What to Expect When Hiring Mobile App Developers: Cost Breakdown

When a business or manager is motivated to jumpstart an app development project, one of the initial questions they consider is: how much does it cost to hire an app developer? This answer will play a major role in allocating their budget for mobile application creation. Ultimately, the overall expense varies significantly based on recruiting experienced developers.

With the numerous available applications, you have three choices: Android, iOS, and web. Web app versions set themselves apart from mobile programs by running in browsers instead of requiring a particular operating system or platform like phones do.

Consider bringing on an app developer but don’t know what it’ll cost. You’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide a complete breakdown of how to accurately estimate the cost when you hire mobile app developers.

Factors that affect the app development cost

The cost of developing mobile applications can be a significant concern for many businesses and managers. Here are some factors to consider while you are looking for an app developer for hire:

Skills/prerequisites: The cost of developing an app relies heavily on the technical capabilities and proficiency of the developers. Thus, ensuring their performance is consistently monitored for quality assurance is essential. Furthermore, the skill set possessed by each developer also directly impacts how much you pay in development fees.


Experience is a major factor in terms of cost. A developer with years of experience will generally be more expensive than one just starting. A veteran app developer should have the skills and knowledge to create a high-quality app quickly and cost-effectively, saving you time and money in the long run.


The location of the personnel you hire can also affect the app development cost. Generally speaking, hiring a developer from a country with lower wages will be more budget-friendly than one in an area with a higher salary.

Technological advancement

As the IT industry keeps evolving, developers can rapidly fill any potential vacancies in demand. However, their corresponding hourly rates can be determined by their technological proficiency. A developer with more experience and skill in an unfamiliar programming language or framework will cost considerably more than one familiar.

The complexity of your project

The overall cost also depends on the complexity of the desired mobile application. For instance, a mobile game will usually require more expertise and resources than a simple to-do list app, thus requiring more time, effort, and money to create it. It’s critical to consider your project’s complexity when hiring mobile app developers and to allocate funds appropriately.

Various ways of hiring app developers

Lets now dive into different methods that you can use to mobile app developers:

In-House team

Hiring a top mobile app development company is recommended for any long-term project. However, suppose you wish to keep your operation in-house and have the necessary resources available. In that case, hiring “in-house” developers is an ideal choice – they get access to your organization’s facilities and have their workspace with full social benefits.


  • Quick and direct communication.
  • Easier to manage team performance.
  • Easy implementation of changes or updates in the app development process.


  • More expenses on salaries, taxes, benefits, and other overhead costs.
  • Difficult to find and hire talented developers who fit in with the company culture.
  • It’s challenging to keep up with the technology’s quick changes.

Team Augmentation

With team augmentation, you can bring in talented freelancers from around the world to work alongside your current staff. Whether a temporary or permanent employee, this resourceful method makes an as-needed basis possible. It’s no surprise that companies often hire external programmers for such projects.


  • Cost-effective – since you can hire on a project basis.
  • Can help with getting projects done quickly and efficiently.


  • Not as much control over project completion or deadlines.
  • Difficult to find the right talent for the specific task.
  • Communication issues if not all team members are in the same office.


Freelancing is a great way to get your project done on a tight budget. You can hire freelancers worldwide with the necessary skills and experience in developing mobile applications. It’s essential to find a reliable one, as it can be challenging to verify the quality of their work without having seen any of it before.


  • Cost-effective option for app development projects.
  • Can effectively and rapidly discover suitable talent.


  • Not much control over the project completion or deadlines since freelancers are usually not bound by long-term contracts or agreements.
  • Quality and reliability may be a concern since freelancers are usually not experienced with the project.
  • Communication issues if the freelancer is located in another country or time zone.


Outsourcing has become a popular option among businesses these days. It involves hiring outside agencies or teams to take on the development of your project. Depending on your needs, budget, and skills required, you can opt for local providers or international ones.


  • You only pay for what you require, getting the best value for your money!
  • Ability to access a larger pool of talent from around the world.
  • Easier to manage due to working with experienced professionals.


  • Lack of control over the project since the team is external and not part of your existing organization.
  • Quality control can be a concern since there’s often no way to verify the quality of their work.
  • Difficulties in communication if the team is located in another country or time zone.

Important things to keep in mind when hiring app developers

When you are looking for an app developer for hire, keep below things in mind:

Clear your basics

Learning the fundamentals of technology, audiences, programming languages, and platforms is essential to successful development. If you find hiring developers too costly for your business needs, consider working with remote developers with a track record of success in their past projects and the experience needed to demonstrate proficiency.

Create a relationship with the developing team

A good relationship with the development team is essential to ensure your goals and expectations are met. Working together as a team will help create better results and keep everyone on the same page throughout the process.


Hiring the right mobile app developers is crucial to the success of any project. Several factors must be considered before deciding whether you opt for team augmentation, freelancers, or outsourcing. Consideration such as cost-effectiveness, quality control, and communication issues should all be considered to ensure you get the best results for your project. You can locate an app developer who will support the success of your project with careful preparation and study.

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