Top 8 ERP Systems: Best ERP Software Vendor Companies

For businesses all over the world, Enterprise Resource Planning software or an ERP system can be nothing less than a dream come true. ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics are really important and helpful in ensuring the success of an organization. With this system, different processes and operations of a company can be managed with a single database.

Companies will be able to conduct different activities of finance, sales, planning, payroll, and much more with this particular software system. The main purpose of ERP software is to ensure that companies are able to implement different strategies of resource planning in order to incorporate all processes into a single platform.

Best ERP Systems in 2022

Here are some top software vendors for ERP systems that can provide the best services to organizations. People will learn more about systems such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, AX, and AgriERP.

1. Dynamics 365

A very popular ERP system that is currently available is Microsoft Dynamics 365. In case you are familiar with products from Microsoft, this is the perfect fit for you. With this software system, you will not only be provided with ERP features but the most amazing CRM functionalities as well. Not to mention that it also offers easy integration with other products from Microsoft. There are different applications provided by this software system that allows your company to better track business deals, improve operations, conduct sales activities, and much more. It is suited for companies of different types and sizes. You can have more mobility for your business. Some important applications include D365 Finance, D365 Sales, Power BI, Yammer, ESB, and much more.

  • Turn customer insights into sales impact
  • Bring your customers into focus
  • Reimagine the way you deliver customer service
  • Build finance and business operation agility
  • Delight shoppers every time, everywhere
  • Adapt and thrive with a digital supply chain

2. AgriERP

Talking about ERP systems that bring a change into the companies, we believe that AgriERP definitely deserves a proper mention. It is a farm management system that can enable the farmers to introduce different upgrades into their system with the help of proper and effective planning. Not just that but farmers will also be able to reap the benefits of sales tracking, improved operations, and much more. There are different applications and modules introduced with the system that will allow farmers to track their profitability without any hindrance. It also includes features of forecasting, inventory control, field planning, etc.

  • View and Print Reports of your daily farming operations
  • Define your field boundaries with our easy to AI-powered Tools
  • Build and Assign Work Orders for Plant, Spray, and NPK operations
  • Review work done in the field with a seamless Sync Dynamics 365
  • Plan applications/expenses for next season’s crop and print a Bill of Goods.
  • Practice precision soil sampling
  • Farm and field structure mapping
  • Farm planning process automation
  • Farm Operations and execution process reports
  • Farm Supply Chain System and Packhouse Management
  • Farm Logistics Management
  • Farm Financial Reporting and complete accounting
  • Farm Management via Mobile App – Work offline in the field – no cellular connection needed.
  • Manage workforce and assign tasks to workers and staff
  • Cart labeling with a barcode tracking
  • Raw Produce/Fruit Mapping
  • Raw produce and cart item inventory tracking by location (by Warehouse, Location, and Aisle).
  • Harvesting raw produce tracking
  • Active workers and efficiency reports with forecasting
  • Vegetables, Fruits, Pesticides etc database

3. Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX can be considered as another really powerful and efficient ERP system that can help in the organization, automation, and optimization of the business processes and operations in the best way. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, your company will be able to deal with daily tasks in an effortless and easy manner. The features of CRM, financial management, as well as project management are added as bonuses with the system. If you choose Dynamics AX as your ERP solution, you will be offered different compatible solutions for your company that can help in different business processes such as retailing, manufacturing, computing, financials, and much more.

4. Business Central

Who hasn’t heard of D365 Business Central, right? It is the ultimate ERP solution that companies often choose. The system is completely based on the Cloud apart from having some on-premise functionalities as well. It is definitely the perfect upgrade that you could get your company. This particular system has an added ability to properly integrate with all the Azure apps from Microsoft. With the end-to-end encryption system of Business Central, companies can easily store as well as share the business data across platforms without having to worry about unauthorized access. With such stellar features and a wide range of modules, Business Central is a perfect option for SMBs.

  • Move to the cloud faster, with confidence
  • Unlock productivity and business insights
  • Increase financial visibility and performance
  • Boost sales and improve customer service
  • Finish projects on time and under budget
  • Optimize inventory and supply chain management

5. Oracle NetSuite

From the ERP vendor named Oracle Corporation comes this interesting and amazing ERP system that is definitely a perfect fit for most companies. There are different suites available in the system that include ERP, E-Commerce, CRM, Human Capital Management, Professional Services, Automation, etc. Apart from these amazing features, one will also be able to use this system worldwide for sure. The business intelligence capabilities of Oracle NetSuite definitely make it a suitable product for businesses to manage their order management, financials, and supply chain management. This system is most suitable for SMBs and has a customizable dashboard for making changes according to your requirements.

  • Automate Financial Processes
  • Gain Inventory Visibility
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Flawless Order Management
  • Increase Warehouse Efficiency

6. Acumatica

After Dynamics 365 Business Central, if there is any other cloud-based software that deserves a special mention in the list, it is definitely Acumatica. This ERP system provides the best solutions for proper business management and everything takes place on the cloud. Along with that, there are on-premises options for deployment, making it an ideal fit for businesses all over the world. The interface is completely user-friendly and there is a very impressive pricing module of the software system that appeals to all shapes and sizes of companies.

  • Easily integrate the tools and systems you already use
  • Improve efficiency with intuitive, award-winning UI
  • Empower collaboration with modern, cross-module workflows
  • Access your data from any device
  • Personalize your instance in a low-code / no-code environment
  • Scale users and resources up or down as needed

7. Deltek

Deltek is known for offering a proper ERP system that will include services of Human Capital Management, Project Management, as well as Information Management in the best way. Apart from that, other small business solutions are also included in the software solution. The Cloud-based format of this system will enable your business to reach new heights with better operations and sales management as well.

8. Epicor

Last but certainly not the least on the list, we have Epicor. The name itself must sound a bit familiar since Epicor is counted amongst the top ERP companies all across the globe. The company provides amazing services to retail businesses, distribution services, manufacturing organizations, and much more. Epicor is known for providing unique solutions for the management of operations and business processes to meet the needs of the company. The on-premise and cloud-based deployment options are equally rewarding to the companies that are using Epicor as their ERP system. Being in the business for more than 50 years has enabled the company to perfect its services and tend to the needs of the customers in a skilful and efficient manner.

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