Amazon SEO – What Makes It Click, And How Can I Use It To Skyrocket My Sales?

SEO has become more important for Amazon sellers than ever before. More and more sellers are now using Amazon to sell products and goods manufactured by them or others. Individuals, small businesses as well as large multinational companies are now using Amazon to stay ahead of their competitors. But what to do about the competitors who are already there on Amazon? Amazon SEO is the answer.

Amazon SEO helps you stay ahead of your competitors. Amazon SEO helps sellers rank their products higher in search results. Whenever a user searches for a particular keyword on Amazon, they can see plenty of results. Users generally go for the results situated right at the top of the search results page. Also, users tend to go for results that are more informative, have better photographs, better descriptions, and suit their requirements.

Amazon SEO has several benefits, but it is important to know how the Amazon search engine works. For any particular keyword, Amazon searches products with those keywords in either their title, description, or even seller name. Yes, many Amazon sellers also use such keywords in their seller name on Amazon, which helps users find their products easily. The Amazon search engine also has a look at several other factors as well, such as the review, rating, conversion rate images, pricing, etc.

Through the course of this blog, we will get to know about the importance of Amazon SEO, its working, benefits, and best strategies to stay ahead in Amazon’s SEO game. Understanding Amazon’s search algorithm better would help you optimize your seller’s account and product listings better.

Some Winning Factors That Influence Amazon SEO The Most

Before deciding on an Amazon SEO strategy for sellers, it is important to understand Amazon’s search Algorithm. Various factors, such as the product title, description and bullet points, Amazon Seller account details, conversion rates, and pricing help the search algorithm rank the best results. It is advisable to focus on each of these factors individually to get the best results from your Amazon SEO efforts.

Product Title

The product title is one of the most significant factors in Amazon’s search algorithm. To make the best of your SEO efforts, it is important to include all relevant information in the product title. The brand name, size or color variation, and model variant must all be included in the title. Relevant keywords that the users will search for, should also be included in the product title. If all relevant information is used in the product title, it is easy for users to find their desired products. As a seller, you need to ensure you include these keywords in the title as well.


The description has a larger space for inserting all the desired content. All the product’s USPs can be utilized in the description. The content can be explained and filled elaborately in the description. Another major Amazon optimization benefit is that multiple points can be included with appropriate keywords and explained in detail in the description. Keywords can be frequently used, but should not be filled unnecessarily. The main purpose of the description would be to answer all the user’s queries.

Seller Name

Contrary to common knowledge, the Amazon Seller name also plays a key role in Amazon’s search engine algorithm. Not only does the seller name make a difference, but the metadata entered in the Amazon seller account also makes a difference. If most of your products belong to a common product umbrella, you can use that in your seller’s name. For example, if your name is John and you mostly sell mobile phones, you can title your Amazon Seller name as ‘John’s Mobiles’ or something similar.

Conversion Rates

Your product’s conversion rates matter a lot when it comes to its search rankings. Conversion rate is a metric that talks about the percentage of people who bought your product after clicking on the link. Conversion rates can be improved with the help of presentation as well as the actual performance of the product. Improving conversion rate is a long-term process, and requires regular work and persistence.


While pricing is not a direct ranking factor, pricing influences user behavior a lot. Pricing does affect the rankings, as users can choose price filters. The optimal and best-performing product for a particular price range will be ranked at the top. Pricing should be decided while keeping in mind the market prices and discounts.

We Bet You Didn’t Have Any Idea About These Amazing Benefits Of Amazon Store Optimization

Amazon optimization has several benefits which are why it is feasible to invest on Amazon SEO. It helps you attract more customers, helps users find your products easily, helps you generate more leads, creates loyal customers, and save money you would have to spend otherwise on external marketing.

Lets users find your products easily

Amazon SEO helps users find your products more easily. If all your products are search optimized, users can find them within seconds. On the contrary, if products are not properly optimized for search, sellers can suffer losses by not selling a single product for months. Amazon SEO helps new users find your products, and your products can rank well above those of your competitors if properly optimized.

