Top 10 Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Tools

Digital experience monitoring (DEM) allows you to watch application performance problems from a user experience viewpoint, isolate performance problems along the delivery path, speed up end user journey and resolve service problems. An example of a product experiencing a degraded user experience can be found in the form of slowdowns during start-ups or during the actual sales process. The first step in a Lean approach is to identify the problem as defective in nature. Once the defect has been identified, a testing team can be deployed to isolate the defect and see to it that all aspects of the application and system are functioning well. Once the root cause of the defect has been isolated, a change can be made to correct the defect and bring the system back to optimal performance. Deming’s eight Lean principles can then be used to ensure that all components within the organization are performing to optimum levels.

Lean’s Deming Principles have been applied to many different industries over the years. Today, a new generation of Deming principles for digital experience monitoring use Lean’s core ideas to drive Digital dashboards, improve customer service, reduce waste and streamline manufacturing. Lean analytics solutions can be used to reduce waste and improve service. They can also help organizations gain competitive advantage by enabling easy monitoring and feedback of key performance indicators. These tools can help in quality improvement, operational management, and operational efficiencies and cuts time while cutting costs.


Martello’s digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions give leaders the tools to understand and improve the user’s experience.

  • Optimized end-user experience through increased visibility into application availability and performance
  • Better visibility into the performance of SaaS and cloud services, providing IT teams the tools to help them manage the end-user experience
  • Increased employee productivity and satisfaction resulting in a deeper understanding of business impact, leading to better ROI
  • Improved end-to-end network monitoring strategy that provides a 360-degree view with efficient root cause analysis
  • Proactive monitoring and quicker troubleshooting results in reduced help desk support tickets
  • Ability to identify baseline end user experience to better define Service Level Agreements


Digital experience monitoring enables developers to identify and fix application problems before they affect end users. Optimize and track user journeys with Datadog.

  • Unify data for end-to-end digital experience monitoring
  • Track user journeys with Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Proactively monitor digital experience with Synthetics
  • Monitor digital experience data in context
  • End-to-end digital experience monitoring


Innovate faster, operate more efficiently, and drive better business outcomes with observability, AI, automation, and application security in one platform.

  • Instantly analyze digital experience data with full context
  • Prevent problems before users see them
  • Automatically resolve real user-impacting issues
  • Indisputable video evidence to optimize user experiences
  • Advanced mobile app monitoring to deliver omni-channel experiences
  • Push the boundaries of understanding user journeys


Always know your website is performing at its best, with Uptrends cloud-based website performance monitoring solution.

  • The #1 Digital Experience Monitoring tool
  • Guarantee user satisfaction with proactive synthetic monitoring
  • Complement your DEM-strategy with Real User Monitoring
  • Alerts via email, SMS, phone calls, push messages and integrations


ThousandEyes monitors network infrastructure, troubleshoots application delivery and maps Internet performance, all from a SaaS-based platform.

  • Your World Has Completely Changed
  • Unlock the True Potential of the Cloud
  • From DEM to Digital Transformation Leadership


Unparalleled visibility to employee issue Detection, Diagnosis, and Remediation ensures IT can see, diagnose and fix issues before they become critical.

  • Real-Time Alerting
  • Diagnostics & Analytics
  • Automation & Remediation


Synthetics and real user monitoring (RUM) in one easily deployed SaaS platform for comprehensive and seamless digital experience monitoring.

  • Speed Time to Resolution
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve End-User Device and Application Performance
  • Ensure Providers Are SLA Accountable
  • Capacity Planning and IT Change Validation
  • Reduce Help Desk Calls and Support Tickets


Opsview and ITRS Uptrends now integrate, providing full stack monitoring to keep your website running 24/7 and provide the optimum digital experience.

  • Keep your APIs up and functioning 24/7
  • Capture data from the user’s perspective
  • Improve your website performance
  • Get performance data directly from your users


The Ultimate Digital Employee Experience Management Platform DEX by 1E. Engage with your employees remotely and proactively monitor and optimize their experience.

  • Experience Analytics
  • Endpoint Troubleshooting
  • Inventory Insights
  • Employee Sentiment
  • Endpoint Automation


Digital experience monitoring solutions from Allot ensure consistent and excellent digital experience for your online services and business-critical applications.

  • Safeguards business reputation
  • Ensures business efficiency and continuity
  • Advanced root cause analysis reduces MTTR

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