Top 8 Oracle RMAN Backup Software

Oracle is the most popular database management system (DBMS) in the world and one of the pioneers in the data storage industry. Thousands of companies, from big corporations to small- and medium-sized businesses, use Oracle to create databases for storing and managing their business-critical data.

In the age of digitalization, data protection is crucial and Oracle has long-standing expertise in the data security area. Oracle allows you to handle some data protection aspects due to the vast range of features, such as Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), a native utility for administering data backup and recovery. But even if you have a deep understanding of the Oracle RMAN architecture and can manage the RMAN command-line interface to backup and recover your data, this functionality isn’t enough to ensure comprehensive data protection against multiple risks and dangers.

So, let’s consider some of the most common scenarios where data loss is common:

  • Failures and Damage. IT environments are complicated and can experience various problems, from misconfigurations and bugs, operating systems and applications crashing, to hardware failure. These issues can make a database inaccessible and lead to either serious damage or complete database deletion.
  • Hacking and Ransomware. Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent, damaging, and disruptive. Organizations of all sizes and sectors suffer from ransomware attacks every year, enduring massive data and financial losses. Creating an effective backup and recovery strategy is the best way to avoid paying a ransom, prevent data loss, and recover a system within seconds after an attack.
  • Human Error. Unprepared or irresponsible staff can corrupt performance and security within an IT environment. A minor error like failing to correctly back up or accidentally opening a phishing message can lead to database corruption or deletion.
  • Natural Disasters and Power Outages. Even if an organization has a team of qualified IT professionals who provide excellent security measures against intruders, they can still face circumstances beyond their control. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes and other physical disasters can cause blackouts or even destroy a site where your data is stored. When a database fails, every minute of downtime incurs severe damage to your business.

Selecting the Right Oracle RMAN Backup Solution

Your best defense against the threats mentioned above and more is to employ a backup solution that can adequately protect your Oracle environment and address all issues before they result in data loss. Still, with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right backup solution for your business?

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when looking for a reliable backup solution:

  • Backup efficiency. A reliable backup solution should offer advanced backup and recovery features to enhance the data protection process. Your backup solution should allow you to automate Oracle RMAN backups, organize jobs to eliminate possible job overlaps, minimize network load, and optimize the protection of the Oracle environment.
  • Smooth recovery. When your database fails or gets corrupted, you risk losing critical data and the operational efficiency of your business. The backup solution of your choice should allow you to instantly restore the necessary database directly from existing Oracle RMAN backups, saving you precious time.
  • Automation. Backup automation allows you to schedule data protection jobs and organize them in the desired sequence. When automated, the backup creation process requires minimal effort from staff, saving time, reducing complexity, removing human error risks, and cutting operating expenses.
  • Simple Administration. Your backup solution should be user-friendly, allowing you to manage backup tasks, monitor backup performance and optimize the data recovery process from a single screen. With the help of an intuitive interface and powerful dashboard, you can save time and effort spent on backup administration, thus reducing data protection costs.
  • High-level Performance. Data backup and recovery can take up significant bandwidth and cribble your network. Performance-enhancing features such as bandwidth throttling, network acceleration, and LAN-free data transfer control traffic, ensuring backup data transfer at the maximum speed available without affecting the performance of other applications.
  • Data Reduction. Backups can take up vast amounts of space. Without efficient storage, backup creation and management can undermine the stability of IT infrastructure. Features such as deduplication and compression reduce the amount of space needed for backups. Smaller backups save money on storage, cooling, and electricity. This approach can help reduce the time spent on backup, maximize backup speed and take up less storage space.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 8 Best Oracle RMAN Backup software picks.


BDRSuite offers robust and cost-effective backup & recovery for Oracle RMAN.

  • Agentless image backup for VMs running Oracle RMAN
  • Application-level Backup
  • Near Continuous Data Protection with low RPO < 15 mins
  • Instant Recovery < 15 mins
  • Application-item level recovery
  • Store backup data locally or on Cloud
  • Up to 70% backup cost savings
  • Exceptional 24/7 Technical Support


Backup for Oracle RMAN with NAKIVO Backup & Replication Backup and Recovery for Oracle RMAN NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers native integration with Oracle RMAN, the built-in Oracle functionality, to streamline the management of backup and recovery of databases from a single pane of glass.

  • Oracle RMAN Backup at Your Fingertips
  • Smooth Recovery of Oracle Databases
  • Improved RTOs and RPOs
  • Tight Integration with Oracle RMAN
  • User-Friendly Web Interface
  • Advanced Backup Job Scheduling


Rubrik provides immediate access with near-zero RTOs and simplifies data management for your Oracle databases.

  • Streamline Manual Work
  • Control Recoveries
  • Ensure Recoverability
  • Access the Cloud


Cohesity offers a cost effective, hyperconverged solution for backup & recovery of Oracle databases.

  • Configurable multi-node and multi-channel support for RAC
  • Use existing scripts and tools to manage infrastructure
  • Simplify security with automatic Oracle Wallet detection


Actifio software provides a scalable, enterprise-grade Copy Data Management (CDM) solution for very large Oracle databases.

  • Reduce RPO
  • Reduce RTO
  • Automated Log Management
  • Oracle ASM Switch and Rebalance
  • High-Performance
  • Multi-Cloud Ready
  • Reduce Costs using Cloud Object Storage
  • Wide Oracle Platform Support


Harness our integrated IT solutions and resources for MSPs. Develop and scale an efficient, profitable business with N-able (formerly SolarWinds MSP).

  • Use Oracle database backups to help ensure high-integrity data protection
  • Streamline the Oracle backup and recovery process
  • Manage Oracle backups alongside server, workstation, and Microsoft 365 backups


Bocada Automate Oracle RMAN backup monitoring and reporting. Simplify data protection oversight and improve audit and compliance operations.

  • Backup Oversight
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Capacity Monitoring
  • Automated Reporting
  • Audit Preparedness
  • Systems Management


The Zmanda Oracle Agent delivers reliable protection for your Oracle DB on Linux, Solaris, and Windows servers.

  • Realtime Backups
  • Rapid Restore
  • Flexible Backup Levels
  • VSS Support on Windows
  • Release Support


Simplify and lower the cost of Oracle data protection with on-demand scale and capacity, integrated security, deduplication, and long-term retention.

  • Direct-to-cloud backup and recovery for Oracle data
  • Flexible recovery of Oracle databases wherever they run
  • Radical storage reduction and efficiency
  • On-demand access to multiple RMAN backup options

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