Top 8 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software Solutions

A PLM system is a state-of-the-art, sophisticated product development software that manages the entire process of the product life cycle, which ranges from its inception, design manufacturing, service and termination. A PLM system organizes, simplifies and integrates data, enabling a full-spectrum view of the product from its ideation to its disposal. A PLM system has a positive impact on how a product is going to be received in the market by increasing its efficiency and profitability.

Given the competitive marketplace of today, companies must continuously strive to enhance operational efficiency, improve product quality, accelerate development of new products and reduce infrastructure costs to improve the overall efficiency of their company. In order to achieve this, companies can choose the right PLM software, which can enable them to improve revenue, strengthen customer loyalty and boast a competitive edge in the market. These key benefits can be achieved by an innovative, strategic product lifecycle management system (PLM). Nowadays, PLM is being used by many enterprises such as high tech manufacturers, semiconductor industries, pharmaceutical companies, mechanical engineering industries, small production houses to name a few.

Given below is a list of some of the top PLM software options for business lifecycle management and their key features.


PTC’s enterprise PLM software, Windchill, provides out-of-the box functionality that can be quickly implemented. Manufacturers can now instantly collaborate, share information in real-time, and dynamically visualize data. Learn more about Windchill.

  • Modern architecture
  • Secure collaboration
  • Streamlined upgrades
  • Admin and Support
  • Flexible delivery


Infor PLM solutions help accelerate time to market by driving strategic product development, management, design, and production.

Customer success

Infor PLM for Process:

  • Unify data and processes across the enterprise
  • Develop and launch new products faster
  • Ensure 100% global labeling compliance
  • Utilize collaborative project management
  • Improve formula optimization

Infor PLM for Fashion:

  • Mass creation and updating of material and requests
  • Real-time data from contextual panes
  • Adobe plug-in to create new styles quickly
  • Serves apparel, footwear, accessories, textiles, and luxury goods
  • Accelerate innovation with collaboration and synchronized operations in the cloud

PLM Discrete:

  • PLM management for MTO, CTO, ATO, and project-based businesses
  • Out-of-the-box interoperability with ERP, CAD, and manufacturing systems
  • Real-time reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Automated workflows
  • Role-driven retrieval and information reuse


Oracle PLM delivers a digital thread of product and IoT data to make your new product development and introduction processes more resilient, and drive faster, high-quality innovation.

  • Innovation management
  • Product development
  • Quality management
  • Product master data management (MDM)
  • Configurator modeling


Move from mass production to mass customization with integrated R&D, engineering, and product lifecycle management (PLM) software from SAP.


Aras’ PLM software allows organizations to efficiently collaborate to optimize resources, minimize costly errors, and reduce time to market, leading to better products and increased profitability.


CBX retail PLM software integrates data, processes, & business systems to accelerate product innovation speed.

  • Reduce Production Cost
  • Increase Sourcing Visibility
  • Assure Product Quality
  • Data Standardization
  • Improve Time To Market
  • Streamline Product Development


The Epicor PLM platform provides you with CAD data management, product data management (PDM), and technical document management capabilities to automate these processes, while integrating seamlessly with Kinetic.

  • Product Data Backbone Implementation
  • Seamless Integration With Kinetic
  • Process and Task Automation
  • Process and Task Automation
  • Change Order Process Automation
  • Work on Multiple Locations


Arena product lifecycle management (PLM) brings product design information, people, and processes together into a single system to speed new product development (NPD). Arena speeds collaboration between internal teams and supply chain partners to accelerate product launches.

  • Product development
  • Change management
  • Training management
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Project management
  • Requirements management
  • Product Record Control
  • Quality management
  • Regulatory and compliance

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