Attract more customers

As mentioned above, one of Amazon SEO’s key benefits is attracting new customers. Amazon SEO can help you attract customers who know nothing about your brand. If your product listings rank among the top results for the keyword that they are searching, they would be interested in knowing more about your product. After going through your product’s description and catalog page, they will buy your product if they think it fulfills their requirements. This further substantiates the importance of Amazon SEO.

Create loyal customers

Once users find your products on Amazon via search, they will like your product if the details mentioned suiting their requirements. If the buyers are happy with the quality and performance of your product, they would love to buy more products from you. The next time, users will directly search for your store and research the products included in your catalog. This way, sellers can create loyal customers that will help increase their sales and revenue over a long period of time.

Generate more leads

Amazon SEO can help sellers generate more leads than usual. If a product is listed on Amazon, yet not optimized for search, there is a huge chance of the product going unnoticed and going further behind in the search rankings. Optimizing listings help generate new leads and new buyers, setting off a chain of buyer acquisition for sellers.

Save money on external marketing

Sellers can do all kinds of things to create awareness of their products, such as external marketing, social media marketing, website promotion, YouTube ads, etc. However, if users are easily finding your products with a simple search, you won’t need to spend so much money on external marketing and promotions. Amazon SEO helps you save valuable money you would have otherwise spent on external marketing.

Some Highly Useful Amazon SEO Strategies For Sellers

After knowing the basics of Amazon’s search algorithm and the importance of Amazon SEO, it is time to create a robust strategy to help boost sales and help increase your revenue. A 360-degree strategy is best. While there are many areas you can focus on simultaneously, it is important to optimize those areas you easily can and spend a little amount of time regularly on areas that require long-term efforts.

Optimize Content – Title, description, bullet points, seller account

There are many areas in a single Amazon account, optimizing which can help your Amazon sales strategy. Talking about textual content, your product’s title, description, bullet points as well as Amazon Seller account metadata can be optimized for search. Use relevant keywords, include as much information as you can, and let your customers know why your product is better than your competitor’s products. Amazon virtual assistants can help you optimize your content for search.

Choose the Correct Product Category

While it might seem like a small job, choosing the correct product category is crucial in getting Amazon SEO right. If you have listed multiple products via a single Amazon Seller account, there are huge chances of getting the product category wrong. Each listing needs to be properly categorized. Product taxonomy is hugely important, and you should always refer to Amazon’s Browse Tree Guide to correctly choose the category for each product.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads help Amazon Sellers promote their products to new customers. Sponsored ads are really helpful for highly competitive product categories. Amazon ad campaigns need to be carefully managed, and all necessary keywords you want your product to rank for must be included in the sponsored ad campaign. Amazon’s sponsored ads are really cost-effective, and you can begin with a small amount to know how effective sponsored ads really are for you. Opting for Amazon PPC management will ensure the smooth growth of your brand on Amazon.

Optimizing Images

Optimizing images should be on the top of the list of actionable points, as far as the Amazon SEO strategy for sellers is concerned. The first thing users notice is the product image, which is why they can make or break a deal. Images must be properly edited, utilize white backgrounds, and must be of high quality to provide users with a great amount of detail even after zooming.

Work on product quality

This is a highly underrated strategy and ignoring it can lead to huge losses. If the quality of the products you manufacture or sell on Amazon is not good enough, users will not come back and your store will not be profitable in the long run. However, if the product quality is good, users will keep coming back, and so will new users – leading to great reviews, higher search rankings, and an exponential increase in sales.

While implementing Amazon SEO strategies for sellers is great, sellers can improvise on the basis of their business model and experiences. Since Amazon SEO requires long-term efforts, it is always advisable to hire experts to do the job. Amazon experts ensure each aspect of your store, including your Amazon Seller account, product listings, images, customer support, and PPC campaigns are taken care of.

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