The Future of 3D Animation Services: Trends & Predictions

You may remember your favourite childhood memories, which deployed 3D animation to entertain you. “Lion King,” “Toy Story,” “Matrix,” and many other movies employed 3D animation; not to mention, all of them were successful. Moreover, animated videos, such as a 3D animated explainer video, have become more popular than ever. In addition, Best 3D Animation Services are behind the creation of first-rate 3D animated videos you come across today.

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In this post, we shall tell you what the future of a 3D animation agency or a service looks like. Further, we shall have a look at trends and predictions to realise the future of 3D animated video production companies. Prior to that, we want you to know why animators deploy 3D animation and how it is revolutionising the industry.

Why 3D Animation?

When it comes to animation, it employs tons of pictures in motion. Every single image you see in an animated video employs a unique motion from the other. The usual frame rate that animators use to create animated videos is 24 frames per second. In order to make animations look very realistic, animators (animated video production companies) create videos in 3D. Next, we shall tell you how 3D animated videos have revolutionised the industry, more specifically the film industry.

How Has 3D Animation Revolutionised the Industry?

Thanks to 3D animation, it has become easier than ever for animation studios to work on creating high-quality animated videos. Watching animated videos in 3D gives you a feeling like you are seeing real-life characters and scenes. The advancement in 3D animation also allowed animators to create brilliant movies, such as Marvel movies and the Transformers series. 3D animation has truly revolutionised the animation industry, especially the film industry.

Today, animation studios to brands and moviemakers can create one-of-a-kind 3D animated videos. You can also come up with a brilliant animated video if you choose 3D animation for the purpose.

Future of 3D Animation Studios or Services as Per Trends

Some of the most popular trends that animation studios or agencies stick to for 3D animation are the following:

1. Characters

3D Animation Services often deploy mascots and flat-style characters to come up with 3D animated videos.

2. Animations

When it comes to 3D animated videos, animation studios utilise surrealistic and old-school animations.

3. Imagery & Typography

CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) and kinetic typography are a popular choice for imagery and typography, respectively for 3D animation.

Based on these trends, it looks like filmmakers and animation studios will keep on adopting new technologies for 3D animations. Nowadays, companies already deploy 3D videos, such as a 3D animated explainer video, to fascinatingly communicate their brand story. It is because 3D animations help brands stand out among competitors. In addition, they have a universal appeal. Contingent on the aforementioned benefits of 3D animations, more brands and filmmakers will use 3D animations in the future. Furthermore, the demand for 3D animation studios and video production services will likely rise in the future, too.

Future of 3D Animation Studios – Predictions

The future of 3D animation is exhilarating, and we shall see more advancements soon for 3D animated video production. Animators and filmmakers are today able to create very realistic and immersive experiences with 3D animations. It has become possible for them because of recent advancements in different technologies. Moreover, we can predict more advancements in emerging technologies for 3D animation, which we have mentioned below:

1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Further advancements in VR will allow 3D animation studios and agencies to create more realistic and interactive 3D videos. The same holds for AR (Augmented Reality), which will allow animators to create the best video games and movies.

2. Real-Time Rendering

Powerful graphics processors allow animators to create highly detailed and realistic 3D animations in real-time, in games, in particular. Furthermore, it looks like filmmakers and animators will deploy real-time rendering for live-action movies soon.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is already used in 3D animations for creating very realistic characters and automating boring tasks. In addition, animators may use AI in the future for creating more believable 3D animations and optimising the animation pipeline.

4. Motion Capture

Animators, such as a 3D animation agency, deploy motion capture technology to capture the movements of real-life characters. Further, it allows them to transform such movements into 3D animations. Moreover, this technology is advancing fast, too, which animators will deploy more in the future, too.

5. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows animators to gain access to powerful resources and communicate with other animators in real time. Therefore, it is no wonder if animators utilise cloud computing in the future to complete complex 3D animation projects with ease.

6. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing allows animators to do complex calculations much faster as compared to traditional computers. Animators may utilise this technology, too, to create more realistic and lifelike animations, similar to AI.

How Does the Future Hold for 3D Animation Services?

3D animations are almost everywhere today, from social media to corporate training, filmmaking, and more. Moreover, individuals and businesses have many good reasons to deploy such animations that 3D animation agencies create, in particular. 3D animations allow you to bring ideas to life, plus help you communicate your message to the target audience fascinatingly. The future of 3D animation studios and animation agencies is very bright.

Furthermore, 3D animated videos are already transforming the industry in various ways, which we have summarised below:

  1. The deployment of virtual reality is increasing over time for 3D animated video production.
  2. Animators are able to create very realistic visuals today, for which you can thank 3D animation.
  3. In addition, the integration of 3D animation in live-action footage makes videos highly fascinating to watch.


You may still remember 3D animated movies you watched in your childhood, such as “Toy Story,” “Matrix,” etc. Further, brands, filmmakers, and animators today deploy 3D animations to create very realistic videos. Moreover, it looks like 3D animation services and studios will deploy emerging technologies even more for 3D video production in the future. Some of the emerging technologies for 3D animated video production include AR, real-time rendering, motion capture, and others.

Furthermore, 3D animations have already transformed the industry when it comes to filmmaking, animated video production, and more. To finish, the demand for 3D animated video production companies will rise in the future, as per current trends and predictions.

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