Why Should You Outsource Business Services to India?

Business process outsourcing is one of the booming sectors of recent days. Companies nowadays whether it’s a startup or multinational giants are outsourcing their several services to various BPO companies in India for a smooth run and steady business growth. The service provider helps the business to make use of all the opportunities and strike the right note. Besides offering cost effective services, they also help in business expansion.

The benefits of outsourcing certain business processes are numerous. From saving company cost to shared responsibilities a BPO company can help you to boost your business by several means. Let’s have a quick look at some of the popular types of BPO processes and how they are helping the industry to develop further.

Different types of BPO

In layman terms, BPO services are of two types: inbound services and outbound services.

Inbound service: It is generally related to receiving calls from customers to address their queries and issues. In these services, an agent needs to have sound knowledge of the company’s product or services and to be smart and proactive to handle multiple customer queries.

The following are the examples of some of the common yet popular inbound services:

One of the common inbound services is call centre order taking services. In this case, the agent is responsible to take orders either via call or online. Here he or she will be solely responsible to complete the purchase cycle of a potential customer. Order taking services are a boon for people who don’t or can’t go to stores for regular purchases such as senior citizens. Here the order taking agent must be well aware of the products and services so that they can handle the queries of each customer successfully.

Nowadays due to the rapid expansion of the online marketplace, the need for call centre order taking services are increasing.

Customer support: Another important yet common inbound service is customer support services. Most of the telecom BPO services are a good example of it.

Telecom BPO services help to manage customer queries and complaints flawlessly so that a customer gets satisfied and trusts the process and services.

Moreover, the telecom industry comes under essential services and so customers expect continuous support. In this case, telecom BPO services help the companies to get continuous support by living them with 24*7 services for 7 days a week.

Tech support: The age-old services, it’s probably one of the first outsourced services. Though decades have passed, the popularity has not decreased; rather it shows a gradual increase. From small companies to big corporations all rely on bpo services to get a continuous technical backup.

Outbound services: In this case, a BPO agent is responsible to call the potential customers and clients to generate leads or business. here the agents need to be proactive and should have excellent negotiation and convincing skills as it is mostly associated with generating potential leads.

The general examples of outbound call centres are as follows:

Lead generation companies

These companies are responsible for generating more sales and customer engagements. Lead generation has many potential benefits like:

  • Market expansion: Some of the lead generating BPO companies in India use several lead generation campaigns, which lets your service or product to reach out to an increasing number of the population. These people get to know more about your company and thus you will be benefited.
  • Revenue generation: More interaction means more potential leads which increase the rate of business conversion. As a lead turns into a customer, the generation of new revenues takes place. In this way, BPO companies help to generate more business.
  • Increased followers on social channels: As your business starts to expand slowly more people get to know about you. One of the important parts of social media lead generation is the creation of quality content that relates to your business and takes it to a new creative level. More creative content helps you to attract more followers online, and a good number of online followers helps to grow more positive feedback.

Market survey companies

We all have encountered certain calls from specific companies asking about feedback or certain recently used product services. Market survey is another popular form of outbound calls. Market survey companies help a client to get more attached with their customers and also helps to know the current market scenario, performance of the products and potential competitors.


Another very popular outbound service is telemarketing. It helps to gauge your customer’s interest level in your product or services. It helps to create a good bonding with your customer which is essential for your market expansion. Telemarketing improves sales and helps to generate more quality leads. A lot of BPO companies in India provide excellent telemarketing services which will help you to boost sales, expand your business and generate more revenue.

It has been noticed lately that 80% of European and US clients outsource their certain business processes to many south Asian countries. Among them, India is becoming the biggest hub of BPO services. There are various reasons to outsource to India such as:

The quality workforce at a low price: The main benefit of hiring BPO companies in India is that they are rich in human resources. India always offers a great number of quality workforces. Most of them are educated youth with sound technical knowledge along with great communication skills.

As the cost of living is very low in India compared to the US or other European states, it’s easy to hire a quality workforce at half of the price in comparison to the US. So rather than building a core team with a greater expense, it’s easy to hire a quality team at half of its price.

Consistent high-quality service: In this era of digitalization a company needs to gain the trust of its customer to survive the competition. Most of the Indian BPO companies offer continuous support by giving 24*7 services even on weekends. So if a customer wants to reach you then he can get you at any day at any time.

Good pricing option: India offers a low pricing option in comparison to the US and UK. The hourly cost of manpower can be as low as 15 -20 $ on negotiation. It helps companies to fix their budget and to incest more on core processes.

Last but not the least, India offers a pool of technically sound professionals than other Asian states and also offers a client with the latest technology and software services. Due to this reason more and more corporates are hiring the services of BPO companies in India.

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