Leads and Drive Sales

The Real estate market, just like any other industry saw a setback during the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The world was chaos and almost all the industries were facing challenges all around the world.

The pandemic created a war-like situation – the economy crumbled, employment plummeted, and businesses went bankrupt. People were more concerned about using their meager allowance on necessities such as food and health, rather than look for new houses.

In such a scenario, where people were praying for their lives, barely anyone was interested in real estate. According to the real estate market research, the residential real estate market has seen a decrease of a whopping 3% due to the pandemic.

However, now that everything has settled down a bit and we have covid-19 vaccinations, the world is returning to its normal. In April and may, home sales saw a major decline but in June the market recovered.

In this article, we have outlined a few real estate marketing tools that would help you get leads if you are a realtor and drive sales.

Revamp Your Website

The pandemic has given a boost to the digital sector. If you do not have a website, this is the time to make one.

If you already have a website, but you are still not able to get leads from your website, you should start analyzing your site to see which elements you need to work on. A website is your digital storefront, where people visit to see what you have got to offer.

You have to make your website to give your visitors a virtual tour of your real estate store. We have made a checklist for you to follow that will help you make the best of your website to get leads and drive sales.

  • Review the contents of your website, the CTA’s, the landing pages, the site map, etc.
  • Use analytics tools to track the statistics of your website. This will help you understand where your lead traffic is coming from and how you can further work on it to make get more sales.
  • Add a live chat option to your website. Today the customer wants instant interaction with their queries, and you will be missing out on a lead if you don’t add the instant chat option.
  • Create attractive and concise content for the visitors to your website.
  • This includes photo content, video content, and any sort of written content.


While one option is to work on your website, the other is to get tools that will optimize your business marketing strategy. There are various tools and software today that will help you with your goals of getting leads and sales.

One of the options is dotLoop. This Is a platform that optimizes transactions by providing instant access to e-signatures, document storage, reporting, mobile application, document editing, etc.

  • One System to Rule Them All
  • Compliance and Storage Made Easy
  • Know Your Business, Grow Your Business
  • Invested in Your Success


EyeSpy360 is a very cool marketing tool that realtors can use to market their products. It refers to a 360-degree view of a photo. This is a great tool for giving your visitors a virtual tour of the place.

Given that the pandemic is still lurking around, a lot of visitors prefer checking the places out on the website or photos before they visit the place. So as a realtor it is your job to stay up to date with the tools and use them to the best of their advantage.

You can make a 360-degree photo using your mobile phone or a 360-degree camera. The key is to give your visitors a virtual tour with these photos so the more professional your content looks the better it is for your real estate business.

Check out a few tips from this blog from Zillow on How to create a virtual tour for your real estate business.


Firepoint is a CRM For Real Estate agents. With the help of this software, realtors can manage relationships, tasks, track progress, and much more. The key feature of this CRM software is that it provides real-time updates of all the emails, calls, tasks, which in turn increases teamwork.

This software helps the team manage PPC campaigns and increase lead conversions. What’s best moreover is, that this software is google certified by experts.


This is a live chatbot application. These chatbots are supposed to facilitate real-time conversation. This tool is specifically designed to respond humanly and answer within 2 minutes. One more added feature of this software is that it follows up with unresponsive leads for up to twelve months. These follow-ups are detailed and automated and take about 8 contacts to seal the deal.

Get Response

Get a response is the best marketing tool you can have for email marketing. Aside from various other features, this tool provides many lead-generating tools, conversion webinars, and funnels, landing page templates, etc. This tool is best for all-in-one marketing tools for your real estate business.

The Real Estate CRM

This is a CRM for Real Estate companies that works wonders for the real estate business. Are you wondering why? This tool helps the realtors to gather leads from various real estate sites like Zillow, Facebook, dotloop, zapier,, and many others.

The tool has the capacity of getting leads from over 200 sources. This is a goldmine for real estate agents. So if you don’t already have this tool, it is about time you get this as soon as possible and start getting leads and driving sales for your business.

The best thing about this application is that it is integrated with the google calendar and is intuitive enough to prompt the realtors on which clients they should call and when.


The real estate industry has taken a massive hit due to the covid-19 situation. But things are turning around now that the vaccinations are given to the masses. Therefore bringing things back to normal. In these almost two years of covid-phase, a lot of things in the real estate industry went digital.

We have only mentioned a few marketing tools for your real estate business, but based on your need and management you can find more.

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