Top 15 Best Click Fraud Protection Software Tools for Protection and Detection

Click fraud protection software is a tool designed to protect online advertisers and their advertising campaigns from fraudulent clicks. Click fraud is a type of online fraud that occurs when a user clicks on an online ad multiple times or hires a bot to do so. This manipulates the ad revenue model of publishers, making an advertiser pay for clicks that don’t result in any conversions or new leads, wasting their investment.

Click fraud protection software is an algorithmic tool created to identify and eliminate instances of click fraud in online advertising. When a user clicks on an ad, the software tracks different data about that click and assesses its legitimacy. If the system determines that the click is fraudulent, it blocks it and prevents the advertiser from paying for the actions.

Below are some of the features that comprise click fraud protection software:

  • Detects and diagnoses click fraud: The core feature of click fraud protection software is its ability to detect different types of click fraud. The technology employs advanced algorithms to capture behavioral patterns of different user activities and detect abnormal click activity. This allows advertisers to identify and diagnose any suspicious clicks that come from bots, click farms, or other fraudulent sources.
  • Filters out suspicious clicks: Once the software detects click fraud activity, it immediately filters out the clicks that meet its criteria for fraudulent activity. This can include clicks from an Internet Protocol (IP) address or devices with long click hours compared to regular internet activity. The software conducts different flagging systems to prevent poor-quality clicks from counting towards the ad campaign results.
  • Provides real-time reporting: Click fraud protection software produces real-time reporting for advertisers that highlight key metrics related to their ad campaign performance. This can help advertisers to assess their marketing plan and measure the impact of click fraud on their campaign. This makes it easier for advertisers to adjust their campaigns in real-time and optimize their marketing ROI.
  • Offers centralized management: Click fraud protection software enables centralized management of multiple campaigns from a single dashboard. This eliminates the need to constantly monitor and update multiple campaigns, making it easier for advertisers to stay on top of their campaigns and ensure they’re always protected.
  • Automates click fraud protection: Click fraud protection software automates the entire process of identifying, reporting, and removing click fraud activity from ad campaigns. This removes the manual input needed to monitor and analyze campaigns, saving time and increasing the accuracy of the results.

Why do advertisers need click fraud protection software?

Click fraud can have devastating effects on an advertiser’s ad campaign. It can drain ad spend on clicks that don’t convert, significantly reduce ad campaign performance, and make it challenging for businesses to reach their target audience.

Click fraud protection software offers a solution to mitigate these challenges. By monitoring and filtering suspicious click activity, it allows businesses to pay only for clicks that will genuinely benefit their ad campaign.

Click fraud protection software can also enhance the quality of traffic your ad campaign gets. This can help attract more quality leads, increase your conversion rates, and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

Click fraud protection software is a valuable tool for online advertisers looking to identify and prevent fraudulent clicks. It provides an integrated approach that streamlines the process of monitoring and analyzing click activity, automates reporting, and filters suspicious clicks in real-time. With click fraud protection software, advertisers can ensure they’re paying only for quality clicks that positively impact their ad campaigns, leading to better ROI and improved business outcomes.


ClickCease detects and blocks click fraud on your Google Ads campaigns. Automatically block competitors and bots from wasting your PPC ads budget.

  • Outsmart competitors
  • Save money 24/7
  • Improve ads
  • Customize
  • Get insights
  • Get refunds


ClickGUARD Click fraud protection software monitors, detects & eliminates fraudulent wasteful traffic from Google Ads Campaigns automatically.

  • Competitor clicks
  • Fake bot traffic
  • Click farm networks
  • Anonymous proxy clicks
  • Data scraping servers
  • Rogue web crawlers
  • Hijacked applications
  • Ad fraud display networks


NoBotClick – 24/7 automatic ad fraud and click fraud protection ensures you don’t waste your budget on impressions and clicks from people and bots who want to harm your business.

  • False click reaches 40% without protection
  • Marketing effectivity without click scam
  • Ads for people, bot for robots


Click fraud is the largest issue facing advertisers today. Improve your results by nearly 30% using Fraud Blocker’s proprietary software.

  • 24/7 fraud monitoring
  • Click analysis and scoring
  • Customizable blocking rules
  • Real-time email alerts
  • Automated reporting
  • Exportable IP Addresses


Guard your digital marketing campaigns against invalid traffic with TrafficGuard’s award-winning ad fraud protection software.

  • Layer TrafficGuard across all of your advertising channels
  • We deploy the AI/ML troops
  • Same ad spend, better results


Clixtell – We build top rated software to eliminate PPC Click Fraud, track & record marketing calls, and watch your website as your users.

  • Automated Click Fraud Protection
  • 24/7 Click Fraud Detection
  • Website Video Recorder
  • Conversion Intelligence
  • Click-to-Call Ads Tracking & Recording
  • Google Ads Refund Claim Reports


Anura’s fraud detection eliminates click fraud (pay-per-click or PPC fraud) and improves data accuracy. It hides your ads from fraudulent visitors to save you money and ensure reliability.

  • Real Humans in Click Farms
  • Improved Bot Programming
  • Device Spoofing and Multi-Device Setups
  • Foreign Jurisdictions and Laws


Advertisers are using fraud0 to outperform their competition. Protect your ad spend by automatically excluding bots and other invalid traffic.

  • Automatically exclude invalid audiences
  • Protect all your channels
  • Protect yourself from impression fraud
  • Remove unwanted traffic
  • Prioritize real people
  • Maximize your ROAS


ClickSecurePro – Click Fraud Protection Software to ensure your Facebook & Google Ad Security, Fraud Identification, Click Fraud Detection, and Ad Fraud Detection.

  • Prevent bots from shaking your marketing budget by eliminating their unwanted clicks
  • VPN will not be able to cause trouble anymore from their unwanted clicks
  • Only legitimate indexing of your material could be one else it will be removed automatically
  • Any computer or Smartphone that can cause harm or create fake traffic impressions will be eliminated


Xenoss – build highly efficient custom ad fraud detection and prevention software that leverages advanced data science and machine learning.

  • End-to-end anti-fraud software development
  • Scalable architecture and complex integrations
  • Ad fraud consulting
  • AdTech team augmentation


Beacon – the only click fraud protection software that can accurately detect & prevent budget being wasted at campaign & channel level.

  • Delight your clients with higher ROAS
  • Beacon does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to
  • A personal service so you achieve results


Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite actively prevents ad fraud from affecting your budgets, data, and growth.

  • Real-time rejection
  • Full transparency
  • Accurate attribution
  • Reliable analysis


Opticks – the most advanced invalid traffic detection, prevention, and intelligence software, used by the top growth teams.

  • Fix your leaky advertising funnel
  • Maximize your return on ad spend
  • Make sense of your advertising analytics
  • Reach your growth objectives


Click Guardian detects and protects PPC Ads from costly click fraud, automating click fraud blocks for Google Ads and Bing Ads.

  • Access via Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops
  • Immediately see the details of attackers
  • Setup email notifications to alert you to fraud
  • Change your Settings in real-time, on the go
  • Access Stats showing a breakdown of clicks
  • Block Google Ads Click Fraud Automatically

CLICKBRAINIACS is a pay per click fraud detection and prevention software for Google ADS.

  • Adwords & PPC Click fraud detection & prevention
  • Monitoring all incoming traffic (mobile and desktop)
  • Set rules for automatic blocking/unblocking IP addresses
  • Possibility of manually blocking/unblocking IP addresses
  • Email Alerts for suspect/blocked IPs
  • Real time reporting dashboard

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