Top 9 Best Cyber Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

The threats posed by nation-state actors or other international crime syndicates are pervasive and will continue to affect every industry due to the reliance upon technology. Various studies have cited the average dwell time (length of unknowingly being breached) is between 200-300 days prior to notification from either federal law enforcement agencies, banks, or credit card agencies.

Corporations cannot find, hire, and retain the level of talent needed to provide that 24/7/365 protective barrier. A recent article from CSO Magazine cited this talent gap, “The demand for the (cybersecurity) workforce is expected to rise to 6 million (globally) by 2019, with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million,” stated Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec.

Cyber criminals never rest, never stop and never relent. The moment you “let down your guard” is the moment when you provide the narrow window of opportunity needed for a threat to breach your network.

Enterprises are increasingly turning to Cyber Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to fill that void or enhance their IT/network security posture to combat these threats. Organizations are looking for technical personnel with a variety of backgrounds; such as Counterintelligence Agents, technical Subject Matter Experts, and court adjudicated expert witnesses. There are only a handful of MSS offerings that have embedded cyber counterintelligence and fusion cell analysis in a proactive and responsive manner that will limit your risk and significantly decrease your alert and mitigation of a compromise.

A recent study from Cisco has determined that most organizations are struggling to create and maintain an effective information security strategy. This is forcing corporations to turn to professional security services. (figure below).

Organizations are cost conscious to begin with; budgets are even tighter. However, many organizations lack full-time employees who maintain the knowledge and expertise to combat these threats.

Why the Need for Cyber Managed Security Services?

Utilizing “lesson’s learned” from real-world cyber counterespionage investigations can’t be underestimated. In order to protect an enterprise from cutting-edge threats originating from either criminal groups or state sponsored adversaries, it requires operatives with cyber counterintelligence experience. According to all market analysts, information security will continue to dominate the discussions in the board room by Directors looking to demonstrate “Standard of Care” WHEN the breach occurs.


Trustwave is a leading cybersecurity and managed security services provider that helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk.

  • Managed Application Control
  • Managed Detection & Response
  • Managed Detection
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
  • Security & Compliance Bundles
  • Security Technology Management
  • Telco Security
  • Trustwave Fusion Platform


Mozomi industrial cyber security software detects anomalies & threats to your ICS & SCADA systems. With a simple & non-intrusive installation, our software passively monitors your network so you can quickly respond to ICS & SCADA security threats.

  • Confidently Use a Solution Designed Specifically for OT
  • Quickly Monitor ICS Networks and Processes with Real-time Insights
  • Readily Implement Custom Solutions with a Flexible Architecture
  • Rapidly Detect & Hunt Cyber Threats Using a Best-in-Class Solution
  • Efficiently Act on ICS Cyber Security Threats and Risks
  • Easily Provide Exceptional Forensics and Troubleshooting Services


Cyberbit provides the most widely used Cyber Range training and simulation platform, as well as SOAR, ICS Security and EDR for IT/OT detection and response.

  • Automate and orchestrate your incident response operation, to triple your analysts’ capacity and handle massive volumes of alerts. Easily scale your operation to manage more customers with your existing headcount
  • Increase efficiency and margins, and accelerate deployment, with a full, integrated technology stack enabling multiple services
  • All our products offer powerful reporting options, helping you increase transparency, increase qualify of service, reduce support calls, and support compliance requirements including GDPR


Palo Alto Networks enables your team to prevent successful cyberattacks with an automated approach that delivers consistent security across cloud, network and mobile.

  • Market-leading security for your customers
  • A Smarter Approach for MSSPs
  • Expand markets and revenue


Fortinet delivers high-performance, integration security solutions for global enterprise, mid-size, and small businesses.

  • Managed Secure SD-WAN Service
  • Managed SOC Services
  • Managed Cloud Security Services


AlgoSec provides firewall policy management tools that help organizations align security with business processes. AlgoSec, discovers, maps and migrates application connectivity, analyzes risk, and intelligently automates network security policy changes across cloud, SDN and on-premise networks.

  • Utilize industry-leading automation to deliver a tighter, compliant security policy to your customers
  • Make security policy changes in minutes not days
  • Avoid business application outages caused by manual errors
  • Streamline your sales process, demonstrate value quickly and ensure customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce costs through a fast ramp-up, and reduce reliance on customer’s internal knowledge
  • Streamline the regulatory audit preparation process and ensure a successful outcome


ITarian is a leading IT Industry Platform that provides free IT management software and business automation tools for Enterprise.

  • SIEM technology is vital in detecting threats and addressing compliance needs.
  • ITarian’s NxSIEM Cloud platform provides real-time threat management
  • Small and medium sized IT organizations are turning to MSSPs to lessen their reliance on costly investments in security management and monitoring equipment.
  • There is a huge opportunity for MSPs to increase their billable rates and recurring revenue with SIEM technology


Protect your organization with award-winning firewalls and cyber security solutions that defend SMBs, enterprises and governments from advanced cyber attacks.

  • Manage risk and upfront costs with help from a SonicWall SecureFirst Managed Security Service Provider
  • Keep your network sharp, safe and compliant with a range of flexible managed services
  • Monitor your health, performance, configurations and lifecycle management
  • Be better informed with security monitoring and alerting

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