Top 8 Best Long Term Care (LTC) Software

Long term care software enables nursing home and convalescent care center operators to automate patient tracking, ordering and insurance paperwork. With effective software for long term care, operators and managers save time and money while they ensure proper compliance with legal and insurance regulations for patient record-keeping.

A fully featured long term care software package allows for remote access as well as coordination with systems used by payers and suppliers so that billing is automated and reimbursement is as fast and accurate as possible. With software for long term care programs, supplies are ordered just-in-time, so that both cash flow and adequate stocks of vital supplies are properly managed.

Regulatory compliance is made much easier by a comprehensive long term care software package, as it is set up to allow everyone in the patient care chain to easily and properly record diagnostic information, notes regarding each patient’s condition and progress, and all other information that is necessary to maintain compliance with Federal, state and private insurance regulations.

Medication, therapy and nutrition orders are greatly simplified by software for long term care. Any product that has to be compounded by an outside pharmacy or supplier can be ordered directly, so that there is no possibility for a misunderstanding caused by illegible handwriting or poor voice communications. Both in-house and outside service providers are able to directly access the patient’s profile and to record their observations and procedures in real-time, so that all information is easily accessible by every participant in each patient’s care program.

When a review is necessary for insurance or legal purposes, a long term care software package simplifies the process and contributes to a positive outcome. With all aspects of the patient’s care properly recorded, including the reasons for crucial care-related decisions, it is less likely that a government or private reviewer will challenge the patient care team’s conclusions and standards of care. Since insurance reimbursement reviews are becoming more and more detailed, a software package is practically a necessity for nursing home operators and managers who need to make sure that all reimbursement is carried out quickly and in full.

Today, a professional geriatric, convalescent or other long-term care facility should be seamlessly integrated with its partners in patient care, and every employee or consultant should be able to easily record all procedures and decisions made to ensure the best outcome for each patient. Long term care software packages that tie into supplier and insurance systems, as well as conforming to regulations for patient record-keeping, are essential to proper long-term care management in today’s increasingly connected and networked world.


MatrixCare provides post-acute EHR software to over 13,000 facility-based care settings and 2,500 home care/home health and hospice organizations.

  • Designed by clinicians. Focused on improving care
  • MatrixCare helps you balance efficiency and compassion for the best care
  • Provide exceptional care, at home or in the community
  • Your business is complicated. Your software shouldn’t be
  • MatrixCare helps you focus on your residents and your bottom line
  • MatrixCare gives skilled nursing facilities the tools and expertise to thrive in a changing environment
  • Effectively manage the full spectrum of out-of-hospital care.
  • Easily monitor quality of care after discharge


Cerner long-term care solutions actively shape the future of heath care delivered in government settings, one driven by accountability, transparency and value.

  • PowerChart LTC™ EHR Software
  • Clinical Intelligence and Analytics
  • Financial Management
  • Point of Care
  • Regulatory Compliance


SOS Corporation provides the long term care industry with fully integrated financial and clinical software solutions with EMR capabilities.

  • Automatic inter-facility accounting
  • PDF reports with Excel export
  • Unlimited years history retained
  • Consolidated reporting for multiple facilities
  • Process multiple periods simultaneously
  • Resident information (ADT, census, billing, cash receipts, fee amortization, etc.)
  • General ledger/fixed assets/AP
  • Payroll and HR
  • Clinical/EMR


PointClickCare helps LTPAC providers gain the confidence they need to navigate the new realities of value-based healthcare.

  • One Cloud, Inspiring Confidence for All
  • Empower Your Frontline Heroes
  • Your Home Health Care Agency Can Become a Preferred Provider
  • Emergency Preparedness Program
  • It’s Time to Make a Change. Adopt Technology and Transform Your Business


CareVoyant Home Care is an integrated cloud-based software with ONE Patient record for Home Health, Private Duty Nursing, Non-Medical, Personal Care, and Long Term Care.

  • Intake Admission
  • Service Authorization
  • Clinical & Point of Care
  • Billing & Accounts Receivable
  • Events & Alerts
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • CV Message Center
  • Family Portal


Long Term Care software to manage clinical data, RCM, & General Financials in long term care and skilled nursing.

  • Electronic Health Records Software
  • Long-Term Care Financial Management
  • Secure Data Exchange and Interoperability
  • Hospital & Provider Referral Portal
  • Family Portal For Long-Term Care
  • Advanced Technology Services


WellSky® offers health care software solutions for every kind of care including home health, hospice, blood management, and more.

  • Delivery of Care
  • Point of Care
  • Medication Administration
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Business Intelligence
  • PDPM Preparedness
  • Financial Management


Long-term care software that simplifies workflow and improves reimbursement for thousands of facilities nationwide.

  • Simple
  • Trusted
  • Cost-effective
  • Smart
  • Secure

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