What Is The Price Of Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint is one of the best options in the market when we talk about the software used for the creation of digital art. It is a great choice by the artists irrespective of the fact that they are beginners or trained, casual, or professional. It is used by learners in order to enhance their skills of digital art creation and also used by professionals to create great pieces of art. However, many users remain confused about what is the price of Clip Studio Paint.

So, here we will tell you about the price that you need to pay for its different versions.

Prices Of PRO And EX Version Of Clip Studio Paint

Many users remain confused is Clip Studio Paint one time purchase or a subscription-based product. Well, Clip Studio Paint comes in two versions named Clip studio paint Ex and Clip Studio Paint Pro. The features and pricing plans of both of them are different. With regard to this issue, we shall compare the pricing plans the Clip Studio paint provides to its customers.

Clip Studio Paint EX

It is the full–feature edition of Clip Studio Paint. It is the latest version, having in it all the latest technology and features, keeping in mind the requirements of the present-day artists. It has more features than any other version launched by Clip Studio Paint. It is also a costlier version and is mostly used by professionals, whereas amateurs would not be much interested in using it. You can also apply the Clip Studio Paint coupon code to get a discount on it. It is widely used for the purpose of creating professional comics, cartoons, characters, etc. It also has a 3D feature that makes the artwork more realistic.

Prices of Clip Studio Paint EX:

Plan nameMonthly PriceOne-time purchase price
Single Device Plan$ 8.99$ 71.99 
Dual Device Plan$ 12.49$ 99.99
Premium plan (4 devices) $ 14.99$ 117.99
Smartphone plan (for 1 iPhone device) $ 2.49$ 16.99

Clip Studio Paint Pro

It is a standard edition of the Clip Studio Paint software. It comes with features less in number than those in Clip Studio Ex. It is used mostly by beginners due to its low cost and easy accessibility. It was also launched earlier than the Clip Studio Paint Ex version and thus lacks modern technology as compared to it. It is mostly used for the creation of single-page comic books which are made of character art and illustrations. It comes with all the basic brushes tools and text templates that help you create realistic artwork.

Prices of Clip Studio Paint Pro:

Plan nameMonthly PriceOne-time purchase price
Single Device Plan$ 4.99$ 24.99 
Dual Device Plan$ 7.49$ 43.99
Premium plan ( 4 devices ) $ 8.99$ 53.99
Smartphone plan ( for 1 iPhone device ) $ 0.99$ 6.49

Therefore, from the data given above, we can conclude that Clip Studio Paint Pro is definitely cheaper than clip studio paint Ex. If a person wants to try Clip studio paint and test its competency or is confused between the two versions, he should preferably go for a monthly plan. This way, he can assess the qualities and features of the software and decide for himself, if he wants to continue with the package or not.

3 Best Clip Studio Paint Alternatives

If you found it a bit expensive then it is better to look for its alternative. We have picked the top 3 Clip Studio Paint alternatives that you should look for:

Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is software that engulfs in its purview a wide range of artistic tools and features that help the artist in accomplishing any kind of digital art piece they want to create. It has almost the largest number of tools and brushes and pens available in the software. Although it is bulky software that is mostly used on Computers, it is used generally by professionals to create professional pieces of work. It also helps people do other kinds of things such as editing, creating, surfacing, modeling, etc. Its 3D software is one of the best in order to create 3d images.

Corel Painter: It is an amazing and traditional software used for the purpose of drawing, painting, and printmaking. It is heavy software that has its compatibility with only Windows OS and Mac OS. You can create and customize your drawings, and extend the scope of your work with its vastly available brush packs and tools.

Sketchbook: This software is a less bulky software as compared to the others we have talked about in this article. IT can work with other devices of lower compatibility as well. You can create a number of drawings such as sketches, paintings, illustrations, etc., on the go, with portable devices. It is amazing software with all the modern technology to meet the requirements of the artists and is also user friendly.

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