Top 9 Best Property Management Software For Small Business

Now more than ever, businesses of all shapes and sizes are making the switch to a large-scale automation of the kinds of tasks that do little other than eat into precious time. Whichever way you look at it, there’s simply very little logic from a business perspective of wasting time and money on tasks, which although essential could easily be carried out by the appropriate software suite. Indeed, cutting edge software is saving businesses up and down the USA billions of dollars every year, and the benefits are only intensifying as the software itself becomes more capable and refined.

The property letting industry is also no exception to the rule, with high-end property management software having become something as a standard for most higher-level operators. Nevertheless, there are still those with slightly smaller portfolios and indeed others that are new to the industry who are yet to fully get to grips with the incredible advantage of switching to partial automation.

It’s the classic case of assuming that if everything appears to be ticking along just fine, there’s really no reason to go making big changes. Or to put it another way, if it isn’t broken, why fix it? Well, the simple answer is that something doesn’t necessarily have to be broken to be improved enormously – exactly what such software suites are designed to do.

So for those still on the fence about software suites for property management or yet to fully explore the idea, here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the key benefits of making the switch:

  • Improved Efficiency: As already touched upon, one of the biggest advantages of all is the way in which switching to software automation means no more time, effort and money wasted all the kinds of jobs that really do not call for human input. Those minor, remedial tasks that eat up a couple of hours each and every day soon turn into the most astonishing long-term time-consumers and expenses, the likes of which any landlord could really do without. What’s more, the kinds of jobs that could potentially take a human employee several hours or even a full day to complete can be started, processed and finished nigh-on instantaneously by the appropriate software suite.
  • Superior Cost Control: For landlords with a number of properties in their portfolio in particular, there are so many pitfalls when it comes to excessive costs and potential losses. Human error is the kind of thing that can never be entirely ruled out when human workers are taking responsibility for important jobs and financial matters. Whether it’s making a late payment and facing an enormous penalty, forgetting to chase up an important payment owed to you or simply miscalculating exactly how much money you are owed, these are all the kinds of things that can put a real crimp in earnings and performance in general. By contrast, the beauty of software automation lies in the complete and total eradication of human error – thus more accurate and generally superior cost control.
  • Cheaper HR: Another key benefit that comes with software automation is the way in which it opens the door for extensive and highly economical human resource restructuring. In all instances, there will ever be a software system which over the long-term doesn’t cost exponentially less to own and operate than a standard human worker. And when considering the fact that automated software suites have the potential to do an even better job, it’s a switch that makes sense on so many levels.
  • Centralised Operations: When provided by a leading brand, a comprehensive software suite can centralise all property management operations and make both organising and running the business considerably easier. Instead of attempting to combine a variety of third-party platforms, documentation methods or business management techniques, it’s a case of having one simple, centralised system where everything of importance is recorded, managed, stored and accessed. This is in turn guaranteed to make every aspect of running the business considerably easier for everyone involved.
  • A Long-Term Solution: Last but not least, to switch to a world-class property management software suite is to make comprehensive business upgrade for the long-term. Today’s most advanced software suites are far from temporary solutions, as with on-going support, upgrades and consultancy from the providers behind them, they immediately become part of the business’ future indefinitely. There will come a time when automated property management software is the only standard for the industry, so there’s really never been a better time to consider making the switch.


Refreshingly simple software. Built exclusively for small to mid-sized owners and managers of single-family homes, multifamily and commercial properties.

  • Make listing and leasing your properties easier
  • Give tenants more options when it’s time to pay rent
  • Enter and track maintenance requests more efficiently
  • Get started quickly with expert support tools
  • Track more than just debits and credits
  • Impress owners with custom reports and easy payments
  • Simplify CAM expense reconciliation and recovery


Property management software, channel management, rental management, booking management, PMS software, Asana app, Airbnb and Booking listings management.

