Top 8 Best Facility Management System Software

When we have office spaces over a whole floor or building, there should be someone taking care of the facilities. Facility management systems are very important, because this helps maintain everything in the building or in the office area. This is different from property management, because property management takes care of the leasing and the marketing, while facility management focuses on the facilities in the building.

What are the processes involved in Facility management systems?

  • Continuous process of service procurement to support the owner’s business
  • Identifying key targets
  • Establish coercion
  • Determine measure of success
  • Best practice

However, computer-aided facility management supports facility management systems with information technology. This can help with building maintenance, building safety, office space planning, building automation systems and preventive maintenance well. Some facility managements use CAFM for easier organization with the workforce and an easier way to coordinate with the people and the organization.

With the use of computer-aided facility management for your facility management systems, this will help the processes listed above in an automated way, which will be easier and more organized than managing them manually. Mistakes and confusion will likely arise when these are done manually. The use of automation with your facility management will provide the manager with tools to track facilities’ information and maintain it. Listed below are the things that will be provided when you use automation for your facility management:

  • Building and property information
  • Space features and usage
  • Floor plans
  • Furniture and equipment information
  • Telecom information
  • Site assets and features

With the automation of your facility management systems and processes, it will reduce the cost and improve their efficiency. Keeping track of things will be easier than doing it manually, at least with automation, everything will be in place and you can see all data with just a few clicks. The use of automation in an organization has been known as a very effective department tool and will work best with facility management. It will also result in the best practice with regard to how the facility is managed and maintenance be distributed to all parts of the property or building, and this will avoid receiing complaints from occupants or tenants in the building.

For a more improved and effective facility management systems, automation is the best way to implement the processes in a more effective and timely manner that will cause satisfaction to owners or tenants.


FM Systems helps facilities professionals reduce space and maintenance costs and increase the efficient use of assets.

  • Cut Industry Resource Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Customer Service
  • More Efficient Use of Space
  • Reduce Churn Rates
  • Faster & More Accurate Reporting
  • Streamline Facilities Processes
  • Share Information Throughout Your Entire Organization


Hippo’s Facility Management Software a complete user friendly software that makes it easy to manage your entire organization effectively.

  • Track and manage maintenance requests from start to finish
  • Manage work orders and tasks from mobile devices
  • Reduce equipment downtime and repairs
  • Access, monitor, and report on all equipment and asset information
  • Get insightful metrics on facility, equipment, labor and other KPIs


More than 10,000 customers around the globe depend on Accruent to manage their physical resources and gain the visibility to deliver on their mission.

  • Facility Management Solution for Corporate Real Estate
  • Maintenance & Asset Management for Healthcare
  • Facility Management Software for Education and Public Sector


MRI delivers open and connected real estate software to manage your property portfolio.

  • Online portals provide a full audit trail of work orders, either scheduled or reactive
  • Compare contractor quotes for different jobs, and decide which one is best for your project
  • Use data to make more informed decisions regarding repair versus replace scenarios
  • Improve management of customer contracts and get greater insight into details
  • Identify and analyze costly maintenance areas within a property fund to stay within budget
  • View and update property and asset details through the configurable online portal


HashMicro is a Singapore’s leading Cloud ERP & CRM vendor, offering innovative business software solutions and services customised for various industries.

  •  Lease Contract Management
  •  Property/Asset Management
  •  Maintenance/Warranty Tracking, Request & Scheduling
  •  Work Order Management
  •  In-Depth Report Generation
  •  Contact Management
  •  Automated Payment Reminders


Decrease system deficiencies and improve effective workflow with Landport’s easy-to-use work order management software.

  • Monitor your work order status anytime, anywhere
  • Instant notifications
  • Convenient, built-in bid solicitation
  • Save time and manage business budgets more closely
  • The only patented process
  • No long-term contracts


EQUIPERP is one of the leading erp company in Singapore providing a wide range of services to various businesses.

  • Monitor the conditions of all your assets and perform asset inspections through mobile devices
  • Get the detailed information of your assets and find out their real value
  • Easily manage maintenance requests and scheduling through the system
  • Keep digital copies of all your tenancy contracts organised in one repository
  • Optimize the profit generated by your assets throughout their life cycle


Eaco FM has been built from the ground up specifically for the Facility Management Industry.

  • Contract Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Multi-Property Management
  • Work Order Capture & Allocation
  • Document Management
  • Universal Search
  • Field Worker Management
  • Scheduling & Managing Workload
  • Activity Streams, Communications & Real Time Confirmations
  • Client Invoicing
  • Full Report Suite
  • Integrations

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