6 Tools B2B Marketers Can Use For Live Website Tracking

The number of website visitors plays a vital role in determining whether or not your website appeals and appears to the public. Businesses need to know the metrics of their analytics because they will serve as an instrument to help them figure out the causes of why such numbers occur. Those who keep tabs on their website’s analytics are the ones who are proactively looking for ways to improve their website and provide a better user experience.

Tracking your website’s analytics in real-time determines if your website has a good UX design and how well your new content performs. If the numbers are decreasing, you can immediately plan how to reverse it.

If you’re in the B2B industry where customers are fewer, you have to monitor the numbers of your website’s analytics. Here are six tools B2B marketers can use for live website tracking:

1. Leadfeeder

When you’re in eCommerce, your primary goal is for your online platforms to generate leads for you. Leadfeeder allows the sales and marketing team to convert more leads when using their software for visitor tracking.

One impressive feature of this tool is it gives you the names of the companies that visit your website and reveals the behavior of these companies whenever they visit. This specific feature allows you to contact the companies that often visit your website so you can directly offer them your products and services.

Leadfeeder also improves the performances of your marketing campaigns and your website’s sales engagement. It’s easy to use and is very functional! They also provide exceptional customer support, which is helpful for first-time users. When you need their help with using the software, they’re readily available to answer all your questions and concerns.

Price: $90.45/monthly for premium with a seven-day free trial.

2. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a highly effective tool that helps companies make decisions that matter. It enables your marketing team to know the behavior of your website users as well as their information, which you can use to determine their interests. This tool provides you with information that allows you to position your products and services better to match the demands of your frequent web visitors.

Aside from its tracking features, Mixpanel helps teams understand how people engage in websites, how they get converted to sales, and how much of these visitors retain to using your website after some time.

Mixpanel is easy to set up and use. It can be your primary tool for monitoring website analytics, creating advanced reports, and information sourcing for product engagements.

Price: starts at $25/monthly for the paid plan.

Free use: free website tracking with limited features.

3. FullStory

FullStory is one of the leading tracking tools for product teams. It provides you with in-depth data of user experience that can help you make more effective digital decisions. When some of your users struggle while using your website or application, FullStory detects the areas they’re having trouble with while telling you which part of your website impacts your users positively.

This software is good to use for monitoring daily website activities and seeing glimpses of unique moments from your new and frequent users.

FullStory is one of the best tracking tools known in marketing because it tells you how you can improve your customers’ digital experience.

Price: You can check FullStory to know which plan will work for you.

They offer demos and a 14-day free trial.

4. Hubspot

You’ve probably encountered Hubspot in several articles when you’ve been in the marketing industry for a long time. Hubspot is recognized as one of the leading tracking tools for B2B because it has a wide range of features used by businesses to meet their digital needs.

Hubspot uses browser cookies to track website visitors. Hubspot is a data-driven marketing tool used to track how frequently your users visit your website and determine their interests so you can optimize your website to meet their needs.

Price: Hubspot is a free tool. If you want to get their premium features, you can contact them to know their available plans.

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is ideal for smaller teams who need a boost in the sales department. It’s a lead-tracking tool that tracks both your visitors and the sales your website makes. Not only does it help improve your conversion rates, but it also provides a sales report and forecasting tool which can help convert your leads into sales.

Pipedrive reveals leads interested in your services, while it also provides you with data to know what your leads want so you can position your high-impact products and content at the forefront of your website.

Price: Plan starts at $49.90/monthly. Offers a 14-day free trial.

6. Salespanel

Salespanel offers website analytics for marketing and sales. If you’re new to this whole website tracking gimmicks, then this tool might be helpful for you. Salespanel provides marketing analytics data that can help the marketing team know which campaigns they need to optimize to match what their market needs.

Aside from its sales and marketing analytics benefits, Salespanel also allows you to keep tabs on user actions, such as button clicks, the number of visits, visit durations, email clicks, and more.

Price: Starts at $49/monthly. Offers free plan.


If you think having a website is enough to generate leads and convert them to sales, then you’re wrong. Your website will not do all the work for you. Website tracking tools exist to help you determine how well your content performs, how often companies visit you, what actions your visitors do when they’re on your page, and more.

Website tracking tools give you an in-depth understanding of your visitors’ behaviors, enabling you to move forward by knowing which website features or content drives more conversions.

Having the right knowledge on which products and website features appear to be getting more attention from your visitors can help you position your business better to drive a call-to-action, so not only will the products appeal more but will also create a “push” for your target to buy.

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