  • Connect multiple listings from Airbnb, Booking, HomeАway and more!
  • Get a centralised view of ALL of your reservations from ALL of your channels with a direct view on your occupancy levels
  • Supercharge your property business by automating your reservations and operational tasks
  • Sync your reservations, rates, and availability seamlessly, right from FantasticStay.
  • Unified Inbox gathers your entire communication history with guests from multiple Airbnb accounts and other vacation rental platforms
  • Want to slash the time you spend managing your multiple listings? Well then look no further than Automations!
  • FantasticStay’s reporting tools ensure that you have the right information at your fingertips
  • Watch as our system magically extracts your listing information, pricing, and availability from your entire portfolio to generate a beautiful, personalized website.
  • Integrate our fully-automated payment processing system, and let it make money for you!
  • Team of ex-hotel professionals is available around the clock and is dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience at every stage of the reservation cycle


Condo Control Central property management software was designed to help property managers, condo board members, and security streamline all aspects of building operations while saving time & money.

  • Communicate with your entire community in an instant
  • Track, monitor and approve amenity bookings completely online
  • Having trouble keeping up with an influx of packages delivered to the concierge?
  • Take control of your visitor parking


Property Management Software available on your mobile device for Commercial Real Estate work orders, preventative maintenance and inspections.

  • Everything your team needs to track and complete work orders, promote building ammenities, and showcase outstanding service
  • All your maintenance, inspection and vendor data in a central location
  • Always be prepared for the unexpected
  • Work. Manage. From Anywhere
  • All your property data at your fingertips
  • Cut through the noise and ensure important messages to tenants, vendors and staff are seen when they matter most


Yardi Systems Inc provide integrated property management and investment management solutions for all real estate verticals allowing owners, managers, investors and other stakeholders access to information specific to their needs.

  • Multiple Platforms to Meet Your Property Management Software Needs
  • Property Management Software Solutions for Every Real Estate Market
  • Real Estate Investment Management Software


MRI delivers open and connected real estate software to manage your property portfolio.

  • Access property data anytime, anywhere with web-based property management software
  • Manage your residential and commercial properties under one comprehensive and flexible system
  • Simplify the resident and tenant experience with online portals that increase engagement and empower communication
  • Foster reliable, accurate collaboration by working off one set of data across your business
  • Optimize retail operations and automate complex lease calculations to maximize performance
  • Scale your business and adapt to strategic shifts with software that grows with you



Propertyware is a user-friendly residential rental property management software for single-family properties.

  • Accounting
  • Online Payments
  • Marketing
  • Property Maintenance
  • Tenant screening
  • Tenant Portals


AppFolio property management software is trusted by thousands to get organized, efficient, and profitable.

  • Online Owner Portal
  • Owner & Vendor eCheck
  • Owner Contributions
  • Texting to Owners
  • Performance Insights
  • Online Maintenance Requests
  • Maintenance Contact Center
  • Work Orders
  • In-House Maintenance
  • Mobile Inspections
  • Training & Support
  • Data Migration
  • Professional Websites
  • Revenue Management
  • Rent Comparison Tool
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Vacancy Dashboard
  • Vacancy Posting
  • Premium Leads
  • Guest Card Tracking
  • Mobile App
  • Rental Applications
  • Tenant Screening
  • Online Leases
  • Online Portal
  • Texting & Email
  • Insurance
  • Task Management
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Schedule Rent Increases
  • Rent By-the-Bed
  • Universal Search
  • Accounting
  • Real-Time Flexible Reporting
  • Performance Insights
  • Online Payments
  • Tenant Debt Collections
  • Bulk Tenant Charges
  • CAM Tracking & Reconciliation
  • Holding Deposits
  • Automated Late Fees
  • AP Approval Process
  • Security
  • Extended Access to Data


Free cloud property management software for Landlords, Property Managers,Tenants and ServicePros.

TenantCloud is a top of the line system that provides Landlords with:

  • Tenants management
  • Full accounting
  • Online payments
  • Online maintenance requests
  • Marketing site
  • Postings on multiple listing sites
  • Online applications
  • Tenant screening
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Property analysis reports

Multitasking System:

  • Online rent collection
  • Rental accounting
  • Visual maintenance requests
  • Payment tracking
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Online applications
  • Cloud storage
  • Available on any device

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