Top 8 Best Medical Appointment Scheduling Software Systems

Doctors usually have the good intention of scheduling their patients as soon a possible but there are times when this just isn’t possible because of time constraints. Very often, a doctor or dentist is stressed out because schedules are too tight and there seems to be no way to solve these type of problems. Today however, there are several medical appointment software that allow doctors and other medical personnel to schedule their patients without making mistakes.

Thus, some doctors have figured that an easier way to schedule their patients is to schedule then online. This means that anyone who needs a doctors appointment can simply go online ans ask for one. Online scheduling is easier for the doctor because the doctor can look over his whole calendar and carefully organize his/her schedules easier when viewing a computer. That’s why a medical appointment software is useful, functional and assures the doctor that there won’t be any stressful scheduling problems or schedule duplications.

There are types of appointment softwares that can be useful to doctors, dentists and even to busy vets. This software has the most basic design that help you manage your time. Aside from the scheduling feature, it also allows doctors to find their patients and send alerts. It also tracks patients who make appointments and do not show up thus reducing the no-shows. This software also blocks scheduling during the times that are reserved for the doctor for is/her own family time or vacation. Medical appointment software also are designed to do track the payment schedules, insurance and enables the doctor to track if he/she is doing better in his practice. They also can track practical matters such as the patient’s type of medical insurance, last visit, improvement and they’re extremely helpful most especially for patients who need to take sessions of physical therapy.

Some types of medical appointment software basically track appointments. There are other types that have different functions such as tracking the medical record and condition of recurring patients which enables the doctor to decide to open schedules prioritizing these patients. For dentists, there is also the medical software that is programmed to keep dental records and to re-schedule those who need follow up dental work or treatment. Most modern hospitals have noticed that using Medical Appointment software on their computer make the flow of patients easier to handle and improve hospital efficiency. There are also the type of software that is mainly for tracking the flow of Emergency Room patients and when they need to schedule another visit to the hospital after their condition has stabilized. They’re also great for patients with chronic diseases who need regular check ups, tests and treatments.

As the 21st century unfolds, changes in the system of medical scheduling are expected considering the different needs of more people. The medical appointment software has become a need these days when more doctors are making scheduling and medical “mistakes”because of too much stress.


Booksy – book appointments online. Find & book beauty services like hairdressing, manicure, spa or massage…

  • Online payments
  • Inventory, customer, and business management
  • Mobile application
  • Email marketing
  • Employee management
  • Appointment scheduling via a calendar
  • Integration with Google, Facebook, and Instagram as well 🙂


Sagenda is a booking, reservation, scheduling or appointment online software that increases the productivity of your business free of cost.

  • No Ads
  • Responsiveness
  • No Spam
  • Free
  • Unlimited
  • Email Notifications
  • Easy Setup
  • Embeddable


An affordable Cloud Business Management System built for professionals and SMEs.

  • Next available rates
  • Signup required to book
  • Social login buttons
  • Online payments
  • Search form
  • Easy checkin & check-out
  • Google-friendly
  • Fully responsive
  • Website builder
  • Customised design


Q-nomy provides patient experience management and optimization with our Q-Flow platform to help our healthcare clients make the most of every patient visit.

  • Provides a unified scheduling platform for all channels and self-service
  • Reduces operation costs through a streamlined patient scheduling and improved staff efficiency
  • Self-service scheduling provides patients a better service experience
  • Optimized scheduling and better preparation of patients prior to their appointment improves treatment quality


Calendar API connectivity for enterprise applications. Build secure, real-time, two-way calendar integration without compromising your users’ privacy.

  • Don’t waste anymore time booking appointments
  • Book appointments in real-time
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Cancel from your calendar


Automate your healthcare business by shifting daily admin tasks to SuperSaaS, your digital personal assistant.

  • Ultimate flexibility in process and layout
  • Improve bookings and reduce no-shows
  • Select online payment options
  • Integrate with your own website or Facebook page
  • Display your bookings on external calendars
  • Keep an eye on user activity
  • Generate insightful reports
  • Your data is safe with us


Picktime is a free online scheduling software and a booking management system that manages your appointments, classes, group bookings, reservations and staff.

  • A personalised booking page for your business
  • Recurring appointments
  • One click book now button for your website
  • Multiple location access
  • Staff scheduling
  • Maintain patient database
  • Automated SMS and email reminders
  • Add unlimited staff and services
  • 24 hours email support
  • Reduce no shows
  • Turn your Facebook page into a booking system
  • Get a report of analytics


Reach customers and book appointments with them online in a simple, easy-to-manage calendar that saves you time and helps your business grow.

  • Free Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Built to Connect
  • Text Appointment Reminders
  • Free Email Appointment Reminders
  • Enable Staff to Book Appointments with Customers
  • Customer Reviews
  • Free Calendar and Scheduling App for iPhone
  • Book Appointments from Your Android Phone
  • Manage Payments and Appointments in Setmore
  • Sync Setmore with Your Google Calendar
  • Convert your website visitors into customers
  • Schedule Classes with Customers Online
  • Add Appointment Scheduling to Your Website
  • Schedule Recurring Appointments with Customers


Managing your appointments and calendars with bookitit makes your health center a streamlined organization which works on an efficient schedule that makes full use of your resources and improves the well being of your patients.

  • Online Calendar
  • Dashboard
  • Online Appointments
  • Notifications
  • Simultaneous Appointments
  • Facebook Integration
  • Invoicing
  • Reports
  • Prepayment
  • Clients list
  • Users and profiles
  • Packages

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