Best Survey Tools for Gathering Customer Feedback

A business needs to know the customer reactions after using their products or availing their services. This information can be obtained by collecting customer feedback. For collection of customer feedback, businesses use the method of surveying and interviewing their customers to judge their reactions.

In the survey method, customers are asked to fill out a form after they buy or use a product or service. They are asked to enter their experience in different features while using the product. Customers can either rate the features on a rating scale or share their experience in words. Through these surveys you can also understand how likely the customer was to promote the product or the brand. Ratings and preferences can be recorded with the use of rating scales like:

  • Yes, no and maybe
  • Numerical rating
  • Not likely, most likely and neutral
  • Satisfactory and disappointing.

All these scales have two extreme ends to answer and also a neutral point. One end is the extreme positive end and the other one is the extreme negative. The neutral point is when the respondent is confused about his choice or does not feel too strongly for or against the statement. A survey also consists of questions where respondents can answer freely and express their thoughts. These types of questions are not restricted to only a few options as answers and are called open end questions.

In the interview method, the same questions can be used as in a survey. But the interviewer does not give options to choose but lets the individual express on his own. Here, the interviewer notices the behaviour and expressions as well.

There can be other methods to take customer feedback but these are the most widely used. The most popular is the survey method.

Benefits of the survey method

  • It is the most cost effective method. It is not expensive at all.
  • Through surveys a person can collect huge amounts of data at a time. Within a specific period, you can collect responses from hundreds of people.
  • This method is the best way to save time.
  • Not a lot of effort or skilled people are required to collect customer responses.

Best Survey tools for collecting customer feedback

1. Fynzo survey

There isn’t a type of survey that Fynzo does not provide a designed template for. You name it, Fynzo online survey maker has it. With affordable subscription rates and upto the mark services, users are satisfied with this software.

  • Make it easier for your respondents to enter responses. Let them fill up the form online and upload it when they can. Best way to not miss out feedback due to connectivity issues.
  • Take a quick glimpse at the statistics of the data collected with the help of graphs and charts in the free online survey maker.
  • Question types that can be drop down, checkboxes or multiple choice. Creating online surveys has become easier as you can use more than one type in the same survey.
  • Get mail alerts about any activity related to your personal data and privacy.

2. Jotform Survey Maker

Jotform Survey Maker is an easy-to-use online tool that helps its users to create customized and engaging surveys. You can either create a form from scratch according to your theme or choose from a selection of 800+ readymade templates.

  • You can pick a format that works best for you.
  • There are multiple embed options for you to embed your survey’s unique code into your website.
  • Your survey will work great on both desktop and mobile devices thanks to Jotform’s mobile-responsive design.
  • With the survey report tool feature, you can turn form responses into professional reports.
  • There is a free plan available.

3. Zonka feedback

This is built to mainly take customer feedback surveys. So, you can be sure that it can do all your surveying tasks quite efficiently and easily.

  • Survey templates readily available for professional use. Build a survey without spending time on creating one from scratch.
  • Zonka online survey software lets you take feedback through offline kiosks.
  • Webhooks, slack and Zapier can be of help as they integrate with this app.
  • Get the perfect plan that benefits you and if it is not enough, you can add on some more features with it.

4. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is the go to online survey builder for collecting customer reactions and rating. Clearly analyse what your customers are looking for in the responses they give.

  • Collaborate with teams efficiently to make and share feedback surveys.
  • Get employee feedback as well to know their level of satisfaction in their job.
  • Expert formulated questions reduce your work even more. Simply use those sample questions in the survey.
  • Templates are available for every purpose to collect customer, employee, health care and product launch feedback.

5. Google forms

We all have filled up a Google form sometime or the other. Although one cannot customize a Google form as much but is still used widely as it is a free online survey creator.

  • If you want to make simple forms, Google is the best choice for you.
  • Simple forms that can deliver the purpose of the survey and can get the required information your business needs.
  • Best if you are building a survey for the first time and do not want to use too many complex tools.
  • Ends with a confirmation that the survey has been filled and submitted successfully.

6. Sogosurvey

Feedback forms, mental health forms and planning and management forms are available to increase the scope of your survey.

  • Offline kiosk survey taking is available. Customers can review the product just after they buy it.
  • Add audio clips along with images and videos to level up the survey taking experience.
  • You can find a library for sample questions and you can use those in the survey or get an idea to build your own questions.
  • Customers can fill up forms offline if they want to and update it later online easily.

7. Typeform

Creating online surveys has never been easier. Typeform is one of the best to look out for in 2021.

  • You can collect 5000 responses in a month which is enough to analyse for market research.
  • There is a free of cost plan for you to enjoy as well.
  • Greet people by using their name to make them feel that the survey is personalized for them.
  • You can also direct respondents to your business website after they have submitted the survey.

Nowadays, people use a quicker and more informal way to get feedback. It is through status and stories in social media platforms. Instagram has the option to take actual polls. It also shows the percentage of people voting for each option. All the other social media can also be used to take feedback. Through the method of replying to stories and status, you can reply to survey questions.

Some online shopping, transportation or delivery sites ask you to rate their experience as soon as you have used their service. This is also a way to collect a quick review. People generally respond to these types of rating requests as they have full memory of their experience.

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